The 3 relationships of man

September 7, 2018

There are three timeless relationships to man that is as old as the hills.

The first is man’s relationship with woman. Without this unity there can be no such thing as civilization as man himself will be wiped out from the planet like the dinosaurs.

The second is man’s relationship with the wolf. In the very beginning there was no such thing as a dog…it was only the wolf. When the wolf came to eat from the hand of man, the dog was born.

The third is man’s relationship with the land. Because the tilling, planting and harvesting signifies the first moment when man ceases to be a wanderer and settles down.

Why is the understanding of the 3 relationships of mankind so important? Because when we connect with any of this three, then we will go back into the very essence of our being.


‘A woman came to me and exclaimed…I wish I knew who my great grand parents were. If I knew…it would allow me to connect with my roots and find myself….. I told this lady, but you already know. Do you not carry the past in your blood. The way you look, think and even behave. Are they all not from some other life once lived?

My point is we carry aeons of the past in us without even realizing it. In the way modern dogs today carry with them the distsnt shadow of who they once were in the form of the wolf.

When we understand the dog came from the wolf, this knowledge gives us remarkable insight into why dogs are the way they are. In the same way when we understand the three relationships of man. This will also give us remarkable insight into who we really are along with why certain arrangement just feel right with us.

That is why when man plants a seed into the ground…something stirs deep within him. He knows not what it is….but it feel right like a stylus running in a grove, its an ancient line, like fish being drawn upstream to their sacred spawning ground, dogs howling to the full moon, man communioning with nature….they are all making significant connections.’

Self consciousness

September 7, 2018

Once you are self-conscious…you are in very dangerous territory. As it is very easy for others to game you. Because it means you are subsconsciously seeking the approval and validation from others….you still don’t know who you really are…you’re havinh trouble standing alone.

When evil people see this, they know that you are very far from home…it is always dangerous.


‘During the negotiations. I noticed he was feeling very uncomfortable as the lead negotiator from the other camp had marginalised him. He felt slighted. This caused him to be rash and hasty and as a result he said things that made him seem larger than what he actually was….not realizing all the time, he was no better than a puppet whose strings had been jerked by an unseen puppet master high above.’

So long as identity politics continue to feature as an indispensable black arts of perpetuating class politics and power in Malaysia. Nothing will fundamentally change. Whatever changes will only be cosmetic and superficial.

Because there is already a mechanism of self destruction in the system.

Ultimately it doesnt matter who is in power. Mahathir, Anwar or even a clown wearing a hat with bells. Or even who will make the better PM? Doesn’t matter at all.

As ultimately when the country is governed along racial lines then there can only be the perpetuation of the status quo ante.


‘Now that Najib & Co is consigned to the garbage heap of Malaysian history and the new PH outfit is holding the reins of power. Everyone believes that this is a great reset moment for Malaysia – everything from tabula rasa and a new dawn has been discussed. At one level of understanding the draconian detention laws, anti fake news enactments have been annulled one by one and its easy for one to be lulled into the impression the winds of change are sweeping thru the people and country.

There lies the danger….as no one really questions whether the set pieces of Malaysian power and politics has been overhauled…will they even gut it?

I am not cynical. You see like flying saucers….I want to believe in them. Every night I go out into the night to pee. I look up and say to myself, let me be blown away….nothing ever happens. The only UFO i have seen is the unleaded fuel only signage in a kiosk. You see the reason why I want to see a flying saucer is because once I see it – there’s no going back. No! Its a like crossing a mythical line somewhere in your head. The very moment you’ve seen one – life as you know it will never ever be the same again. You just know deep down in the marrow of your bones it will never be the same….now you understand why I am not cynical.

But I digress…back to the point.

The mini skirt answer is even if the custodians of power want to reform it, it cannot be done! As the crux of the problem is not to be found in which ideology or philosophy best suits the new Malaysia. The problem in my opinion is far more serious and it is simply this. Years and years of perpetuating the money for nothing culture has eroded the work ethic of a significant segment of the Malaysian population. Especially the elites. They are so flabby that its conceivable they are beyond rehabilitation or more precisely busted beyond economic repair. So although the new government will set a new course to change. It is very unlikely that any of their plans will succeed. Because when once people get addicted to the narcotic of money for nothing. Then the root of the problem is not at the federal, state or even at the five foot way level, it is already a chronic problem as what needs to be righted is in the minds of the masses….that if you didnt know is very hard to alter.

