Curry fish

April 12, 2017

You literally have to be living in a cave not to know the latest fire storm concerning an Asian senior citizen who had his face rearranged during a US domestic flight on United Airways just because he didn’t want to give up his seat.

United Airways is now struggling to contain PR fallout. From what I have been able to make out the CEO seems to have gone into hiding in his cupboard.

Meanwhile the PR mushroom cloud gets bigger by the minute.

Yesterday, the top trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. was #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos, with users suggesting slogans such as “not enough seating, prepare for a beating.

United Continental (UAL) shares, which weathered the storm on Monday, dropped by about 4% on Tuesday wipping out nearly a billion dollars.

Meanwhile, the video of the old man being dragged out of the plane like an animal has gone viral in China and is attracting millions of fuming viewers. China just happens to be key growth market for United. Matilah.

I wonder might there have been a wiser way to handle this incident. Why not just give in a bit and show some compassion to take off the edge from the mounting public ire….seems incomprehensible to me people who are supposed to be so thoughtful and smart can actually come across as childish and even silly.

This simply will not fly.


‘Why did United Airways stop at $800? Now if you stop there and don’t go further to the authorised $1,350…then in my book, you have not exhausted all the options that would have allowed you to solve this matter amicably. Would the Vietnamese doctor have deplaned voluntarily had the incentive being structured beyond the $800 mark. You may say probably not…And again I say, we will never know as United didn’t explore that possibility for some inexplicable reason.

My point is contrary to what’s being reported, there was still plenty of room for improvisation to sweeten the deal further somewhere between the $800 to $1350 mark. To put it another way, United Airways did not see the need to exhaust all the options for soft power before considering the hard options.

They went for it mechanically. And the results were catastrophic. Now it’s like the Amos Yee thing – who actually wins? Think very carefully….what do sane and reasonable see? I am not asking you what psychopaths who can’t seem to let go of power see…I know what those crooks can only see. I am asking you for the moderate view….the perspective from the sweet point where people are gainful functional, reasonable and even fair. Well all they see is a kid being ostracised because he took a jibe at someone’s daddy who just happens to be some god like figure.

You want to put me in jail for saying that… more time now.

Here we go again…what do they see.

‘Well all they see is a kid being ostracised because he took a jibe at someone’s daddy who just happens to be some god like figure.’

You want to say Amos broke the law and there is a rule of law that applies without fear and favor….then again I will ask, what do they see? And again…

Well all they see is a kid being ostracised because he took a jibe at someone’s daddy who just happens to be some god like figure.

We could go on doing this all day….but I think you get my point and it’s simply this…there will always be ONLY a few key things that come thru from any story along with the imposition of social norms and conventions….of course one can certainly try to alter the final outcome with round after round of justifications….but at the end of the day. These key things will determine the overall retelling of that story.

Why that should be or whether it’s even logical is not really important. What’s important is ONLY those key things will stand out and if those are the constant it’s just incredibly stupid to say, we will do it our way and fuck the rest of whole wide world if they don’t understand us….think about it.

Is that reinforcing failure?

Come on man! Who after all gives two shits on a lazy Sunday about your navel gazing conception of the world? They don’t or more precisely they don’t have too because they’re really so many options out there and I think that’s why the application of soft or smart power is so jugular in our age. As a story that reads of a coldheartedness mindset that is so utterly devoid of compassion that is fixated solely on the profit motive and very little simply cannot fly these days….it’s like a fat elephant strapped with two jet engines….it just reads stupid.’

I felt the need to term this as original only because it’s as close to the real thing as one can possibly get. This is very important as Kung Pao chicken just happens to be one of those sechuan dishes that has been glossed over and embellished in so indescrible ways to come across as chop Suey with ketchup.

This is real and very nice…tried it at least a dozen times though I feel it could do with a teaspoon of Chili powder to add a bit of heat.

A year back ago. A consortium of housing Developers asked me whether I would be interested to join them in a project. The deal was structured where I can only take up a 49% equity in the enterprise.

I told them all from the word go….I am only willing to consider this deal on a serious basis IF I have an option to secure 51% equity….otherwise no matter how sweet the deal is. I don’t want to waste either their or my time by looking thru the excel spreadsheet.

At that point. One of them asked why do I have to be such a hard ass difficult Mother fucker all the time. To which I simply said to him and the rest….no one is putting a loaded revolver to any one’s head….those are my terms…they’re final….you have 24 hours to decide….this is not personal, it’s strictly business.

After that they all called me an arrogant son of a bitch and I never saw them again…..which isn’t such a bad deal actually when you consider a lousy deal is just as good as having a hole in your head.


‘Am I well liked? Well it depends who you ask really….some people like me so much they’re even prepared to fight alongside me for free. Others can’t stand me…infact they much rather I roll over and die. Hey, I am not kidding.

I am not going to lie to you.

That’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

But always remember the question that I have been presented with – is and will always be very different from that other question – do I like people to like me?

Sure I do. Infact I make it a cardinal point for people to like me so much that its not unusual for me to try my level best to give them a good deal. But that also means I like to get a good deal back in return from time to time as well….and if I don’t get a good deal, then I will demand for one.

Even if it means kicking up a fuss and slamming the table….I’ve done it many many times.

Now which part of that do you not seem to understand?

