(1) Cheap to maintain, will even work for just sunflower seeds.

(2) Guaranteed no drama. As since the parrot lives in a cage, there is no house to fight over.

(3) non elitist….can even be called bird brain without suing people or shutting blogs for imaginary reasons.

(4) Parrots can parrot the party line very well that what they have to say can never be taken out of context. If for some reason they are taken out of context, the blame can always be put on a human.

(5) If the problem gets too big parrot can always fly away and hide in botanical gardens.


‘In the kampung, it is not unusual for the villagers to seek the wisdom of the man who stays on the hill from time to time. This is the way politics is conducted in a community where superstition is rife…he is after all the man who can see into that unmentionable otherside. After all the weather has been very erratic lately. Even the trees are confused. And yesterday we had such a big flood that even I was nearly swept off the road by a flash flood.

Whenever important decisions have to be made in the kampung. I will usually defer it to the wisdom of magic parrot. This is how it works. The magic parrot is a pet that belongs to the village barber. He will usually be summoned early in the morning to put the cage on a table that is set underneath a sprawling shade of the tree….splayed out neatly before the parrot will be a semi circle of tarot like cards. They are 27 in number representing the entire Indian cosmic system. Each card contains the image of a Hindu deity and some cards contain images of Buddha, Mahanaha or Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus. When the crowd has swelled to a respectable size, I will open the cage with great ceremony…the parrot will stroll out, eat a few kacang puteh (nuts) and usually picks the seventh card…it always picks the seventh card. In the event it picks another card. Usually I secret the card that I want to display to the crowd under my sleeves.

I find this is the best way to make controversial decisions without having ever to stick my neck out, since whatever answers the tarot cards produce contain so much ambiguity that it can be interpreted either way….the answers are never a straightforward yes or no and even if they appear to be so, it is usually closer to a perhaps and maybe….to understand why this is so. One must first gain an intimacy into how culture and civilization plays a role in modulating human understanding.

For example, the western understanding of philosophy is entirely causal, that’s to say it’s a very technical process that hinges on a rationale premised entirely on the laws of cause and effect very much in the way one may read a technical manual of a washing machine to gain knowledge on how to operate it.

The Taoist view on the other hand is essentially metaphysical, that is to say everything can be reduced into a construct of either the human body or its larger kin…the family where the goal is to strive for balance between the forces of heaven and earth. Heaven does not refer to a deity. Rather it is reference to a universal force that encapsulates two distinct opposites to create the idea of wholeness.

As for the Indian way of seeing the world….the traditional lens is the Indian epics…the Ramayana and Mahabharata. This is how Indian philosophy sees the dynamics of politics and power in the continuum of life…not as a series of networked laws and strictures that hold everything together like a steel bridge. Or the holistic idea where life is a microcosm of the human body in the way the Chinese see the world.

Rather in this collage of colourful characters where life is seen as a dramatic unfolding story…there is no actual beginning or end. No such thing as even a conclusion. An intermission perhaps, but end certainly not…and it is this aspect that gives the narrator tremendous powers of improvisation to tell the story.

What is consciousness

January 6, 2018

Never allow ignorant people to shame you in such a way where you are afraid to learn how to trust your hands…….because there is nothing more edifying and satisfying in this world than to be able to trust your handiwork completely and absolutely.


‘I put myself thru university in the U.K by holding down as many jobs as I could manage. I did not give a shit about how many hours the law said I could work as a foreign student…to my understanding it’s free market and in this economy of skills I worked as many jobs as I could. As a cook, then chef, shoe artist, skyscraper antennae maintenance technician, welder etc etc etc etc.

You don’t actually realise it when you’re doing all these things…what’s it all for. That’s because you’re to far at the front end of your life….but later on in life it all comes back. Maybe you have to shape metal with a hammer because you’re too far out in the wild. Maybe you cook someone a delightful french omelette for breakfast just to show them you’re not just some grunt who has dirt underneath his nails. Just to tell them…I bet you didn’t know eggs could taste this good! Maybe if you really like that person you even cook them a candle light dinner that they will probably never forget even if they grow really old and wrinkly like a dried up prune….my point is you can do all these things. As you are not ashamed to work with your hands.’

