NLB + Blogs = History?

January 7, 2008

The Czech novelist Milan Kundera once wrote that

“the struggle of all humanity against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting”.

The powerful not only stay in power, Yes, they regulary write history – you can even say, this is the only kind of history there really is.

Whilst those who seek to preserve ‘history’ may choose to tell you otherwise – even they cannot deny, the ebb and flow of how someone who makes the news today quickly becomes yesterday’s forgotten hero, nothing more than a footnote in a history book. 

By now all of you have heard that the NLB has decided to include blogs in it’s historical archives – what do I think about it?

As the adage goes, it’s hardly news, but how important really is history? Why should it even be worthy of perservation? 

The short answer is it’s as important as how much of it fritters away – history doesn’t rot, as much as it gets rewritten – what’s often elided by even modern day historians is how the past is always used as a means to make sense of today – rehashing and re-packaging reality to remain relevant is really the only reason why some one goes through the whole business of perserving history. That’s to say, it’s often re-constituted like potato crisp to make it more palatable for mass consumption. After all didn’t you know the truth is really the truth as much as it remains a version of the truth? What if politicians and corporate honcho’s bare their souls and tell us all they really have as much control over the economy as a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo? Where would we be? How would this revelation sit alongside our notions of power and politics? Truth remains, if we really take a long look around these days, everyone is into the business of rehashing history – novelist are the worst, often passing off the old as new. Musicians are just contrite, continually lending their own swagger to old scripts and historians are shambolic. Since they keep telling us, “actually this wasn’t what really happened!” while furiously cutting and pasting huge chunks of events which they regularly pass off as humanity’s on going disquisitions. Though of course, they’re always polite enough to insist they are merely – “rediscovering” instead of “rewriting history.”

How justifiable is this form of tweaking? Does it really add any value to our understanding of the truth? Or is it just plain self-serving white washing?

Well that’s something we are going to leave to you: despite all the panic about the truth being white washed, it’s missing a vital ingredient: a genuinely alarmed public. The vast majority of us have already taken to the idea of rewriting history like fish to water – believe it or not! – in more ways that I can possibly recount -thereby acquiescing in part to this would-be-conspiracy, real or imagined. Granted, it may all be occurring at a subconscious level, but have no doubts: It already happening in earnest even as we speak! Our history is being re-written right before us!

While I don’t doubt, from time to time the notion of some political, corporate and religious leader attempting to rewrite history does genuinely cause some of us to jump up and down no end. For example: when the Japanese historical institute keeps insisting the term, “military campaign” is synonymous with “invasion” to describe Japan’s WW II history in China.

In the vast majority of cases most Singaporeans care about history only mainly in the abstract. Sometimes and only very occasionally, a well-informed community unites to voice its concerns and displeasure on topical issues like the ministerial pay rise and the UNSW Asia debacle. But by and large, even as politicians and corporate figures continue to cover a blemish or two by re-writing history: vis-à-vis: layering the truth by glossing over the so the account, most of us remain happily bovine and indifferent.

The danger is: if we remain bovine to the corrosive effects of word and statement ‘creep.’ Eventually, our grasp of reality and meaning will simply leach away. Essentially, this is one way how history typically gets re-written most of the time.

While I remind myself, I am not yet a cynic, I really should be. Only because real dangers exist when history is continually re-written without either the possessors or those who are trying to make sense of modern sound bites today.

History is indeed fragile – what will cyber archeologist discover when they sieve through the Singapore internet in the distant future?

Will they successfully unearth the Mr Brown saga – Shin Corp and UNSW Asia fiasco -Wee Shu Min incident intact? Along with countless other miles stones that has shaped the contours of the Singapore narrative? I don’t doubt for one moment, those archeologist will do roughly the same as those before them – piecing together, forming and shaping their impression of the known truth in the early half of the 21st century. Only as they winnow through much of the electronic dust which we presently term internet chatter in virtual excavation sites like either the Intelligent Singaporean or Aaron Ng’s blog.

What will they glimpse from our long-dead civilization? What voices and libations will they discover? And what will be scooped out of the gunk Singapore internet’s enduring eloquence? Perhaps the truth or maybe only baby mutterings, either case, one thing will remain certain – there will be more than one version of history….what did you expect?….Did you really believe we would allow you to pick and choose which parts you consider deserving, while we just watch on?

You have to be joking.