So coming back to your original question which in my opinion should be structured as follows – what are you prepared to do to be liked by others? Well the short answer is if I have to be a team player just to keep everyone happy and that means I don’t get rewarded for either my hard work or the quality of my brain juice…then fuck it lah! I’ll rather go my own way. Do my own thing.

Dowan lah!

I don’t for one moment believe that’s unreasonable or necessarily confrontational….I can very well understand if others choose to see it as such – not at all. Because should I be dumb enough to go along with just the ‘common good’ and I happen to know for a fact that I’ve been shortchanged for the amount and quality of work I’ve put in – then even if I get along with everyone else and they all think I am a jolly good fellow. I am going feel crummy and even resentful deep down….granted. I may not show it to others. But I know myself well enough to know how I would feel about it and that’s just not sustainable for me.

I will get mental problems and die or end up in IMH.

I guess what I am trying to say is when I or for that matter ‘you’ decide to make a serious no nonsense commitment to be your own man or woman – then no matter how you try to splice it or negotiate around that reality…there’s no running away from the fact at some point, you’re going to have to get very comfortable or pretend too with the whole idea of saying ‘NO’ to others and not feeling bad about it.

The paradox is ‘no’ means you’re actually saying ‘yes’ to the whole idea of how you want to progress under your preferred terms….so it’s not true to say just because one is disagreeable one is necessarily a recalcitrant or even belligerent – what sort of logic might that be? I mean if someone disagrees with you – why should it even be personal? After all should some decide to disagree with you….providing they’re forwarding reasoned arguments. They’re hardly disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing….all they’re doing is saying this will work…that will not work for me. The key word here is ‘me.’

So understand this! Because the last thing I want to do is lead you up the garden path only to discover a big nothing once you open the garden shed…there’s definitely an element of risk involved here when one decides to say, ‘no’ – it’s definitely not a something for nothing transaction….there are very real opportunity cost along with good will minus points.

But like I said, you can try your very best in life to get along with everyone else…..but at some point. You will discover that it comes right down to whether you’re comfortable with saying, ‘No.’

Only remember ‘no’ doesn’t always mean no….as it simply means you have elected to say yes to the way you want to live and be seen by others.

The only effective way to manage bullying intelligently is to surgically remove all the incentives, rewards and pay outs and to replace it with plenty of painful penalties …..once this is done the motivation to bully ceases completely.


‘When one is touchy. Then not only is it very easy for others to push your hot buttons…. because they are always reliably rewarded with a heightened reaction….that will only serve to fuel them to press more of your hot buttons.

This is the psychology of bullying….it’s predicated on the reward of a reaction.

Do not ask childish questions why people are evil! Or why do they single you out for bullying. They just are…..after all even should you get an answer to that question in what way can it serve you? It cannot! So don’t spend your time mulling over stupid questions like a cat chasing its own tail….you want to do that I will just stop here and we can talk about whether Pokemon Go can save people and planet while you melt away in self pity.

Alternatively, you follow my lead and simply factor it into the game plan of life as one of those….It is what it is…facts of life.

Back to the point! When one understands this dynamic between action and the expected reward in the context of bullying. Suddenly one can become mindful of the perils of being touchy or over reacting….and more importantly take steps to exercise self discipline and control over the mind so that it becomes the very opposite of touchy to even come across as resilient, durable and strong.

A resilient, durable and strong mind does not move! It is like a cast iron mountain…other things and people can move and even shake around it…as for the mountain it is always rock solid steady.

Cultivate this attitude…..train yourself…better still consider those who choose to pick on you as your instructors.

Then not only will there be absolutely no reaction when one’s hot buttons are pressed…but because nothing ever comes out…absolutely zero… not even when it should…not even when all others expect something….and all there is, is tomb like silence like dropping a stone in a bottomless dark pit.

That can only be a very scary mind game….not any game….but a dangerous game….they don’t even know whether they’re dealing with a serial killer!

As silence and not reacting is not merely silence and not reacting…it is a form that speaks of mastery over the self….discipline…skill of arms…being able to hold a tight line where all the shields are strainght like ramrod pikes….hence it is very loud, assertive and can only be the highest theoretical form of psychological warfare….so loud that often silence can even be deafening and frequently intimidating. This is especially amplified considerably when everyone expects a response and yet there is none.

By just electing to remain quiet, calm and disinterested…so quiet that you even come across as a person who seems hardly interested to justify your actions to others. Nor do you seem to particularly interested in whose right or wrong either….when you adopt this attitude….and this alone and nothing else….suddenly the balance of power will begin to shift in your favor.

It will take time….but if you follow religiously what I have to say…I can almost guarantee you 110% the balance of power will begin to shift slowly in your favour.

Those who choose to bully you will suddenly discover they are in no man’s land…trust me, it’s a very cold and dark place…there they will struggle in this mysterious shadowy underworld….where their own minds will turn against them like one of those creatures with teeth that eats them up from the inside out….soon they will realise things and people are seldom what they appear to be – they will not be able to comprehend why there is neither a reaction nor effect and this unknown quantity will eventually be a source of their constant torment and sorrow.

This is how the tables are turned around.

Keep cool….run deep and silent….be there and yet somewhere else at the same time. Above all cultivate a resilient, durable and strong persona.