The Irani café

January 4, 2018

The idea is definitely experiencing a revival of sorts…it’s partially cultural. But I am sure it’s also driven by a basic need for good and affordable dinning experience as well….the only reason why I felt the need to bring this subject up is because recently someone asked me whether it is a good idea to open a restaurant. When I asked this person what was the concept. He recounted basically the same old trite western bistro. Now I have nothing against croissants, iceberg lettuce served on fresh salmon, latte blah blah blah….but I do believe it can get boring for want of wider and more colorful dinning experience….so I have assembled together a few videos to give you all a collage of the Irani dinning paradigm.

Man lamented there is no succession plan….there is no succession plan…there is no plan and looked at me for answer. I told him, it is certainly unusual. But that is only so because historically Singapore has always had a deputy PM.

However you must appreciate Singapore is not Great Britain, the Singapore constitution cannot be traced back to the age of candles and sails like Magna Carta….Singapore doesn’t have a long history…it is after just a Maggi Mee state. So history doesn’t count for very much.

Besides no where in the Singapore constitution does it state that die die there has to be a nominated deputy PM.

After all look at what is on offer. The first fellow is a heart attack case. So if he’s nominated now you don’t even know if he can continue pumping till the finishing line. What if he konks off due to the excitement of getting nominated? The other fellow is famous for saying things in public that no one can understand and I suspect not even he himself understands what he’s actually saying otherwise how could you explain why he looks like a blur kid most of the time. And finally the last fellow, no one even know where this fellow come from or even what his strengths or weaknesses are…so this fellow is a Bermuda Triangle fellow lah…an unknown quantity.

So why the rush? I don’t understand. Why be slaved to tradition? Why not go with the flow and allow water to find its level.

So tell me why is there such an urgency to nominate a deputy PM? Yes, like I said the situation is certainly unusual…historically, but there should be no reason for drama.


Today is the start of the annual trade negotiations between me and the oil millers.

I have told them all that we have to work together as this year is likely to be tougher than the last. As a sign of my sincerity I am willing to stick to the old price.

At that point one of the millers asked, do you mean to say that you are offering us terms and conditions of peace.

I asked of this man…why would I ever consider doing something as ridiculous as hold out a peace offer?

Neither this person or the others showed any indication of understanding….they don’t seem to understand it seems.


‘One major reason why the PAP is weaker than it thinks and likely to get weaker is paradoxically due to its position of strength. Since it has managed to successfully squash all forms of political opposition, intellectual dissent and eradicated all known forms of counter narratives….it has virtually no known enemies…it is therefore not so different from the Dodo bird that is happily prancing around it’s make belief paradise just before man…ultimate predator appeared in the scene.

This may seem like a very happy thing if only you didn’t realise not having natural enemies also means one’s skill of arms to repel, annul and interdict one’s enemies can only degrade progressively…the rot cannot be arrested…to a point where it is virtually useless.

This was what happened to the Romans after they had successfully defeated their natural enemies, the Gauls. They had inadvertently sealed their doom and demise from that point onwards as without the stress, pressure and urgency of a natural enemy – the once mighty Roman legions melted away into a fairy troupe…. as the Americans say…the rest is history.

The same rot happened in imperial China. In the 1500’s China had amassed strategic powers to dominate the entire world. I am not kidding. As the Treasure Fleet was perhaps the most advanced maritime force the ancient world had ever seen. It has mastered everything from cartography to stellar navigation. Coupled to that China had nurtured the first cohort of frontier men like no other Civilisation in history had ever done. But due to the urgings of the parvenu political elites inside China who were alarmed at the rise of a merchant class who had become rich from international trade…these assets where destroyed. The remarkable skill of arms of these frontier men were all burnt and what followed was the creation of a sissy class of effeminate half men who all disregarded the sciences and instead took refuge in the uselessness of poetry and never wanting to leave China….China lost its natural enemy brought forth by the criticality of having to constantly confront the discomfort zone of exploration…the end result was catastrophic.