 [A Brief History Lesson: Two hundred years ago, during the battle of Aboukir. When Napoleon’s troops were strengthening the foundation in Fort Julian on the West Bank of the Nile, French soldiers unearth part of a large stela, incised with writing in three different scripts. The stone is a fragment of an ancient slab proclaiming the “Memphis Decree” issued by Ptolemy in 196 BC. One of the scripts was Greek, and it stated in its concluding paragraph that all three texts carried the same message. Since the other two scripts were hieroglyphic and cursive demotic respectively, it was evident that this was a discovery of great importance; a key had been found to the history of ancient Egypt, till then hieroglyphic had remain indecipherable – the Rosetta stone had been discovered!> In the year 20482 (strangelands aka brotherhood time) during the Reign of Padishah (earth time: 2003) – a series of automated capsules christened as the “Rosetta’s” – was successfully launched by the brotherhood into the infinity of cyber space. In the sealed sarcophagus, the entire repository of the brotherhood press is stored in 49 languages and formatted in 62 versions. On the aft section of each Tritium powered capsule is a replica plaque similar to the version mounted on Voyager 1 blasted into deep space by mankind on September 5, 1977. To date, 2 such repository robots or “library drones” as they are often called, have been successfully launched into cyber space – the first of the “Rosetta” modules serial no: 00001 ERT is scheduled to return home to earth and re-enter the Singaporean cyberspace in 2999 AD (earth time). It has been pre-programmed to broadcast in 59 known languages “we come in peace” followed by 30 variants of binary codex / machine language – “We shall never forget.” – The Book of Ages, The Chronicler]

“Why is history important…simple. If you do not even bother to read up on your own history. Don’t be surprise, if someone just comes along and tells you where it all begins and ends – a few things will happen. One you will end up shoving a stick of dynamite into your ass and blow yourself  up in the name of Mickey Mouse. Or worse give 10% of your hard earned salary to some crooked pastor instead of giving it your moma and papa to buy economy beehon bc you were so [delete] dumber than dumb to believe Jesus actually told your pastor to impersonate Donald Trump….by buiding a shopping mall…..Understand this! History is fragile, if you do not believe me, go and type “the brotherhood  press” in certain blogs and try to post it, you will NOT be able to do it! Cannot, means cannot! Don’t say I am paranoid, don’t say that I am a trouble maker, go and try this simple experiment in Mr Brown, BL or some site run by those kampong heroes and then come back here and tell me, I am wrong…. go do it!….. and I will gladly eat your shoe and mine. Now you know why we need to write our history ourselves. Now you know why we need to regularly launch those expensive sleeper ships at a cost of 130,000 Imperiums a piece…but what astounds me even more is, there are still some mother [deleted] here, who cannot even understand this basic fact! They really believe if they dont bother to write their history, some one, some where will do it for them….dream on lah….go and die lah!”

Darkness / Great Hall Debate 2007

(A longer version of this article is published in the Intelligent Singaporean / written by Scholar boy & Harphoon – Socio / Political – EP 992002- The Brotherhood Press 2007) 

Check Out, all the articles in the Brotherhood Press and More!

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28 Responses to “NLB + Blogs = History?”

  1. dotseng said

    Do I dispute that there are some misguided people out there in blog world, who are out to ignore the brotherhood? Yes and No. Yes because there are still people who keep claiming the BP are spammers and trolls, but that sort of pov doesnt cut any ice with most people. No, as I feel the brotherhood press has done very little to reach out to the reading public. Dont get me wrong. However, I feel alot of the bad will has been self inflicted by precisely the same belief why they expect to be discriminated and snuffed out.

    In a sense this the strength of the BP, but it also it’s biggest ball and chain that it has to deal with sooner or later.



  2. shoestring said

    Bravo. The BP has so far been the only ones I’ve come across to see through the NLB move as more than just an ego booster for bloggers.

    So, has “registration” begun?

  3. Chronicler said


    “However, I feel alot of the bad will has been self inflicted by precisely the same belief why they expect to be discriminated and snuffed out.”

    There is no “bad will,” Darkness once asked a simple question, that question and every single comment was removed – go and check it up with the ppl from Singapore Angle, as for BL no need to waste time with him.

    No reason was ever given, no answer to his (darkness) question was forth coming. Why?

    Pls go and have a look, you speak as if you do not know the case.

    It is important that you understand why we have taken such a strong position then, now and probably for the foreseeable future.

    If you cannot see the reason then kindly let us know, we seriously need to re-evaluate our current standing in “JUST STUFF.”

    Yours Respectfully

    The Chronicler

  4. passerby said

    In a matter of minutes not hours or days even, they can come up with this write up – that is really scary man.

  5. passerby said

    I believe there may be a mistake / “00001 ERT is scheduled to return home to earth and re-enter the Singaporean cyberspace in 2999 AD (earth time).”

    As I recall 2999 AD is not earth time but rather Primus Time in reverse / the first sleeper ships will return back on January 16th 2010.

    I believe Darkness got the idea from this:

    I just thought a correction was in order.