Research and study this well as in this world there are plenty of evil people.’


April 10, 2017

The wild is a terribly harsh place….everything about it has sharp corners….everything gets broken down. Razors blunt after only one shave. Steel corrodes into dust. Light bulbs fog up. Clothes are always damp. Leather turns moldy after the rains. Food spoils within hours….everything get broken down in the wild.

Including man if he is not mindful.


‘For things to keep well in the wild…they need to be constantly nourished. Leather needs to be regularly buffed with mink oil. Steel could do with a swipe of oil. As for the soul…it too could be nourished with humanity.

Humanity can die very easily in the wild. It could just as well drop off and you wouldn’t even notice it. Only this time when it begins, I am acutely aware of these changes coursing through my entire being. Perhaps my newfound awareness has something to do with having being here so many times…that I’ve lost count.

The first thing that happens is razors tend to lose their edge faster. This is followed by a gradual perceptive shift in form, symmetry, color and texture –shapes and especially colors…colors acquire an uncanny precision. Reds aren’t just splashes of clumsy reds as they gradually acquire exacting mixtures of ochre and maroon patinas as for blue they are filled with nuances of hues of lapis, aquamarine and paraffin. And when it comes to smell – civet, ambergris, musk, and castoreum…I know I am slowly changing…..I am turning into a monster.

Just the other day I spotted a hog during one of my walks. I was suddenly seized by an inexplicable desire for flesh…not just any slab of steak, but the raw variety dripping with thick blood. I shadowed that hog for a good five or maybe six miles in the thicket. Slaved by what I can only describe as an unholy primal desire…. tasting it with my hungry eyes…watching it intently with a burning yearning…I could even sense it’s heart beat growing louder and louder as I walked alongside it…I could feel it’s life force pulsating thru my veins and transposing themselves on the swaying palms, the leaves and gravel as they all moved ever so slightly to some primal rhythmic drum beat…all the while getting louder and louder drowning all other sounds.

At one point when I could bear it no longer I buried my face into the hollow of a tree to silence the sound in my head…but it only grew louder in darkness. There at that moment – I could see the image of a blurred figure running like the wind towards the stunned hog followed by a flash of steel then a crimson splash of blood….I could feel the warmth of life even taste it as it ebbed slowly away…..

I realised then I must have dropped my water canteen.’

Multiple recent surveys suggest that about 60 percent of young Japanese men — in their 20s and early 30s — identify themselves as herbivores. Their Game of Thrones is a television show called Otomen, or Girly Guys. The lead character is a martial arts expert, the manliest guy in the whole school. But his secret passions include sewing, baking and crocheting clothes for his stuffed animals.

“I will hide my true nature,” he vows in the first episode, as he sews secretly, shuttered in his room. “At all times, I will be a man — a real man,” he says with an air of distant regret.

This should prompt us to ask – why do men give up on being men? It seems the rot begins when many of these men witness first hand how their own fathers work all day only end up quarrelling with mummy over money or either committing suicide as they can’t handle the shame of being a reliable provider. Those who don’t end up dead don’t seem to have much to show for their life time of hard work either except to watch helplessly as their pensions become valueless while everything around them seems to be beyond their means.

Many herbivore men don’t want to relive the tragic lives of their fathers….so they go their own way.

To excerbate matters the gender gap between the traditional roles of men and women are fast diminishing. Women these days are to all intends and purposes equal to men in every respect. Frequently they earn much more than men and since they’re always harping on about gender equality in the work place…they even manage to get preferential job quotas in the work place that displaces more working men……as a consequence men give up on trying to be men and a sort of role reversal occurs – where men begin to assume the shape and form of the traditional pseudo woman.

Result: the whole country and race becomes extinct.


Today a couple visited me and asked whether I could perhaps speak to their only son, who has not left his room for the last three years. It seems one day the boy just slept latter than usual and stay in the whole day and since then he has hardly left his room….except only in the dead of night when everyone is sound asleep.

A strange sort of ritual has taken hold of the entire household ever since the boy retreated into his room….at night…food is left on the table….along with necessities such as soap, toothpaste etc etc. And it seems all communication between parent and child is only by SMS.


‘If you really want to learn about where society, power, politics and culture is going….all you have to do is look at Japan.

Want to know how Singapore will look like in twenty years. Look at Japan now. Want to know how children will relate to their state, society and family. Ditto. Want to know where jobs are going and how the vast majority of humans will end up juggling work, life and play in the future…again look at Japan.

There is so much to be learnt from just observing Japanese society.’

Anger – Part 2

April 8, 2017

Many of my regular readers write to me to ask – how can I better manage my anger? Others will phrase it at such….how do I control my anger?

Usually I tell them very plainly. Anger cannot be managed. Nor can it be controlled.

To attempt to do any of these things is simply to repress one’s anger and resentment further and that will only mean the rage within you will burn with increased intensity….only for you to make a mess one day when you would probably explode like a hand grenade.

I once told a CEO of a Fortune 500 firm who asked me this one question…when he heard my reply. He was flabbergasted.

That was when I proceeded to explain….the first thing that one needs to understand is anger is a primal force….it is not alien to your being any more than having tits is very natural to the female gender….of course in life there might me a few airport cases. But anectodally, you get my drift.