Regrettably the same holds true for the Singapore political landscape without a credible opposition to keep it’s ranks alert, sharp and ever ready…it can only decay progressively into obsolescence. This is a mathematic certainly….like a once mighty steel bridge it will corrode ever so slowly only to eventually come crashing down.’

The chattering should never be confused with the thinking mind. The chattering mind is not the thinking mind – it is like a person in your head that is asking you all sorts of leading questions that just go round and round in small and big circles…that is an activity that is the direct opposite of productive thinking.

When the mind is just chatting with itself and the person who is supposed to be in control of the mind is allowing this all to happen on auto pilot mode because he or she believes that this is a form of thinking….then what will happen is that the mind can only go here and there and everywhere else only to eventually end up in a padded cell in mad house.

When the mind is homeless. It doesn’t know how to return home. It will be like a bum that is living from a trolley…..one day it is here, another day it is there and on another day no one knows where it is. Not even the owner of the mind knows…..it is just going wherever it wants to go like a stringless kite.


‘When I find that my mind is starting to talk to one of the many imaginary people in my head. I will stop it! By just concerntrating on my breathing. This is how I center my mind. As when I do just this. Then it is no longer possible to chat.

What you need to understand is the mind is the world’s greatest chatter box. It wants to talk all the time…it wants so much to talk that it even ask the questions and provides the answers…that is the nature of all minds. Even perfectly healthy minds have this tendency. So if you happen to be one of those people who say I don’t converse with myself – then the chances are you have already taken over my the chattering mind! You are in dangerous territory.

The reason why the chattering mind has to be regulated is very simple – left to it’s own it will talk, talk and talk till you end up suffering a nervous breakdown. This is how psychological warfare actually works – it is designed to put the brain into overdrive mode where it thinks excessively for prolonged periods without sufficient rest and the end result is mental breakdown.

When we stop thinking excessively….only then is it possible to talk about stilling the mind. Many years ago when I was in the jungle with a mind that was running like an engine on full speed and generating all sorts of fears and anxieties. I realised that although many suggested I should still my mind. No one actually told me how….it is simply this, focus on your breathing…..by doing just this alone….you begin to feel calm and soon your mind will be stilled.’

Recently a very wealthy lady told me enthuistically, I plan to compile all your sharings into a book and bring it before the world. This lady when on to thank me profusely. As it seems her life has been radically transformed by some of things I have written in this blog.

I merely told this lady. Please do not do these things…as it will spoil it.

She did not understand.


‘Understand this! Understand it clearly! As this is my observation concerning all good messages that are organized in such a way where it is to service the masses.

At some point the machinery that is responsible for transposing information to the masses will be so riven with corruption, empire building, ego worship, cultism, profit motive that whatever good in the message will ultimately be destroyed.

This is why all forms of religion that is organized in the manner which I have just described is just a form of institutional corruption that has nothing whatsoever to do with religion in the true sense of the word and everything to do with the profit motive….personalities…..wealth accumulation…..egomaniacal vision of their crooked leaders.

The same holds true for all the new age guru’s and mystics along with all Yurok profit generating paraphernalia of workshops to trinkets that they market online…it has nothing whatsoever to do with spreading the message of how to life a purpose driven life…it is just to enrich a couple of people who are out to con the shit out of you!

This is my very honest observation…..and I know it to be the truth and nothing but the truth.

In reality there is no need for all this nonsense…..no need to build great buildings….no need for such a thing as a legacy….no need to even try to preserve the message in stone….. If it done properly whatever that is suppose to pass on will do so thru YOU and YOU alone by just the simple act of living.

It is my firm belief based on years of observation that anything that is touched by money…politics….power will be ultimately corrupted and become something else from what it was originally.

That’s why the goal is not to grow…it is to disappear into nothingness.

Once you understand the means to that end…then it is easy to understand why it must be like this.’

It is not easy to quieten the chattering mind. Because as soon as you are called upon to identify the problem. What will usually happen is most people will take your prognosis personally…they will take one step forward and ask of you….are you accusing me for being a mad person who regularly talks to myself!

This is the real reason why it is so awfully difficult to quieten down the chattering mind.