Never take anything free from anyone. I’ve seen how loggers destroy tribal communities by just the peddling sugar to them….soon it becomes a solvent snd given more time their entire civilization and way of life begins to unravel. So the moral of the story is this. Even if you have to go hungry and wing it to get it the hard way by taking the long and windy high road. Do it! At least you never compromised your work ethic and discipline.

Nothing in this world can be accomplished without iron discipline!’

A mature person never loses his head when he or she loves. So the common vernacular – he or she falls heads over heals in love….really only applies to immature people who love. Because fall or lose their balance they certainly will, that is to say, they lose so much of their sense and sensibility when they fall in love.

It is not so different from alcohol, ganja or laughing gas…love is intoxicating that is why it makes one fall.

The reason why immature folk fall is because they do not have the self knowledge to stand alone.

That is why when an immature person falls in love. The first thing this person will celebrate is freedom from loneliness! They actually believe, they have found someone to share the rest of their lives with and from this point onwards things can only get brighter and better.

A mature person however does not seek comfort in lies. Such a person is alone even when he is with the person who he loves. It doesnt mean his or her love is lesser or more diluted. It simply means when a mature person gives love, he or she is not clingy and gives it unreservely without any strings and conditions.

When two immature persons fall in love. Now there are two scady cats who both fear loneliness taking refuge in the illusion of unity – life is now complete….but it is a disaster waiting to happen.

When one person is mature and the other is immature. That is fifty fifty. It can go either way depending on who listens to who.

Where two mature souls are in love, there is no clingyness. No need to impersonate velcro. No competition even. As there is no politics, no need to change to please this or that group, no need to dominate. Only perfect understanding, freedom and love.

Many couples do not bother to reflect on this…that is why the divorce rate is so high in Singapore.


‘It is an oxymoron to talk about love without including loneliness. Both ideas go hand in hand. Its like satay and peanut sauce or laksa with cockles. They are one of the same reality. Loneliness gives a person depth. At first it is like melancholic quicksand that threatens to overwhelm the soul. But as one canals thru it and emerge to the otherside, it is a sanctuary.

That is the reason why the default position of all great minds is the nirvana of loneliness – it is a place that weaker minds fear that is why to cover their own insecurities, they like to label those who choose to be alone all sorts of nasty names…what they cannot understand…they smear with shit!

It is only when one can stand in perfect equanimity in the depths of loneliness, can he love perfectly. Anything less that the mastery of this discipline is not love…it is something else masquerading as love. Because love is a very misunderstood subject, it is that way because while we are all schooled in maths and languages and social norms such as not to flip out your dick and use it to swath flies. But no one has ever been schooled in the art of love.

So we get our education on love from all the wrong places like love stories in books, movies and gossips…soon we think that is love and since there are so many people who seem to be falling in love in that way, we assume that it must be the real thing like Coke.

The problem it is not real…that is why wise people say, to love you must first love yourself. And this is the most misunderstood phrase in the history of mankind. Frequently it is used to denote everything that has nothing whatsoever to do with love…but what it actually means is that you must first strive to be comfortable in loneliness. As only then can you journey into your inner being and really get to know yourself….because that is the corollary of loving yourself…it is not narcissim, it is the direct opposite…the humility to say from the beginning, I do not know who I am…but I will find out…only then is possible to love another well. Otherwise it is very dangerous and you will end up feeling that your expectations are not met and that can only lead to resentment. Resentment leads to anger. Anger opens the hell gates of suffering.’

They really should…only because Mahathir should know better. After all anyone in this world can knock on anyones door…but it is all together another thing to roll out the red carpet, serve them curry puffs and tea and even pose for a book launch.

So in my book…it cannot be the fault of these kacang puteh folk. To say they planned all this is to elide completely and totally the role of the elder statesman Mahathir and that is both highly inaccurate to qualify as misrepresentation and a gross failure of reasoning.

Kindly be accurate and correct.