Neither is the state of anger so removed from the human condition that it can be classified as a disease or character flaw – to deny its existence is as good as turning your back on sex or buying into the illusion that you can some how stay young forever…..

FIRST accept that anger is as much you! As you are it!

This agreement is not only important, ITS JUGULAR! As what it imposes on you is the understanding that it all comes from you and not from any external source.

It is something that nature has incorporated into your being….this does not mean one cannot get a hold on one’s anger….it just means anger is part and parcel of your elemental state.

Knowing this means you have come to terms with the reality that everyone has been trying so hard to runaway from – anger is an indelible aspect of the human condition….acceptance of this knowledge makes it much easier to get a handle on this primal force called anger. Instead of sweeping it under the carpet thru denial or repressing it in the way you will stop yourself from farting when you have to let go in crowded elevator.

When one seeks ONLY to understand the angry state of mind called anger – then the default position is when one is angry……one can only observe it impassively like a witness.

When anger comes step outside yourself….. do not judge it. Do not even regard it personally. Never ascribe it a name or a face either….simply bear witness to this in the way you look at another angry man…..feel yourself stepping out of your own skin as you observe yourself as another person……do not try to be part of it.

Just observe like a witness…..and when you do just this alone. You will find that you will begin to understand anger for what it is….you will see it….and you will not justify it. Rather you will take responsibility for this.

To understand is to know.

To not seek to understand is never to know what is anger.


‘It is not that I do not get angry. I can get angry like you, them or anyone else whose huffing and puffing or jumping up and down. But when I get angry. I always step right out of my own skin and observe myself…..and this other person who is observing the angry man is NOT angry.

He cannot possibly be angry. As he is simply a witness who seeks to understand this other angry man…..and it is this witness who will make the decision to step in and take control when that other man is angry.

So do you now see how stupid it is to say that you can control or manage your anger….how can an angry man do all these things? He cannot. That is why so many people find themselves in the anger trap and since they continue to nominate the angry man to be the manager of their angry state of mind….no wonder all they are really doing is setting themselves up for failure.

This is why anger needs to be FIRST understood. And that understanding can only come from a self created witness……that you have elected.

Yes! You have the power to nominate a witness who will step out of your own skin whenever anger takes hold of your life….everyone can do this.

There is no need to outsource this role to a so called higher being….to me that’s strictly optional. Besides if you’re foolish enough to do that, you may end up with financial problems that may cause you to get angrier….that’s because he’s always only after $ and very little else.

And since this witness who you have elected is egoless, he is not touchy…he can even let insults slide or look the other way. Why because his only function is to bear witness, to seek to understand this destructive force called anger.

The key to dismantling anything destructive first and foremost begins with understanding.’


April 8, 2017

Anger … is the mind killer…that is why whenever I come across an angry person I will tell him or her to go for a brisk walk, forget everything and return only to that which has caused him or her uncontrollable grief AFTER everything has cooled down … As anger is a malevolent force….it is good for nothing except maybe finding loads of trouble that you don’t need.

I understand some people may think anger has the potential to be a positive force that can be channeled into something interesting, passionate and even supply the fuel for drive and determination.

But these people are misled and if you follow them…they will lead you to hell.

I don’t think it’s any of that unless you happen to believe it’s a great idea to live next to a volcano or a nuclear reactor. Doing that just means there could well be a river of lava flowing thru your living room one day or waking up only to find that you have grown another head — it’s useless….anger that is…and even more useless is the idea that something so useless and dangerous can be harnessed intelligently to be productive …Anger is just a train barreling at full speed without a driver.


‘Every battle begins and ends in the realm of the mind. Whatever follows thereafter is simply a bi-product of what occurs in that domain.

This essentially is the sum total of the art of war…..if you walk into ANY kendo hall in the world. You will see this theme being repeated time and again. The master is facing off against five or maybe six opponents. They have sorrounded him by forming a tight circle like a noose. He is confronted in all possible directions….there is not enough of him to go around.

But despite the remarkable odds…the final outcome is the same. The master wins practically all the time.

To the untrained eye this appears to be merely the application of martial skills. But nothing can be further from the truth….as when one observes carefully. One is able to tease out how the master has been able to seek out those who are mentally weak in this group. Notice how the master irritates those who surround him….he is always seeking to find the weakest link in the chain. Once that weak point has been discovered. The master will proceed to use it as the skeleton key that will pry open the door to the defeat of the others.

All it takes to unravel the others is this ONE angry man……

It all begins by seeking out the angry mind – as that is mind that is weakest….as the angry mind is incapable of holding on to any form…it is the direct opposite of focussed and directed and purposeful energy and is in every sense a great diffusion of energy very much like a fool swinging an axe as his heads smokes in anger.

Such a man can be cut down very easily…without too much fuss.

This is a summary of war. War is not about the mindless application of force…that it is definitely not… is all about keeping the discipline of a calm and composed mind.

In business you would do well to be mindful of the category of men who I refer too as the shadow warrior – the shadow warrior is a very difficult man to scale accurately. As not only does he mask his intentions. But frequently what you see is often what he wants you to ONLY see….that is to say, the battle has already begun in earnest the very moment you touch base with him….he’s constantly scanning like a machine for weaknesses….opportunities….threats…if you are impatient, he will deploy time as a weapon….if you’re rash and impulsive, he will trap you into a commitment…if you’re cool, he will flush you out to see your hand….above all study and research his discipline.’