As when the sufferer is ruled by the ego and continues to denies the root cause…then the problem can only persist.


‘Before it is possible to quieten the chattering mind. It is first necessary to set aside the ego and simply make an effort to be conscious of the many voices in the mind and how it has a tendency to pull one here and there by the nose… Look here! Did you know this or that? What about that!

When one is AWARE of the chattering mind, only then is it possible to reclaim back the mind.

I realised this many years ago when I retreated deep into the depths of the jungle….it all begins with a honest heart to see…it for what it is…the chattering mind…only then can the process of deconstruction begin!

For me whenever I do not want my mind to talk to itself….I will focus on my breathing. That is my default or rest position. I find when I drive and I don’t want either my thoughts or emotions to affect me negatively…I will focus on my breathing. This enables me to devote all of myself to driving safely.

The same during business negotiations…I will focus of the rhythm of my breathing…this way I can always be counted not to make rash and impulsive decisions that I may latter end up regretting.’

Taxi driver complained to me recently…he keeps banging up his rental. He bangs it up so frequently that no one wants to partner him as a driver any longer and even his boss told him…maybe you should consider another way to earn your wage.

After that taxi driver looked at me with a what should I do look….I merely asked, whose driving the taxi? Taxi driver exclaimed, ‘I already told you…I am the driver!’ I asked again. Yes I know….but which of the men up there running in your head was driving when you crashed?


‘Even when you are all by yourself…alone. You are actually having an imaginary conversation with many people in your head. Do not be alarmed! As this is very natural.

I realised this when I spent many years alone in the jungle…although I was alone. It was actually very crowded in my head and although I was alone…I was having all sorts of conversations with all sorts of people who were all in my head.

Even YOU! Right now…you are having a conversation with someone in your head…notice it’s filtering your thoughts even as you read this…it is even asking questions and even making comments…and you are responding to all these things.

It is only when we are fully conscious and aware that there is so many people besides us running and talking loudly in our heads that we can begin to reclaim the idea of who we really are…..once you are aware there is a conspiracy happening between your ears. Only then will you be conscious that your mind is perpetually engaged in a conversation with itself…..this is beginning of silencing the chattering mind.

Once the chattering mind is silence a man will usually come suddenly into a state of presence and usually the effects are very dramatic and impressive. That is to say the results are instantenous. No need to wait.

As when others engage him…they will find that there is a rare intensity about him. It is concerntrated….very dense and weighty and compact…And that is only be expected as since only he and he alone is thinking and talking and not the other one thousand men running around and talking nonsense in his head…he can only embody the truly meaning of presence.

As for a woman. Once she begins to silence the chattering mind…she will suddenly be very calm and naturally attractive…the strain around the edges of her mouth will begin to loosen ever so slightly like the petals of a flower before the approach of the monsoon….her nervousness will die off quite naturally and all of womanhood will fill her.’

The Dark Side

January 1, 2018

Man told me that he had to fight for justice, fairness and the idea of a level playing field…..like I once did. When he turned to me I told him – what you fight, you can only strengthen and that which you aspire to destroy will grow inside you….and what you resist with all your mind, body and spirit….it too will persist and grow stronger inside you.

Man did not understand.


‘There are some things in life that I wished someone older and wiser once sat me down and spoke to me.

Never fight fire with fire.

Because if you do that even if you are victorious. You would have started something that you will have very little control over…you only think it is benign and that you can manage it. But all the while it is always bigger that you.

If you have strong views that can make you angry or stir the unexpected deep inside you. Then I say, you have to be careful….as that very same force that makes you feel strongly about that person or event is also in them as it is in you. And although you may be able to destroy that thing outside yourself, when it comes to yourself….it is really quite another matter.

Because to destroy that dark force….you may have to first destroy yourself….so it is best not to take up.

That is why these days whenever I hear about people talking about fighting fire with fire….I can’t help but think they should go and juggle hand grenades or go lick plutonium. That I think would be less dangerous.’


December 31, 2017

This afternoon the world’s most holiest man told me that he had accomplished a miraculous feat. He has just finished memorizing his holy book and can recount every single word unfailingly. Holy man went on to tell me, this would make him a spiritual giant.