‘This hardly requires any elaboration, it takes two hands to clap. But what is most curious is, it’s necessary to state the obvious. Only because common sense is not so common after all. What is even more curious is how the Singaporean political elite seems clueless how to respond constructively to Mahathir in a manner that results in maximum gain and producing least damage to themselves.

Again this need not require a lenghty explanation.

They should just ignore him along with that motley bunch who went to see him.

But no. They must respond otherwise it seems sleep will come only with great effort and difficulty and perhaps even result in chronic constipation. By taking this attitude – where they must respond to every infraction – they are not so different from a man who is an architect of his own torment. Because every time his buttons are pressed. He can always be counted to jump. The only thing missing from all this is someone dressed in a clown suit asking – how high do you want him to jump?

The answer of course would probably come from Mahathir himself and it would not be so different from this – that would do very nicely.’

The power of silence

September 4, 2018

Many people believe that being the loudest in the room makes them look competent and strong. It may appear that way to those who only know very little of the world, but think they know everything. What they don’t know is the more they talk, the more they reveal about themselves….to the skilled hunter. This will allow him to scale his enemy very accurately. Eventually those who talk alot can only become vulnerable to attacks.

As for those who keep to the discipline of holding their tongue. Since so very little ever leaks out….it is very difficult to put a finger on them or whatever designs they may hold. As a consequence these people become very much like ghost ships, they can be here and yet somewhere else…it is this element of uncertainty that makes quiet people very dangerous.

Do not underestimate the power of silence…you do so at your peril.

Yes I am in total and complete agreement, that is why…I would highly recommend that Edwin Tong and his boss go to Mahathir & Co and present twenty yes or no questions why he instigated this whole caper.

As for Dr Thum, Kristen Han et al. Well what can I say, these are all just kacang puteh folk. The real master mind is ninety something. After all anyone can ring a doorbell, but it is another thing to roll out the red carpet for them, serve them teh tarik and curry puffs, pose for book launch etc etc.

Yes as I mentioned….I am in full and complete agreemenr, pls give Mahathir a stiff and no nonsense dressing down!


‘The “drunkard’s search” or the “streetlight effect” or the “no balls effect” refers to the propensity for people to look for whatever they’re searching in the easier places instead of in the places that are most likely to yield the results they’re seeking.

This is a very common observational bias that manifests itself frequently in people who fail to audit their thought processes from time to time.

Quite sometime back ago in the tiny farming village where I turn the wheel of life. A distraught lady came before me pleading for justice, she said that a man had been harrassing her with indecent proposals. So naturally I asked of this forty something spinster – ‘can you please be more specific?’ The lady said the man fidgets with some unmentionable organ of his body when he sees her. So naturally I took on the task of investigating the matter.

When I paid a visit to the fellow he approached me jovially while scratching his balls. When we sat on the verandah again, he was scratching his gulis while we talked about the unusually hot weather and when I departed and looked back at my rear mirror, again he was waving goodbye while digging in again.

From my investigations I concluded the suspect was afflicted by a bad case of fungal disease specifically ring worm which was exacerbated by the unusually dry and hot weather of late. In my next visit I provided him with some anti fungal ointment and soon the matter settled down.

Months later when the lady thank me for my intervention. She enquired what might be the motivation – i told her that it could have been nothing other than her spectacular beauty that had prompted such a vulgar display of self fornication. The lady promptly crossed herself and kissed her crucifix to which I could only say Amen in the tone of abject supplication.’

Tales from the Kampung currently under publication.

Q: This question has been presented to you on three occasions. It originates from Boey. Boey would like to know whether Mahathir has pushed China too far with the cancellation of so many OBOR and mega infrastructural projects in Malaysia. Boey goes on to add that for OBOR to materialise the Chinese would have to insist on conformance and adherence to agreed terms so how does this bode with the new Malaysia of Mahathir?

A: i do apologize for the delay. Let me first commend Boey for asking a very intelligent question. Because at the crux of the question, do feel free to correct me if I am wrong – what Boey is forwarding is an operational logic – how is China going to get OBOR up and running if everyone seems to have a right to break agreements? What is the point of having an agreement in that case? What is the point of even working towards consensus?