There is an outbreak of flies in the kampung. Some say it’s the biggest infestation of flies they have ever seen. The honey gatherers say it comes from the Southern coast of Thailand. Then the fishermen swear, it comes from across the straits in Sumatra, brought over by the capricious easterly winds. Then there are those who insist the flies are all natives.

Food vendors have begun to hang everything from dried chillies to their old socks to ward off these pesky critters. It’s very hard to eat in the open these days without swallowing a dozen or so flies. Even the kampung schools are holding round after round of fly catching competitions where kids are encouraged to devote all their free time to more inventive ways to trap flies.

The arrival of the flies signals that Mother Nature is finally coming to it’s own after a two year spell of crazy weather. This is all too easily lost to many….as it presages the advent of the first monsoon of the year.

Soon the red bill flowers will begin to bloom as the temperature begins to dip markedly in the night. The morning dew will sweep down from the distant blue mountains. Usually this is followed by the haunting hoot of the Burung Tukang (nightjar), known to all as the keeper of first monsoon….as their insomnia inducing hoots heralds the approach of the rainy season.

The rains will bring the frogs followed by the lizards and behind them the snakes along with the eagle, owl, monitor lizard, badger, squirrel, mongoose, monkey, cuckoo bird, king fisher, guppies, tadpoles, snails, earthworms, ants, spiders and finally the farmer.

Nature is finally healing herself….she’s shaking off the blues and coming around.

I must strike when the iron is hot!

The Hard Man

April 5, 2017

The world is content to only see a hard man and very little else…that is truly the way of the world….it can never ever see beyond to make out the once soft and gentle soul who was transform by hard conditions to fashion the hard man.

That I imagine is why the world will always be only a child….to all men who seem to appear only hard to those who are truly of this world.

Where r u heading?

April 5, 2017

Where each of us is headed…or will eventually end up will always be a very big picture resembling an incomprehensible abstraction. We can never seek oneness with that Super big picture – it’s like standing with your nose pressed to one of those murals that takes up a whole wall or side of a building. That at least is how I see the picture of where we are headed – it’s way too big a geography to even wrap my head around it…let alone break down into memorable minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

I guess what I am trying to say is where we end up is never as memorable as the journey….these are the little slices of experiences that all make up the significant moments that all adds up to make the destination meaningful.

My needs are incredibly small. I don’t ever need complicated and big things to make me happy….small things can just as well take me up to paradise.

Today is a sunny day. Not too hot. Just right with even a refreshing breeze blowing from the West…the birds are chirping and I even have a can of corn beef with some lettuce and a cold beer in the fridge waiting for me back in the safe house that’s very good to go for dinner… it’s a truly wonderful day.

Beef noodle recipe

April 5, 2017

The recipe is so-so. But what’s exceptional is how the Chef cures the beef by letting it stand in cold water and boiling it to remove scum to prepare a clean and tasty broth….that part is really quite exceptional.

Beef at times depending on source and season tends to come across as gamey. Now if you want to cut the animalistic smell add in some sliced ginger or tamarind paste during the first boil. Or when it’s standing in cold water to drain out the blood.

Pay very close attention to the parts and sections that is cooked. Beef depending on which part is cooked tends to behave very differently. Not all beef parts will soften when cooked for long periods. Some sections such as the tigh and hind will be unwieldy and difficult like leather.

I also feel the broth is missing briskets and bones for added flavour. May be a good idea to combine chicken stock to provide the body of the beef soup as well.

The Choice

April 4, 2017

The only way to manage yourself when dealing with toxic people is to run away. Avoiding them alone is not good enough….the absolute gold standard is to run as fast away from them as you can possibly humanly manage. So fast that should you run thru a wooden bill board, it will even have an outline of you in the act of running….you have to be that fast.

Poof! You’re gone!

If you don’t take my advice seriously and believe that you can handle toxic people. Then you are likely to end up very dead as even being proximate to them is just as good as breathing in nerve gas or being splashed with VX agent. That should not surprise you as all….as that is why toxic people are toxic as they will always be hazardous to your well being.


‘Every living being radiates energy. If you spend as much time as I do with animals. You will discover much to your surprise that this is how they regularly distinguish between friend and foe. Since animals are incredibly sensitive to energy fields – they can intuit very accurately and reliably whether they should stand their ground and fight or run to the hills or perhaps just let their guard down…

Ninety nine out of a hundred times…they’re spot on!

The same goes the direct opposite of modern city man…the tribesman. He too is a soul that is seamlessly aligned with the energy field of nature. The greatest force that has and will probably exist in this planet. And it is this power that gives the tribesman the power of invisibility in the wild. Without this power it is impossible to for them to survive the harsh conditions of the tropical jungle. By harnessing this power the can sense opportunity and danger and this allows to make good decisions.

Souls that are aligned with the meridians of nature’s wavelength all can perceive beyond just the limits of the five known senses.

This is the reason why long before an earthquake or tsunami hits – animals will go beserk only to be flee frantically before the shit hits the fan.

They know….how they know is not important…what’s important for this sharing is they know.