I told him, I happen to know of a blue color parrot who can memorise and recount every single name and number from a thick telephone book…the parrot is so spiritually powerful it can even fly around the room and do this at the same time.

Can you do the same?

The world’s holiest man ran away.


‘Being spiritually whole and complete may or may not include the idea of the creator. I feel the need to state my opinion clearly on this subject as some crazy people will tell that it is not possible to accomplish spiritual maturity without the idea of religion or believing in a creator.

This is pure nonsense….poison!

The only reason why I say this is simply because from my personal observations….spiritualism has nothing whatsoever to do with what you choose to believe or disbelieve….it has nothing to do with schools of thoughts or even states of mind or even whether you know these things well or know it not.

That is knowledge and it should never be confused with spiritualism that is a form of wisdom.

Instead spiritualism has more to do with one’s state of consciousness. That is to say one’s capacity to understand things, events and people for what and who they really are and not what others may say they might be….this consciousness that is the capacity to understand is what gives it power over mere knowledge.’

The power of awareness

December 31, 2017

Some time back ago I went for a business meeting. At some point I realised it was a trap. Naturally I did not let the other side know that I know….I listened and even made the best effort to remain convivial and come across as agreeable….reasonable….and interested.

I did not resist….I simply played right on like a fish taken by the hook, line and sinker.

In the days following the meeting…the line went slack…there was no more sensation of pull any longer from the other side. Of course they tried very hard…..but none.

It is accurate to say the fish must have worked it’s way out of the hook and slipped away.

How it did so….no one it seems quite knows.


‘When you walk into a room. The first thing that hits everyone is the power of your awareness. For some people their power is like rusty radar that is manned by an operator who is there but actually somewhere else. Since he has taken a mental holiday from himself – so the level of awareness registers very little.

For others since they constantly in a mental state of perpetual embattlement with the power and politics of their smart phones….their radar is permanently swarmed by white noise. So they are likely not to register anything at all. Even if an atomic bomb explodes next to them, they will not know.

But when you are there you are there – it’s like driving a car. Most people when they drive are subconsciously having a conversation with themselves without even realising. They are replaying many scenes that once transpired in the movie theatre in their head…they may well be looking out of the windscreen, but their attention is focused on this other movie….or maybe th y are reliving some incident from the past….so while they are physically there. They are really somewhere else.

But when a person practises total awareness. And this is term that the English vocabulary and the western school of thought lacks an adequate word to describe. In the way of the sword, it is described as Zanshin.

Zanshin is not just being all there….it is much more than that.

I will talk about this more.’

Chakey’s Serangoon Salt Baked Chicken is set to close this Sunday. Well may not seem like a big deal the way I wrote it……then again maybe we should take a moment to reflect. I mean, if we go thru the bother to dig up and sieve for trinkets and broken earthen ware from the distant past of Singapore just to fashion a vantage to look back….In presumably a hope to gain a better understanding of the past.

This should prompt anyone to ask. At the rate at which so many traditional food stalls have been closing down lately due to high rent, retiring proprietors, difficulty in attracting apprentices, changing taste etc etc…..shouldn’t the director of museums in Singapore be taking active measures to preserve these food outlets….coming to think of it why isn’t food treated with the same veneration as a precious vase…why?

To me this is odd.

If archeologist can take every effort to reconstitute a tile right down to its original color, texture and feel just so that people today and feast on it with their eyes. Why can’t the same be done for food that naturally appeals to our sense of smell and taste.

Maybe to slow down the pace of extinct food. The museum people should consider doing further research on these sort of food and recategorised as heritage food so that they can be promoted as a must taste for tourist or get some economic protection from greedy landlords to stop them from increasing their rental unreasonably….at least doing something is better than just doing nothing and letting them rot into the obscurity of history.