The miniskirt answer is the devil is in the details and since every agreement has penalty clauses. Technically countries that decide to change their mind and opt out would have to pay. I say technically, because any agreement has to take stock of prevailing sentiments. And Boey if you look at what Mahathir has done by cancelling all these Chinese projects. I submit to you Boey, this is not unusual or out of the ordinary.

Despite the optimism of the Chinese media concerning OBOR. There has been no shortage of countries changing their minds and discussing ways to pull out. For example, the newly minted government in Kathmandu canceled the Budhi Gandaki Hydro Electric Project. This was followed by Islamabad announcing the removal of the Diamer-Bhasha damproject from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC

The burning question is why have Chinese funded mega projects been so controversial lately when in the past they didnt seem to suffer from the bad press of predatory loans etc etc. The answer to that is suspicion concerning soft loans is not confined solely to China. This problem of being bona fide has dogged the IMF and to some extent its Asian counterpart the ADB to some extent.

And the main reason why these projects are so controversial is simply because they resemble accounting black holes. They are so huge in capitalization that they even have the power of being weaponized to modulate the policies of host countries. And that in a nutshell is why Mahathir & Co is wary. But such concerns are not confined to only Malaysia. Even Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have all expressed positive overtures concerning their participation of OBOR, but they rather set up their own financial machinery and instruments to fund these long term projects than rely on Chinese soft loans. Although Chinese investment in infrastructure development projects are often welcomed in principle by its neighbors, the exact financial agreements are often subjected to fierce debate. In the case of the Diamer-Bhasha dam project, Pakistan felt that the conditions for funding were against its interest. In other words, China has more to gain. Similar concerns have also been voiced elsewhere. In Laos, many question the value for a high-speed railway just as they do in Malaysia concerning the ECRL and HSR, which comes with the cost of a huge loan from China. Other issues, relate to opportunities for technology transfer and the divisive question of large influx of Chinese workers who may rob locals of job opportunities.

The other fly in the ointment is collusion between China and rogue regimes who typically use these mega projects to financially benefit their retinue of cronies and in some cases using it as a means of siphoning money for nefarious purposes. There is no shortage of horror stories if you care to look at China’s dealings in Africa.

For many years I have been very critical of China’s see no evil, hear no evil approach where their MOF seem content to buy into the delusional believe they can take a militant blase position concerning human rights and in some cases even absolve themselves of all moral responsibility from the affairs of a country. Well evidently that formula doesnt work, because one by one Najib’s mega projects have been annulled.

But the question you asked of me Boey has Mahathir pushed China too far? The answer to that is other countries and leaders in the region are pushing as well.

Q: Question from Prof Chandra aka known as the ‘light’. Sir, I would like to ask further concerning one of your ramblings where you mentioned the question is not whether M.M has pushed China too far off the edge. Rather the burning question is WHY is M.M so doing all this. Can you kindly elaborate further on your thoughts as it is quite difficult to tease out anything of value especially when you seem to like mish mashing cookery, agriculture, dog rearing, insulting women by calling them dogs with social politics. Mean I remain the light.

A: Thank You Prof Chandra for your question and charming tone. You should join me for dinner. I would be honored to have the pleasure of your company.

Pattie which I made from wild boar meat. I will have you know sir that I hunted it myself. Put it thru a No.4 grinder seasoned with just the barest of condiments, salt and pepper. Nothing else. Less is most definitely more. Topped with a Hollandaise sauce that I made myself with just a lash of balsamic vinegar for that provance…France profonde. – how shall I put it, je ne ce qua, nes pas, served with potatoes sauteed with onions in chili flakes with pitted dark olives and one solitary fig and finally served with crusty water ground bread.

But I digress do I not. Yes we shall proceed to the why.

First I would like to state categorically there are various permutations at play here. It could be a singular reason or a combination of reasons, we dont know, but the hope here is to beacon out the murk with a few real and graspable possibilities.

