‘When I think about the whole idea of putting a man on the moon. It could really only have been an American project. That was because America at that moment in history was a very idealistically driven country that had perhaps the clearest sense of destiny for where it wanted to go along with taking the rest of the world with it. America at that period of history saw space as a strategic asset in the same way the Romans regarded road building or the British their extensive navy as a jugular cornerstone of sustaining an empire.

Today America no longer embodies these values of clarity, vision and purposefulness….America the country along with both its incoherent and incomprehensible domestic and foreign policy is now like an old senile and decrepit man confined to his wheelchair. From time to time, this old fool will stand up and talk passionately about whatever piques his fancy…..but sadly, no one listens to America any longer.

One day many people will ask – what was America’s finest hour. I say it has to be just around the period when the lunar missions came into the American scenery. As that was the zenith of American will to power…it was just after the second world war and the American candle burnt so brightly that it could only go very dark thereafter. What many people didnt realize was it was the last gasping crie de couer of a dying dream. A dream that gave itself all away to the atmosphere in one brief moment like a beautiful starburst on the fourth of July… me at least America will always be this beautiful yet tragic swan.’

The suprise raid launched against my business rivals was so brazen…reckless and possibly insane. That no one would ever believe it could be pulled off by someone who did not have unlimited reserves…..So even as their mighty carrier fleet tries to search and destroy my imaginary fleet.

I can tell fear of the unknown has riven their ranks like a debilitating disease….I have categorically refused to come to the negotiating table to talk peace. Instead the issue is open as to whether I might sink more carriers!

They have even sent emissaries…I rebuffed them all with that cryptic message…I am only a simple man who wants to turn the wheel of life on my veggie patch peacefully…but there are stupid people who force me to the path of evil!

It is only a matter of time before they will succumb to the terror of their own mind games…..


‘You must always be careful of WHERE your thoughts are taking you. Go on a ride you most definitely will. As that’s the nature of a mind that’s under pressure.

Understand this! if you are not mindful, you might very well end up in a very rough neighborhood where your mind will end up running helter skelter.

If that happens your mind is no longer your friend and will turn around and eat you like a tiger.

This is how people lose their head…..usually…nine out of ten, its not what others did or did not do to them….usually they were defeated by their own thinking. To put it in another way, they are their worst enemy….knowing this gives you insight…it is power….so keep this chip in a safe place because one day this knowledge will save your bony ass!’

Who wins is two parts skill and cunning and the rest lady luck…..I will keep it short. I’ve started a war with my business rivals by launching a pre-emptive surprise attack….so they believe.

Now their carriers have combined together in one giant monster fleet to destroy me….they’re searching for what they believe to be my tiny carrier fleet in the needle of haystack of time and space.

They believe such a fleet exist…otherwise I would not be as brazen in my attack.

Conditions. The fog of war makes this ghost carrier fleet realer than real…I continue to act and speak as if this deadly fleet is roaming like a wild pack of feral and restless wolves….they can only believe and pour men and materiale into the search and destroy mission.

Meanwhile I run deep and silent…I want you all to know, deep down in my heart. All I ever wanted was to turn the wheel of life quietly, peacefully and uneventfully…..I had no choice.

I had to attack first!

Today someone saw me sitting all by myself deep in thought in the Planter’s club. This person came to me and said, ‘I know what’s in your mind.’

That was when I said, ‘Good…now you know life is hardly like the movies.’


‘It wasn’t just movies that couldn’t quite squeeze in the entire narrative of what’s life is about….not without threatening to burst at the seams. The problem with us…the human species. Or maybe its just life itself, is this – we have to constantly winnow real life down into something that resembles a movie script; and the problem is too many people out there actually believe that’s what life is all about….it’s as if a story about my, your, his, her or their lives has to be wordsmithed and some how be compressed into a two hour plus yarn that starts rough and uncertain in the very beginning, gets maybe a little sweeter in the middle with a dash of hope throw in and at the end, it all some how manages to end with a pretty bow complete with redemption and even closing the circle.