‘I can’t begin to explain how powerful food is to the idea of how we truly see ourselves in relation to people and planet and the broader subject of psychology. It’s a construct that is really very big and hard to pin down. Of course I am not talking about fast food like a Big Mac or Dunkin donut. Rather when I speak about food in this context, it’s real and not fast food, it’s not prepared by kids who are just taking a summer job flipping burgers so that they can save up and see the world….it’s cooked slowly and it seems to be framed in the house kitchen where we usually associate it with someone who we once loved and loved us in return.

The imagery is not only very powerful….but it can also serve as a touchstone to awaken something in all of us.

Many years ago in a refugee camp deep in Africa. There was a boy who no one could get thru to – not even the experts. They couldn’t even make a dent. The boy seemed to be marooned in his own skull. They tried everything from Swahili to Khufuh….nothing. All they knew about him was he might have been a child soldier.

One day I got hold of a sack of hard as stones wild corn kernels from the market. They’re deep indigo blue and they don’t taste any where sweet like the NTUC variety. I pounded it mixing it with raw palm kernels and kneaded it into a naan sort of dough, splayed it out roughly and lashed with rabbit entrails and made a stew with the meat. As that is how it’s done and fired it by wrapping it around the open engine of a running Land Rover in the courtyard. All the while I lashed it fermented palm oil and that smoked the entire courtyard with a pungent yet strangely nutty delicious aroma….and soon the boy walked up, smile and he spoke for the very first time since he had come there……may I have some please…..that just goes to show you food can do many wonderous things….but one of the most beautiful things it can do is to bring people who would otherwise be like distant stars scattered across the vast infinity of space together.’

Throwing out yourself!

December 30, 2017

A man once tried very hard to free his trapped mind, but despite all his efforts, he couldn’t break free. One day out of sheer frustration. He decided to reject all states of mind along with schools of thoughts on how to break free.

In his act of repudiation for everything he had known and come to probably know about the act of breaking free…it seemed he must have thrown away so much of himself that nothing about who he was ever existed
……that was when he suddenly realised…. his mind was free.

Constructive ambiguity

December 29, 2017

Not very long ago. I was approached by a group of landowners concerning a land deal. During the meeting I made it clear that I am definitely interested. I even leaned over to one of them to whisper certain payment arrangements….

After that I did not follow up….I showed absolutely no interest in pursuing the matter….it was as if it never ever happened.


‘Constructive ambiguity is a term generally credited to Henry Kissinger, said to be the foremost exponent of the negotiating tactic it designates. It refers to the deliberate use of ambiguous language on a sensitive issue in order to advance some political purpose. Constructive ambiguity is a form of disinformation and misdirection often used to disorientate and confuse the enemy. It can be used to create cognitive dissonance that has the effect of paralysing the enemy due to the inflood of contradictory information.’

What is a good religious man?

December 27, 2017

It cannot be how much he knows. Because what he knows may not be right or for that matter good for everyone. It certainly cannot be how many times he prays either or how well he remembers his chants and verses. As even a parrot can do all that. If there is such a thing as a true measure of what is a good religious man….it must be how his enemies regard him. If they look upon him as someone who they believe, they want to aspire to be….then I think that person has to be a very good religious man.


‘To my understanding. All religions are first and foremost premised on love, compassion and thoughtfulness. So for me the right way to asses whether a person is a good or bad religious man is to simply ask – how loving, compassionate and thoughtful is he to people and planet? In my opinion the other things matter very little…they are optional and side dishes like whether he can walk on water or thru walls. Well that at least is how I have always seen it. It is after all my personal opinion.’

This is an excellent vid that teaches you how to make Chicken soup. So that you can serve with noodles or congee. Chicken soup is very important. For me it’s a sort of emergency food. As when one falls sick or is recovering. This is the only thing that the body can hold down without throwing out.

Man shouted out in an anguished tone, the Mother of all tyhpoons is going to hit Vietnam and it’s tail is likely to bring excessive rains to these parts. It seems he has been surfing the internet the whole night worried sick.

I advised him not to surf the internet so much…..be calm.


‘I am not saying thinking per se is bad. In fact I regularly encourage it. As I believe the mind is not so different from a muscle group. When the mind is exercised regularly only then can it perform to serve reliably. But there is a big difference between constructive and excessive thinking.