(1) Frist these cancellation or deferments of mega projects have absolutely nothing to do with China. That is to say the motivation is not country specific. Rather Mahathir & Co are trying to short circuit the finances of Najib’s gang. Now to understand this. You have to realize that Malaysian power and politics relies implicitly on a network of businesses to support the political oligrachy. And to accomplish this. It is not unusual for politicians to collude with businessmen so that they can have a means of financing their political agendas. As a consequence on way to do this is by farming out projects so that these cronies of the apparachicks can skim off the cream and give some of it to their masters. This culture of patronage is part and parcel of how BN perpetuate their class politics.

This accounts for why so many projects are put on hold and subject to renewed scrutiny.

(2) The second possible motivation is the pressing need for Mahathir & Co to placate the Malay voters that they have not been forsaken. In my view it is a very serious omission for so many writers to conveniently elide how identity politics still plays a very dominant part in Malaysia. Many Malays voted for PH. But what they did not vote for is the dismantling of the quota system that favors them from everything ranging from university placements to preferrential treatment in business opportunities. In a sense Mahathir palliates their fears by being anti chinese. I will call a spade a spade – if you preview Mahathir’s political career with a fine tooth comb, you will have absolutely no difficulty in tracing out so many incidences where he has used external threats real or imagined to garner support and even to consolidating his power base. Instances where he attacks Singapore, be in by ressurecting raw water prices to the crooked bridge, don’t worry that is currently on akan datang status, so you have all been warned.

To some degree this strategy of creating imaginary threats be it externally or internally has proven to be remarkably successful in Mahathirs career. And how it works goes like this – where the threat is perceived to be real. The masses will gather around the leader like frightened children and even suppress dissent along with suspend disbelief. This is how it works.

(3) He doesnt trust China. As he believes this will only strenghen the native Chinese in Malaysia at the expense of the Malays. To some degree I can understand his fears and anxities.

Date jam for breakfast

September 1, 2018

Its not always possible for me to eat fresh fruits or veggies. Deep in the interior of the wild, it is not uncommon for me go for months without even seeing an orange or apple.

So this is my only source of roughage, vitamin and mineral supplement.

Dates are good. Usually i buy them two or three months after raya celebrations at a massive discount. 50 to 80 percent off. As they are highly perishable in our hot and humid weather. I vat them in virgin oil olive to keep them fresh. I like Iranian dates as they are sweet and squashable and this makes them ideal for spreading on toast like jam. If you do not know which type of dates to buy to make jam, just ask the friendly NTUC auntie – where are the world’s cheapest and tastier dates? The variety is known as Mazafati or ‘Bam’ dates.

Always remember when it comes to dates, just because it is more expensive doesnt mean it’s more exclusive or tastier, it just means its conceivable you have absolutely no inkling about the power and politics of agricultural produce in the middle east and it may just be a good idea to let me lead. Mazafati in my opinion are the best tasting dates.

In the middle east and North Africa every household has a vat of dates in olive oil under the dining table. In most households this is the only way to preserve food without refrigeration. At every meal it is served out very much like kimchi or sambal belacan. Instead of using obesity inducing processed sugar, dates are frequently used to sweeten cakes and beverages. In desert and semi arid societies, this is usually the only source of sweet, fiber and supplemental vitamins and minerals.

Modern supermarket jam originated from this ancient method of vating dates and other fruits in olives. Unfortunately these days jams are so evacuated of nutrients and chock full of processed sugars, they are as good as legalised poison.

The word jam comes from the eastern African Ma’ai word Jar-ham, it means to perserve…perserve not the fruit, rather to perserve the body and mind.

Man and woman who consume jam in this ancient way will notice. They can avoid cancer of the wallet. Followed by. Significant improvements in physical appearance, women will have silken tresses like the shiny fur of Doberman. In Tunisia and Morroco, women consume this as a staple to keep their skin fair and free from unsightly splotches. If your skin is tonally patchy, you should eat this first thing in the morning. Hair and nails will be pink and not purple and dark. Lips will become cherry red naturally. Eyes will be sparkling clear automatically. No constipation or known digestive complications of any kind. Regulates body temp during very hot weather. Improves mental and spiritual well being. Prevents all forms of heat related mental problems like hallucinations and walking around in circles.

Consume no more than four dates a day. Cycle between dried figs and dates in olive oil. Keep vat away from sunlight. Pets also can consume.

Tea time @ 3.00 in the afternoon.