But real life is never like that.

You dont ever get to met that special person and even if you do that person peels off because either you or her change trajectory….as for money. At the end of it…you just say to yourself, ‘huh this is it?’

No life is not like the movies…we actually dig our arse as it gets itchy there…..and some times the good guy doesnt always win.

For one its too ruthlessly varied and relentless…life that is – mostly it consist of me nurturing my own self doubt…I constantly vex over my the power and politics of my business rivals like chess pieces….I mull endlessly about how much I am sticking my neck out…the extent of how much I am bluffing and the fear of someone calling me out.

If I had a story it would never make it to the cutting room floor of a movie director…no, too many scratching my balls for one…no, its too real and I am convinced most people simply dont really find that interesting at all…the reality of life that is.’


May 14, 2019

This is not a drink, where you just buy, dunk some ice cubes in and just drink casually while watching TV… could very well die if you did just that. Look at the proof…see it…Bingo. 72%.

Absinthe is served with its own spoon.

Might also need a mini fountain

Nothing has really changed….but it will soon.

Room with a view

May 13, 2019

I think when a space has a right balance of the really important things. Then it has that magical quality to transform any other day of the week to feel like a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Toilets and showers were designed according to functional reasons many many years ago. But with the advent of camera smartphones, maybe its time to factor this in the design of toilets and showers.

He was a mid level diplomat. A product forged at a time when America had a sense of destiny in the world and believed everyone could be part of that dream.

He never got to where he wanted to go….but his achievements are very impressive nonetheless.

As the US continues its epic decay into the long kang…rest assured, there are none of his ilk any longer.

The art of letting go

May 11, 2019

All of us….rich and poor, well or poorly schooled, tall or short, well or least endowed with whatever attributes one chooses to set their eyes on….all of us will at some point in the long journey of life realize….life consist only of a few things.

One of the most important being letting go of things that you hold dear to your heart.

‘But Mr Tong said Singapore could issue a “general correction order” to any platform, even one that is not carrying the falsehood in question. This could mean such platforms could be ordered to push out a mass correction note to users.

The BBC has asked Singapore’s Law Ministry how the law would be enforced and whether it would encompass all chats, including those between individuals.
Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, called the idea of the Singapore government policing private chats “frankly insane”.
“This is really moving towards a Big Brother style of control and censorship project,” he told the BBC. “It’s a direct threat to freedom of expression and is something the entire world should be alarmed about.’


‘Tong and his ilk are stupid! That’s to say they believe its possible to put a policeman in the head of everyone. That may well be possible some fifty years back ago during the good olde analog age, but these days its just incredibly five chili world class stupid to believe that’s doable…..maybe its time to step off the bus. I mean if one has to resort to such drastic measures to hold on to power….maybe its time….time to step off the bus that is.’


May 9, 2019

Because the anti fake news law will give ministers extraordinary powers to issue out corrections and take down notices arbitarily. This means ministers do not need to work very hard to check the facts or for that matter defend what they have to say or write.

This will only create a flabby, complacent and probably good for nothing party political outfit.

Everyone is born with power over their destiny. Even a slave has this power what more of a free person….and those who are truly strong never ever just give this power away.

Why is this insight so important?

Because in this world there too many nonsensical people who will tell that so and so has the ability to control your life…manipulate your emotions and imprison your sense of who you are.

These people are wrong….as they do not know of this power that I speak of.

Mentally and emotionally disciplined people if you observe carefully never give others the power to make them feel inferior or bad.

Observe carefully…its like taking shots at a tank with a pea shooter.

They understand they are ALWAYS in control.

They know their power that accounts for their strenght lies in their ability to manage the way they manage their emotions and responses.


‘If you observe a man who is trained in the art of war. It is almost impossible to press any of his hot buttons. Try to humiliate or put him down and it would be like dropping a pebble into a bottomless well….it will just go on and on without yielding even the slightest sound.

There’s a good reason for this – people who are well versed in the art of war will always choose WHERE and WHEN they fight.