Excessive thinking is when the mind runs amok….thought after thought are piled one of top of another and served up fast and furious to the mind. Often excessive thinking goes everywhere till it settles on a few doom and gloom scenarios (real and imagined) that keeps repeating itself on autoplay mode….I don’t mind admitting. I have a tendency to fall into this mind trap. Where the mind begins to form a vicious loop very much in a way a cat chases its own tail. If I have a chest pain…I think it’s cancer. It could well be a thousand other things, but since cancer is the worst of them all…the excessively thinking mind renders it realer real. At other times these negative thoughts go round and round and all the while it gathers momentum and strength, till the insignifacnt, implausible and ridiculous destroys all traces of reality along with sound judgement.

Good or what I like to call thinking in moderation is the opposite of a mind that is jumping here, there and everywhere like a monkey…..often thoughts are merely treated very much as fleeting scenes. They come and go. Don’t try to restrict them. As that is not possible. And even if that can be done. It will require so much effort that it only drive you to exhaustion.

Instead just watch them all unfold in the movie screen in your mind without the need to judge or cling to them…just watch them go right by without clinging to them in such a way where you may feel fearful and anxious….as I said earlier, it is not easy for me to remind myself to do this whenever I find myself thinking excessively….perhaps by writing about it here. I will be reminded to think only moderately without being to clingy.’

The meaning of Courage

December 25, 2017

I think this is a word that is so often confused with acts that have nothing whatsoever to do with courage…the problem seems to be we do not have the wisdom eyes to see….but once our eyes are open with the power of understanding. Then it is easy to make out this word even in ordinary day to day living.


‘Courage in my opinion should ideally be a very small word for very small people who harbor small dreams like striving to make a better tomorrow for those who they love. Courage to be at least is not usually be a big word for larger than life deeds like storming a machine gun post for king and country. Or even chalking up the number of bone crunching mountains once summitted. Courage has to be a very small word as it is not usually to be found in the redux Hollywood version of what the movie industry regularly markets to the unassuming as courage. That’s because those acts lack the terror of repetition. They all have a defined start and end. One can’t fight after the last shot has rented out. Neither can one climb beyond the summit…they all hold out the Kistch promise of the classic Hollywood ending complete with redemption, resolution and it all ended happily thereafter. The end.

The highest quality of courage is to be found in the ordinariness of living. As here there is no promise of redemption or that it may all even end well….it is just the terror of a road that stretches right on and on. A frightening litany where there is no such thing as a start or end line… each day in this terrifying ordinariness comes and goes with hardly any perceptible changes. Except that you may have noticed one extra white hair or that it’s time to get more toothpaste. It is in the ordinariness of living that requires the highest degree of selflessness, thoughtfulness and consideration…the mother of an autistic child who dares to hope against all odds that one day her child will awaken despite the cruel stares from the ignorant she tries to fashion some semblance of world for her child….the uncomplaining Father who holds down two shift jobs despite having to deal with an evil boss, so that his kids can have an opportunity for a better tomorrow. The humble salaried man who summons uncommon valor to venture into business, not to slake his ego. But because he can read the writing on the wall and has the courage to shed his fears and reinvent himself so that he can be a tongue of light to those who rely on him as the sole breadwinner. The forgotten soldier posted to the outereaches of the Great Wall to guard against marauders, but he keeps his discipline razor sharp by being ever ready to spring into action. As he knows should his line break on his shift, it would mean endless grief for the nation. The technician who goes the extra mile to do a first class job instead of handing it over to the next shift…as he understands the Mission that it all starts and ends with only him. The frontier man who can never return home as there is not enough fuel for the return trip. It’s a one way ticket. But despite the terrible conditions he makes the best of it with a cheerful heart as best he can – as he is a man with a Mission and failure is not an option.

True courage is to be found in the ordinariness of everyday living. One just has to open ones eyes and heart to make it out….it is not to be found in the flash bang of sensationalism or heroic figures who are larger than life…that is an illusion.

Merry Christmas to all of you, the courageous folk wherever you may be….trust me when I say one day all your efforts, sacrifices and hard work will not be vain…it will all come full circle and you will smile.’