Whether he is pushing China and some other countries and even people to the edge is in my opinion quite straightforward to answer. There is no mystery there. The more important question is WHY. If you can get the motivation in the palm of your hands. Then not only can you predict what he is likely to do or not under a given set of conditions, but most critically, you can plan to met him under your own terms and not his. Because if it is the latter, it will be uphill as he has surprise on his side.

So to me the WHY is very important. As for whether he is or not, that is all within the circle of questions and answers within the why.

Sailing with Chet Baker

August 30, 2018

Its so hot in the nights….i only ever dream of sailing in the cool seas. In the dream, its always just around dawn or dusk. The sky is indigo and the sea before me an eriee purplish pulse. The prowl ploughs the sea crisply, it leaves an opalescent wake that resembles a white line of chalk on a black board. I feel cool by the sea breeze and from time to time I catch sight of a meteorite scaring across the inky blue of the skies. In this dream i am always chewing Qad. I reckon it must be the coast just off east Africa. Maybe off the coast of etiophia or Mozambique. I look starboard, but the light makes it impossible to confirm the paraffin blue of the seas. But i can feel the mistral as it curls around my body, its a clove scented wind pirates call Sintaramala, its mildly lashed with the scent of Qad leaves and if one gulps it down real fast. One can even get a buzz…a high. I try and fail. Try again and maybe its the trying that makes feel high….yes I am flying sailing in this dream boat with Chet Baker.

The Doormat

August 30, 2018

If you keep turning the other cheek and you never bother to learn how to take risk and hit back. Then those who take advantage of you will ALWAYS treat you like a doormat.

‘Today I stayed in. It was simply too bloody hot to work. Instead i made myself a creamy Morrocan mint leaf sweet tumeric chicken and curry chickpeas. I am playing with the idea of buying a Philips air fryer. I dont know how useful it is and the last thing I want to do is invest in stuff that doesnt give good kitchen mileage. i would greatly appreciate first hand POV’s from some of my readers who have experience. Pls write in comment section. I never ever publish them. TQ.’

None whatsoever. As you, I and everyone lives in fear…to some extent…it is ultimately a matter of degree. That is all. As for those who claim they do not live in fear. They are actually the most fearful that is why they have to indulge their insecurities by whistling in the dark. In truth to be fearful is very natural and even part and parcel of the human condition…we all fear not being able to make ends meet, letting down those who we love and cherish. Fear that we catch an incurable disease that will bankrupt us and leave us facing a slow lingering death. Fear that we will lose our jobs, youth and vigor. Fear that we have to spend the rest of life alone. Fear that no one loves us.

We fear, fear and fear. I fear, fear and fear. They fear, fear and fear…yet we are all happy to be part of this fearful thing called life.


‘Not very long ago. A man asked of me – you live all alone in the middle of the wild…your closest neighbor is a good fifteen minutes drive away…do you not fear?

I replied, ‘Of course I am afraid.’

The man was at first confused by my answer. He responded by grimacing his face into a question mark. Then very slowly he smiled mischeviously and suddenly as if seized by some rare epiphany, he exclaimed, ‘You’re using reverse psychology on me!’ And again I said to him, ‘I am afraid.’

He did not believe me.

My point is just because one is fearful doesnt mean that fear by itself has the power to disable. No! It is possible to be fearful and still function at 100%. Let me tell you something even stranger. Fear can even be a valued advisor. If you know how to listen to fear that is. That is because the mechanism of fearing has taken millions of years to evolve in the human species. If the capacity to fear was not crucial and pertinent to the whole equation of adding value to life, it would have been rendered obselete like the tails we used to have.

So understand this, fear is useful…it can be channeled towards a positive end.

Anyone who claims that it is a good idea to deny it, can be turned off by positive thinking is simply very dangerous.

When I use the term, fear. It simply means. To me at least. We are tuning inwards to listen to our inner being. Our inner being is continuously giving us hints; it is a still, small voice. It does not shout at you. And if you still yourself, you will start feeling your way around this voice. Never try to suppress your fear. You will just end up frustrated, exhausted and more confused.