While the vast of majority of humans are literally clueless of the impending disaster that is just about to descend on them.

When we make a genuine effort to still our modern cluttered minds and begin to sensitize ourselves to the various wavelengths of nature – we will slowly begin to perceive the world with the all seeing eye that nature has provisioned for us.

Every man and woman is born with this Super power….in this world there are just two varieties of people. Those who rubbish it and say this is all mumbo jumbo and those who know of it and regularly harness it to get ahead and don’t want the rest to know about its existence.

That’s how it is when it comes to good things – no one will ever tell you…as they want to keep it all to themselves.

When we become conscious of our own energy fields along with how it may affect others around us. We can even sense the energy of others. It doesn’t matter how well they camoflage their motives….with this power, it’s like X-ray. You can sense their intentions in the completeness of three dimension and be forewarned about dangers along with opportunities. When this power is highly developed. We even have the power to neutralise negative energy by activating our own force field to protect us from harm. Or to give others around us who we care and love dearly white energy to help to ward off negative energy that will affect their mental, spiritual and physical well being.

This is very hard to explain without coming across as a Super duper idiot. So I will have to stop here….I will write more about this subject. But since it has the capacity to scare many….I shall only limit each sharing to very small and digestible bites.

Next time when you come across a person, hear the sound of his or her voice or simply interact socially with them – make an effort to engage them with your all seeing senses that nature has provisioned for you….trust me…’s all there. All you need to do is learn to figure out how to flip the switch to power it to life.

As you begin to perceive more the world thru this life lens you will find that you will get better at it. The results will not only be accurate and true, but in many cases you will have absolutely no idea how it even works – do not bother too much about HOW it might all work. What’s important is that it works and you are beginning to trust your instincts.’

Keeping people stupid

April 3, 2017

The vast majority of humans in this age will end up living and dying and yet they will be no closer to the truth. That is because no one owes them the truth. Another reason is because the truth has never ever been easy to get at – that is why for centuries thinkers have always been feared by all establishments. As since only this group of individuals question and more importantly think, they can only be perceived as troublemakers by the custodians of power who will do anything to hold on to their monopoly of power.

Once this truth is known – then you would have absolutely no problem whatsoever in understanding why no one owes you the truth…..least of all those who keep harping on that their version of the truth is the truest. In reality for the truth to remain truthful so that most people can consume it like cattle – the ‘truth’ will always need to massaged by the necessary additives of sugar coated lies by the apparatus of mass assimilation to always appear wholesome, good and the only way to gainfully make one happy and successful.

All other versions of the truth except this one version of the truth that has absolutely nothing to do with the truth will and must be destroyed in the name of the common good.


‘When people are kept stupid. They behave exactly like cows in a stupor. They go about their daily lives with roughly the same processing power as tying one’s shoelaces. Just like one of those dumb animals walking round and round turning a mill stone all day. When the sun goes down. They amble back to their pens and tomorrow it all starts again.

Regrettably this is the state of mind that most people find themselves in – and should you ask me why this sad condition continues to persist, it is simply because it serves the imperative of those who are in power to perpetuate stupidity rather than to empower the individual to be freely emancipated with the power to think.

The thinker I imagine will always be somewhat disruptive to the status quo. As since he is accustomed to asking inconvenient questions, ‘why is it like this and not like that?’ He is hardly the sort of man who will just take and run with anything that offcialdom throws out. Since he will always question, compare and contrast from what is so often forwarded as the ‘truth.’

Such a person can only be perceived as dangerous.

That is why if you happen to be able to think and even enjoy it. My advise to you is to pretend to be as stupid like the vast majority of humans…do not be too opinionated, allow everyone to even believe that you are enamoured by the next season of game of thrones and if possible talk only about the wisdom of Pokemon Go. Talk often about the latest smart phones and avoid all heavy subjects even if you are encourage to do so….as that may well be a trap to flush you out. Should anyone ask you what is your opinion concerning X,Y or Z just reply with a blank expression whether they’re interested to share a grab car – this way you will always be well received in this world.

As the very moment you behave otherwise then it is not so different from a sane man living in a house filled with mad people….they will all gang up and kill you as you are so different from them.

You better wake up and pretend to be just another mad man! This is what I have been doing all my life.’

Being Grounded

April 3, 2017

Today a heavy desk was put beneath the cool of the shade under a sprawling tree where I sat.

It’s pay day.

When the first group of harvesters came before me. They noticed their pay had been cut. When one of them asked what is the meaning of this. I reminded them that when the price of oil palm was high. They demanded extra pay. I told them then if you want that arrangement then should the price go down….you would all have to bear the brunt of having your salaries cut. They all agreed. Now I held out a piece of paper with all their signatures. They all bowed their heads.

Nothing further was said thereafter.

The second group received the same pay with no forfeitures. When one of them asked nervously, will you cut our salaries if the price falls further. I said ‘no’. In the event the price bottoms out to even zero. You have my word. I will bear the losses and I give you all my world, your salaries will not be cut.

Nothing further was said thereafter.

After that the big table was carried back to the house by four stout men.


‘The third-rate mind is perpetually fixated on money. To this lower life form money will always be the alpha and omega. As soon as the inferior mind comes to a bit of money – it will all go to his head faster than 40% proof alcohol and soon he would be swept away like a flotsam by the momentary exuberance of the moment only to squander it all on a life of dissipation. Only to end up where he once started from returning back to the land of zero….this will always be the mentality of the majority.