This is axiomatic of warcraft. As the ability to control WHERE and WHEN is what actually determines victory or defeat.

So when you come across an adversary that shows no reaction…be careful…be fearful. As it doesnt mean that person is a pushover, it just means he’s keeping his powder dry and its not the right time for him to respond.’

Some idiot told us all that life is all about making right calls and decisions. But I am not so sure about that….maybe that’s the theory of how best to go about living so that one doesnt end up dead before thirty.

Truth is a large chunk of life has to do with making peace with wrong decisions. We invest in a big ticket relationship, apartment, car, beauty plan, fridge or some gizmo that promises to make us feel happier and gives us more respect. Mid way in…we suddenly find ourselves with that all too familiar sinking feeling that we’ve been duped….made a wrong decision.

We spent time with the person who we want to grow old with. We spend some more time. So much so all that’s life gets squeezed out. We do all this so that we can be sure…certain and right about this person. But we still get it all wrong.

So we frantically make one hundred and one adjustments to all the things that we only imagined would have happened the way we wanted it to happen in our heads…..and we do this for the entire duration of our life, till we die one day.

Some people say that’s really the low down on life. What they really mean by that is that’s the unabridged version of life – that’s the way it really is, not the way you see it in instagram where no one ever has to deal with their pasar malam eyeliner smudging or their lipstick melting under the heat…..good on these people.


‘Booh! Yeah, you reading this! You heard me first time….you and me, we’re like two gophers. Do you know what a gopher is? Its like that supersized rat that lives secretly in your favourite food court and it has two really big front teeth the size of mahjong tiles. Gophers tunnel in the dark. That’s the only thing they ever do…tunnel. They ferret for food, scavenge on humans for only this one raison to tunnel….where the fuck are they tunnelling too? Is it like a quest like some Arthurian thing with the magic chalice? No one knows!

Gophers live to tunnel. Infact the day their two front teeth get so worn down that they cant tunnel any longer. That’s the day when they just keel over like a plastic toy with four legs sticking up and die!

You and me. We’re like two gophers tunneling in the dark. Yeah….the moment you read what I write…you’re already a gopher whether you like it or not. The moment the alphabets I hack out trace across this pristine whiter than white screen…I am already another gopher busy tunnelling away.

At times we stop our tunnelling and strain our ears to make out a sound…maybe someone is headed our way. Maybe our two tunnels will intersect and when we break thru we will be so happy that we will just hug whatever breaks thru the other side….even if they covered in mud…even if its just a giant rat…a big gopher I mean.

My point is we are all tunnelling. Dont believe me then on your way back home today on the MRT just imagine everyone on board is a gopher…the aunty who still sporting the nineties make up…she’s actually a middle aged gopher. The kid whose doling out ring tone torture on his new smartphone…gopher..the smart executive whose wearing a really nice tie and matching cufflinks that you just know came in a set in G2000…he’s a gopher as well.

Remember we all tunneling. Maybe my tunnel will never ever break thru to yours. Or maybe yours will never break thru to mine. Maybe its just about to break thru and at the very last second one of us decides to peel off to another direction….only remember we are all gophers.’

Once upon a time. The LDP of Japan was considersd a mainstay of the Japanese political scenery, so much so….many Japanese could never ever imagine life without the LDP. Closer to home, BN was once also considered as a set piece permanently superglued in the pysche of most Malaysians…so much so not even the custodians of PH ever imagined that they could ever unseat BN….but they did.

Truth of the matter is this….it is conceivable in the age of the internet, the idea of a political outfit is not obselete.

As traditionally political parties are merely middlemen between voters and the idea of government. That is to say the role of the political party is simply to select candidates, train them to govern….. And like other traditional middle men business models. They all merely rent seek on this obselete and useless role….in the age of the internet. This is no longer a value added role i.e identifying potential talent, training, policy formulation etc etc…all this can be done directly by government itself just like China.

In China there’s of course the Chinese Communist Party, but since there’s no other competing party. That is ineffect the government of the day! For now and possibly forever and ever.