Instead observe the sum of your fears quietly like a witness. Do not be clingy. Just let them go by and thru and away from you. From time to time like ghost they will appear and disapppear. That is OK….that is the nature of fear. Once you understand a thing from the inside out. Even a dangerous thing like a cobra or for that matter fear itself…it is easy to look at it with wisdom. By doing just this and this alone, one accepts responsibility of being oneself.’

To fashion the fronds into tent poles,stands or to even shape a spear….it is possible. It is not always necessary to look only for hardwood.

So this is proof it can be done.

Dogs belonging to the Doberman lineage generally only bark after one year six months to two years. But these six month old pups are barking non stop every night. The rest of the dogs have to dig a hole and bury their heads just to sleep. So I suspect these are not really Doberman pups, they are monkeys pretending to be dogs.

Q: There is not a day that goes by when the public is not informed of this or that scandal perpetrated by the previous BN government. Given what seems like the pandemic state of what is wrong with the apparatus of government. When do you see all this resolving itself?

A: Tell me what is there to be gained by speedily resolving the multitude of problems created by the last government? Isn’t it better to allow the whole sad story to unravel slowly. The slower the better I suspect. As this can only strenghten PH and especially Mahathir & Co.

Having said all that, there is definitely an expiry date to this strategy as at some point they would have to take ownership and assume responsibility for all the problems facing Malaysia instead of just dumping it on BN.

Q: Many people have been asking when will Anwar be the next PM of Malaysia? What is your take on this burning question?

A: Mahathir is very popular and he and his advisors know it. For the time being. No one can touch him. Not even Anwar Ibrahim. That accounts for why despite bersatu securing only 13 seats. Mahathir is able nominate key cabinet positions without even consulting the largest party in the coalition PKR. Another issue

On the balance of power Mahathir is able to use 42 seats of DAP to overwhelm the 49 seats of PKR.

But Anwar is no push over either. If for any reason Mahathir derogates from his promise and Anwar doesnt get to wear the PM hat. There is a real possibility of PKR forming an alliance with BN and possibly PAS which in total accounts for 147 seats and that can allow Anwar to form a government.

In summary what we have right now is something akin to a Mexican standoff with everyone pointing guns at everyone. And that is basically another way of saying – anything can happen. The situation is very fluid. Everything that we know or dont can change in one blink of the eye into something very different and unexpected. So hang on tight.

Q: Do you see a wild card in the mix given that BN is already a dead duck. Is there any factor that you consider to be relevant in undertaking calculations as to what will happen politically in Malaysia in the next five years.

A: BN may well be a dead duck. As you said. But you must understand UMNO is still very much alive. In the elections they garnered the highest number of votes of all individual and component parties. The reason why they couldnt swing the elections was because the rest of the component parties comprising of MIC, MCA and Gerakan failed big time. As for PAS, they failed to deliver. So it is not entirely true to say UMNO is deader than dead. Because what you have to understand is UMNO has been the creche of Malay politics and power for the last sixty years and in that period they have accumulated a largesse that is estimated to be in the billions. So this is a warchest that can be used by any aspiring politician. Instead of starting from zero. It is my considered opinion that it is a great omission to dismiss UMNO as a spent force. Because it has not only the financial muscle to prosecute on goals, but also the organizational framework in the form of an oligrachy and hegemony that makes command and control possible. So when we talk about who will win. Will it be either Anwar and Mahathir, it is silly not to factor in a juggernaut like UMNO. At some point UMNO will morph into the role of the kingmaker. If there is a wild card or joker, i think this is it simply because everyone seems content to dismiss UMNO as a has been. But their assesment is fatally incorrect.

War is inevitable!

August 27, 2018

Today someone asked of me, why is it wherever you go…there is war? I told this person. That is the best indication in the whole wide world that you are dedicating all your efforts to something very significant in this lifetime.

Because if it is going to be anything less than this – you are just someone who is like everyone else and no one even bothers to back stab, try to kill or character assasinate you…..the chances are you are just using up precious space, oxygen and opportunity cost to get by in life.

One day you will end up old, poor, fat and not long after that you will die.


‘Many ignorant people place a hand on their heart and say proudly.

I am against war.

Hello! I want to be clear. I am against war as well, but at the same time I accept reality as well.