As the majority do not have full mastery of over the affairs of their minds. How can they when so much of their being is really just the sum total of everything cobbled together from TV to make belief universe that bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality.

The second-rate mind is slightly better than the third rate only because this variety of sub human is cunning and is able to use his principal gains to seek out more money. But since the second rate mind regards money as a form of power and it is used primarily to alleviate his terminal discontentment from feelings of inferiority to fulfilling his deep yearnings and inner desires – such a man has made the fatal mistake of regarding money as a God. A false deity. Soon as he falls into the ritual of worshipping this bloody thirsty God called money along with all their God like kins man such as greed, lust for power, yearning to be popular and accepted by all – such a man can only himself encrusted in the trappings of power ranging from living a life beyond his means to constantly living under the crushing pressure of having to appear more successful than he is even if he can hardly afford to keep up appearances. Give such a man more rope he will even fall victim to his over inflated ego and shortly thereafter he too like the third rate mind will end up in the gutter.

The first class mind is very clear what money is and what it is not along with how it relates to his existence on this planet. Since money has no dominion over this variety of man – you will rarely ever find him indulging in trivial pursuits such as leading the life of the rich and famous or for that matter keeping up with the Jones.

Since the first class mind is a superior man – what others may think about him will always be a matter of profound indifference to this man. The only thing that matters to such a mind is the conception of his reality. And since that reality is none other than a bi product of constant study. Usually experience informs me such a man is very accustomed to living a quiet existence where he is far removed from all the noise of the world. He lives a very simple life with very few wants and desires and can very easily be mistaken for a beggar. Such a soul is above money and as such money will always his be slave and never his king.

Beware of such men as since they appear deceptively simple on the surface. They can very easily be regarded as benign.

Look deeper and you will see that dark waters run very deep and very silent.’

A few back ago. A sad woman from the village walked up the hill and asked whether I could perhaps reason with her husband. Apparently the man has taken off with a younger woman.

I told the sad woman. It is pointless for me to try to reason with her foolish husband. It is quite clear to he has fallen out of love as he feels the woman he has married is no longer young and beautiful any longer.

The woman was in great despair when she heard the finality of my reply. I told her, you should be happy that your husband is leaving….as if he stays on all that he would do is cause her endless grief.

Before she left the woman asked, what am I supposed to do….everyone in the village will look down on me…I no longer have any pride…I told her just dedicate all of yourself to live your life as if he matters very little….the woman pleaded with me and asked in a strained voice, ‘how can I carry on?’

That was when I drew the sad woman’s attention to a tree that was recently struck by lightning nearby. I told her, ‘look! Can you see that all her leafs are brown….that is because there is more of death in her than life as she has been fingered out by providence by go thru strife. Look at the other healthy trees around her, look how proud they stand beside this pathetic tree – but even if there is only 1% of life somewhere in that mass of nature’s wreckage – she will claw herself back.

This is natures way…she is very stubborn and tenacious and there is no stopping her!

Do you see her wasting her time wondering how sad and defeated she looks when she stands along side the other healthy trees. No! She is not bothered about tomorrow or whether she will even be able to regain back her previous form – she is just busy reclaiming what she has lost. Look at the green shoots – do you see them, she is still hopeful and fighting to come back…..and as certainly as this tree will one day heal herself and be as beautiful and proud as the rest.

You too will heal, recover and find resolution in your lost and love will come back in another form.

Recently, I received I marriage invitation. The woman who was once so sad is now planning to wed a man who turns the wheel of life as a tractor driver.


‘I am a bit slow. There you go….I am a bit thick even. Maybe at least two or three planks thick. That’s to say if it takes you only ten minutes to connect the dots. It would probably take me a whole day and a bit more and even then, I might even get it all wrong and have to start all over again.

I don’t have any hang up’s about admitting this aspect of my character to most people who come my way.

After all it’s the truth.

No one believes me of course….they just think this guy suffers from an incorrigible bent for self deprecating jokes.

But maybe I am not too bothered about putting myself down only because I happen to know first hand raw intelligence is overrated and perhaps not what it’s so often marketed to be.

As the moment one believes, one’s smarter than everyone else – that’s when they usually get complacent only to end up with pie on their face.

I never ever suffer from that syndrome – that’s why I put a lot of time and effort in preparing.

The ability to discipline oneself to be consistent all the time is the single most important determinant for success. In this respect, I don’t believe anyone can ever come close to me….as I am very very consistent.

Once I set my mind to move let’s say a mountain – it’s as good as done. Day in and day out, I will be shovelling, pushing the wheel barrow from morning till sun down and there’s really no stopping me. I don’t care whether it’s raining cats or dogs or even great balls of fire..providing I have enough canned sardines…I will just hack at it. I don’t even care if the whole world tells me that I am crazy….it just goes right on like one of those nightmarish soviet tanks that keeps coming no matter what you throw at it.

I can keep at things even when all others have thrown in the towel and raised their hands in despair and walked away….this I can do very very well. I can even consistently keep myself happy, positive and hopeful when all others seem to be only afflicted with the malaise of doom and gloom….providing I have an endless supply of canned sardines.