‘About eight years ago. A group of people sought me out specifically to ask me a very direct and what seems to be a straight forward question – will the PAP still be in power in the year 2030?

I told the person who asked me this question – you’re assuming the idea of a political party can still command an intrinsic value to add something significant to the idea of government.

I went on to add….the second assumption that you have made is democracy can still be trusted to deliver the goods i.e it is still the best system to winnow good from bad.

I told this person. I have seen this in a game set in the future. And this game we call this hubris – the paradox of governance.

This person for some strange and inexplicable reason did not conclude that I wad a crackpot when I said all this. Neither did any of his colleagues look at me sideways either in search of any signs of mental disorders….I surmised from all this, this people may have knowledge of the game that I was talking about.

I could see great admiration in the eyes of the man who asked me this question – it was as if a light bulb had been suddenly electrified somewhere in his head.

Suddenly he blurted it out…..what I once did in this game set in the distant future.

‘That was why Darkness destroyed all the political parties and put an end to democracy.’

I went on to elaborate at considerable lenght and complexity, it was not Darkness who destroyed the idea of the democracy. Rather it was the inevitability of how the idea of a political hegemony in the form of a party would eventually be a victim of obselence that would bring an end to democracy and voter choice…..tyranny was inevitable…that would have to be the natural end point of the idea of party politics.’

This well researched blow by blow account of the Pearl Harbor attack dispels many misconceptions and inaccuracies concerning the tactics and the trade off analysis.

It is worth studying. As it is very detailed and even poses many what if questions.

Midway Battle

May 3, 2019

It cannot. Because the means of crafting a better society is fundamentally wrong.

All that’s accomplished here is to chase Nicholas to Africa. There he will grow vengeful and cynical with everything concerning life in Singapore and I for one will pray that such a man does not come to wealth….because when he does.

He will be a very hard and unforgiving man… since no one gave him any quarter in life….he too will give nought!

But if in his moment when he’s in darkness….someone shows him light and gives him hope. Then he will never turn into the monster. As he will always remember when he was at his lowest….he was never forsaken.


‘No one can talk convincingly about accrued or a priori rights without at least mentioning the rights of the accused…yes, the accused and even the condemned have rights as well! And the institutions that are responsible for adjudicating and dispensing justice even owe a duty of care to the accused to ensure those measure of rights are not denied. But in this case NUS failed in their duty of care. As the very moment the Instagram Queen pushed, NUS gave in with the mere resistance of a souffle. They the custodians of justice did not even bother to supply an explanation as to why they saw fit to put in place the two strike and you are out rationale which I submit to all of you here is an equitable, reasonable and intelligent logic on how to deal with first time offenders in a tertiary setting. They, the supposedly custodians of power in NUS reacted rather than responded in a studied manner….in short they sold they bloody shop for five cents and I say to all of you here – this is not the way intelligent folk go about improving things! To reinforce their failure! A few days later that world class hopeless fellow (dont like what I say, pls come and sue me. No need to talk so much! As I have so much land. i dont even know what to do with all of it) Ong proclaimed like the Aga Khan, the rationale was wrong. Since he is a truly hopeless fellow, he did not supply any reason why the old method should be jettisoned or why it was even wrong or even why it should not be maintained. My point is no one actually explained what replaces the old system. No one actually even saw fit to defend the old rationale and if I have to write a lenghty explanation why this is manifestly wrong…then I think something is very wrong. Maybe the instagram queen knows…who knows….because it is not the NUS disciplinary committee as even today nothing has emerged from their air con cave where academics go and die….or maybe it is the AGC who knows….but then again they also dunno either….so who actually knows?

Now you see the delimma – now hopefully you all see what actually happens when a good thing – ‘two strikes and you are out rule’ is not robustly defended. What you have instead is mob rule….where the internet is the judge, jury and executioneer.’

Plagued by control surface instability problems since its inception. Difficulty in landing and unpredictable handling characteristics… a private pilot’s variant.