These people are not only ignorant, but incredibly shallow and uninitiated in the art of deep reading. This is the only reason that can possibly explain why they don’t seem to know the truth.

WAR is why we as the human species are still alive! It is the only reason why our brain continues to grow bigger.

Mankind’s first invention is not plough, wheel or even the discovery of fire, it is a weapon fashioned from a big dinosaur femur to bang the head of another human…so that he can have more food, space or diversity in mating partners.

The reason war is inevitable in your, mine and probably most people’s lives is because resources are finite and in some cases even scarce. And since every human on this planet wants what he considers to be his ‘fair’ share in life…we all have to fight to get it!

Dont take it personally. I never take war personally. To me it is an occupational liability like having to accept that so long as the human species continues to travel by cars, trains, planes and ships…man will simply have to run the gauntlet of risking life and limb. Even should you decide to walk to minimize your risk…you may walk right into a sinkhole and die! Even if you say to yourself – i will sit in this room and not move! You may also die as well. As the ceiling fan may come down and chop off your head like a guillotine!

Once you realize war is as natural and normal to men like maternity is to women.

You will not longer fret…suddenly the affairs of the world will become very clear and transparent to you. Suddenly you will realize anyone who argues or insist that war isn’t inevitable and there can be such a thing as an enduring peace can only be unhinged from all notions of reality.

Man will always be destructive….he is just very clever at disguising this.’

Today a rival landowner visited me as I was worked alongside my farm hands. When he saw me, this chap boomed out. ‘I do not agree with you!’ I told him, ‘you have every right to your point of view…just as I do.’ He was quite surprised by the curtness of my reply. Sensing the finality of my indifference he asked as I walked away, ‘aren’t you going to try to change my mind.’

I just walked away and cont working.


‘This is something that you have to absolutely strive to understand in your twenties and early thirties. Because it is conceivable even your parents who love you dearly might not even be aware of its importance and how powerful it is in shaping you as a person. By your late thirties to mid forties you should strive to do it. I say ‘strive’ only because it will take you that long to actually do it….it is not easy. Many have tried. Many have failed.

The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others.

This is how you and me and everyone had been programmed. It is like wearing clothes when we go out in the world. Anyone who denies this reality is simply out of touch with who they really are…..just accept this reality.

What you must strive for is to be unafraid of the crowd….once you are no longer looking at the crowd for approval, validation and respect that is the moment when you become your own man and woman.

Before that. You belong to the crowd and the world…Yes you do. But once you understand the why you need to strive to be unafraid of the crowd and work towards freedom, that is when you can live under your own terms.

Many people do not know this that is why they suffer.’

I attended a bertunang luncheon of one of my harvesters today. Bertunang means the man and woman are officially betrothed and engaged and shortly thereafter this is followed by a proper marriage.

This is how I consume dried figs and olive. The formula is very simple – buy dried figs. Usually I buy it two or three weeks after Hari Raya that is when i can get it at a massive discount. At times 80%. That’s because dried figs are highly perishable in our hot humid weather.

Fill dried figs into a wide mouth big jar. Add virgin olive oil. That’s it.

Early in the morning I eat about four figs and gulp down two big table spoons of olive oil. Sometimes I mix it with bread and eggs or cereals.

I take it only once a day. During breakfast. That’s all you really need to stay healthy and cool in this heat.

I stopped smoking last December and since then I have been eating non stop. As a result I now look like a fat uncle. I am use this formulation primarily for weight management and to keep my tummy and gut in good health. This is especially important during the hot weather.

I hope to slim down soon.

How to eat figs and olives

August 25, 2018

This is my morning breakfast. I dont eat anything till around half twelve during noon.


‘I dont eat as much fruits or veggies as I should. So this is one way for me to supplement my fibre. Roughage is vital not only for our bowel health and function. It is also vital to nourish friendly gut bacteria.

Dietary fibre has been demonstrated to have a protective role against various diseases; from constipation to cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

I find this daily side dish also protects against heat related complications….it is very hot in the field these days and this seems to do a great job of relieving and making life than much bearable. This formulation is widely used by land and seafarers in the middle east and north africa.

I will show you all how to make a large batch of dried figs and olives.’