I guess when one has the extraordinary power to be that consistent in regards to the things that one is determined to see right to its logical end….intelligence hardly ever matters at all….it’s strictly optional as it’s probably overrated.

As to be consistent is a form of intelligence. Study and research this well. I know that many of you in the mining sector are experiencing great challenges….but keep at it…be consistent.’

Always buy only boots constructed out of aniline leather. Usually these variety are boots are slightly more expensive, but in the long run they do manage to deliver more bang for the buck – as since aniline or real leather responds well to nourishing techniques ONLY these types of boots can be broken in using the right and correct way.

Boots constructed out of synthetic leather or a combination of leather uppers and textile materials general cannot be broken in using leather nourishment techniques. They’re good for casual city wear but to get any serious mileage out of them in the jungle will always be hazardous and may even result in death or serious injury.

Usually I pour a whole cup of coconut oil into a brand new stiff boot and swirl it around so that it gets to all the areas – I pay special attention to the crunch zones such as the shank, vamp and ankle supports. A whole cup may seem like a lot, but you will be surprised how much oil parched leather can actually soak up.

I realise there are many recommended techniques out there in the internet that suggest filling a plastic bag with water and putting your boot in the freezer so that when the water freezes it will expand and force the leather to expand. Along with using strong chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol to help the leather to shape up. Or hammering it and using force or a shoe stretcher.

In my opinion all these lazy boy techniques will only end up destroying your boot and turning them shapeless and possibly creating a boot that will eventually kill you slowly – as all these short cuts don’t bother with what’s most needful when it comes to rendering stiff leather pliable and soft – nourishing the leather at a cellular level and all they’re doing is forcing the leather to either expand or stretch beyond its natural limits. Do that and you will shorten the working life of your boot considerably and render it useless as it’s the wrong shape.

Leather is essentially skin and by using oils to nourish the leather from within, it’s like lathering your hands with soap and criss crossing your fingers. Since they are slippery now, they can slide effortlessly over each other. Leather fibers are no different. By impregnating leather at a cellular level all that one is really doing is facilitating the fibers to roll over each other smoothly without stressing them to breaking point.

The boot should be turned up side down to allow the leather to permeate from the inside to the surface. Don’t be bothered if you notice your boot losing its aesthetics especially with brown leather boots that can appear black after this treatment – that’s only temporary.

What’s important is to pay very close attention to the crunch zones as these are the action segments of the boot that you want to suitably nourish before you begin to stretch them out.

Usually I leave my boots to stand for a full week turning them in different directions to allow gravity to work the oils into the leather.

At the end of the week. You may notice very ugly dark patches on your boot – again don’t be alarmed, that’s just the leathers way of distributing the oils to areas that needs it most. You may even find that in some areas the boot seems to be sweating excess oils. Again no worries that just means the leather in those zones are saturated. Just wipe the excess off.

If you don’t see these signs – then continue to add more oil to the inside of the boot to continue to nourish the leather. Remember always work from the inside out. Never try to nourish the leather from the outside, it just sticks to the surface….waste of time and energy and oil.

At the end of the week put on a pair of thick socks. Lace the boot tight and just go about your business. For me when it comes to work boots – I like to start a full half size smaller and stretch them out for the final fit. I find this method is very effective in moulding the leather to the shape of my foot.

Since all high quality leather boots can stretch out easily to at least a full half size quite easily. I usually get mine tighter than most people. I never ever buy my boots online. Even if it’s more expensive, I will make it a point to my always try them on for fit in brick and mortar shops as this is usually the most critical stage simply because IF the fit is wrong…then it’s no good.

After a period of regular use you will find that your boot will begin to acquire the shape and contours of your feet…some parts of the boot will stick out. Others will contract. By this stage the boot will be very comfortable and that is when you need to set or fix the final shape so that it doesn’t continue to expand and stretch out further. Otherwise you will end up with a very loose boot that feels as if you’re walking on tofu.

To set or fix the final shape of the boots – fill a bucket with boiling hot water. Add five to six table spoons of salt. Stir well and immerse both boots into brine solution for half a day and more. Doing so forces the excess oil to migrate out of the boot thru a process of reverse osmosis and this reduction in oil content in the leather has a fixative effect that sets the final shape of the boot for good….the boot will not expand or stretch out further after this treatment.

Let it soak in plain water for another half day with regular changes of water . Allow the boots to dry out in the shade for at least a full week. I usually use a fan.

Brush off the salt crystals deposits with a hard bristle brush. Followed by liberal application of either dubbin or mink oil. Rub it aggressively from the outside of the boot in circular motions to create a waterproof seal. Pay special attention to the welt stitching that runs along the sides of the boots. Use an old toothbrush to work it all in. Never use shoe wax on boots such as Kiwi. As they do absolutely nothing to nourish the leather and just gives the shoe a shiny cosmetic sheen…it’s useless in fieldcraft.

Take care of your boots. Just a few rules. Never wear the same boot twice in a row. Alternate them regularly. Remember leather is just skin, they need to air and ventilate to keep their shape. Never wear a wet boot. If it’s wet. Fan dry it.

Respect your kit and it will keep you free from injuries and back pain. That’s especially jugular for some of you who are preparing to serve your country as NS men.