  6. passerby said

    Just to fill in the historical blanks. I believe the Rosetta project as it was once called began during the Pillium Wars, when the brotherhood fought one of the largest virtual wars – so to preserve their data, they actually fashioned these virtual vessels that was like a sort of Noah’s ark. The whole idea was the vessel would float around randomly in cyberspace till the battle was decided. Bc it used a basic parasite alogirthm, it was virtually undetectable, very low electronic signature. To cut a long story short, the sleeper vessels were supposed to be like guard dogs, so, if you send out a pinger, it would yelp out a “I am here,” message. The problem was the designers screwed up. I believe it was Atomic Monkey and some of the guild people who must have programmed it incorrectly. So when they sent out the pinger, nothing. To avoid getting into hot soup with the council, as the sleeper ships are pretty expensive stuff. They talked darkness to fashion some mumbo jumbo that their history was really important so by one stroke of genius, Darkness made a meal of it and re-designated it the great library ship and told everyone that was his original plan, but it was deemed so important it had to be top secret etc. Of course everyone believed him, bc no one ever thought it was possible to make a such a simple programming mistake, this is a sort of error you dont ever make, its like designing a car and forgetting the ignition key – it didnt occur to anyone that anyone could have possibly be responsible for such an oversight. Now bc the program is so simple, it has a defect, it cannot recognize 0. It knows what is 1,2,3,4 etc, but when it sees 0, it thinks its the end of the world or something. So in 2010 when the last digit turns to 0 – the whole program reboots and everything resets. The sleeper ship makes it’s way back to its start point again – if you have no idea of programming code, it looks pretty impressive bc it will just magically return.

    FYI I think its important to make this snippet clear, it was never meant to originally to be a library vessel. I have the whole entire thread of the conversation saved in my hard disk.

  7. Darkness said


    Find out whether we are on the NLB list of historical blogs, if not, I want you to enable ‘SARAL.’

    Obey this!


  8. Vollaraine said

    You will disregard that command chronicler. “SARAL” can only be enabled if we ALL agree. Give the matter time, it is early days Darkness. Besides we expect nothing, no one takes this NLB thing seriously except perhaps a few derelict academics. This review is like BL’s review it is insignificant to us, meaningless even, no one even takes it seriously. They are at least 5 years behind the curve.

    We have our own history and they have theirs – that is enough to go around 10 times over – I do not see this as a development that is even worth discussing abt – when they are really serious abt history, then we will project, now is not the time.

  9. Vollaraine said

    I do not believe this development by NLB is a coincidental – it comes to close in the wake of what AIMS is trying to accomplish.

    I see plans within plans – we need to take a closer look at these developments.

    They could be moving in tandem. It may be an attempt to lend credence to the whole proposition, there is such a thing as an internet expert or some bloggers are more bona fide than others – or it may even be a plan to divide and rule or to co-opt those who are amenable to their thinking to their side – whatever, the case, things are never so simple.

    From this recent development there is definitely an attempt to benchmark, so we must find out exactly what criteria they are using and how they are proceeding abt the task, be prepared to demolish this as a matter of strategic priority – we must be able to pin it down and cut off its head surgically, but to do this we need information – of course, we all know there is no such thing as a media or internet expert, such a vocation is completely spurious and a fortune teller or fire eater may just as well fit the bill. So I have absolutely no idea what they are on abt when they go on as they do no end abt subject matter experts – I do not see any experts. All I see is a whole lot of ppl who are gainfully employed because they have managed to successfully capitalize on a convenient tag – again gentlemen, this argument is facile as it remains wholly unconvincing. So there must be something else that accompanies these movements. Yes?

    The serious men amongst us will not even give this matter one minute. They will throw it out of the window even before the ink is dry.

    So there must be a deeper understanding here gentlemen. Things are hardly what they appear to be. You of all people darkness should be the first to sense this. We need to study these developments – I see lines within lines. The guild should set up a com asap and staff it with our best minds to model ALL the possible scenario’s.

    This way when it comes, we will be 100% prepared gentlemen.

    For the time being, let us watch the shadow play from the dark, when it is time, we will make our appearance. Now we must hold the line.

  10. Cerebus said

    Vollariane is right. We need to study these development closely. My feel is all this preoccupation with benchmarking is only because there is currently no definition as to what constitutes a blog, this is still very much a grey area that needs substantive clarification. However, we can more or less draw the logical conclusion, this is must form one of the precursors to effect change. After all if you do not have a definition, then how can you even be in a position to justify change?

    So I agree with Vol, there is definitely a case of plans within plans.

    What I fail to understand is simply this – no statistics as to readership, production rate, article / readership statistics. Nothing is forwarded to reason why certain blogs are deemed acceptable while others are not. This is a most curious how long is a piece of string situation. It appears to be rushed. Very little thought has been given to the matter. You can even draw the conclusion, it was done in an impromptu manner, so we must go one step further to ascertain precisely the following:

    (1) What was the TOR?
    (2) What are the assumptions?
    (3) How well do the facts compare with these assumptions?

    So the question we need to clarify is first with the list of 10 or 11 so bloggers. How many of them are anon?

    If not a single one of them are anon, then we can more or less draw a definitive conclusion and skip the guild report and move directly to sequence “SARAL” in earnest.

    What we may have here gentlemen is a case of Arkham’s razor.

  11. Cerebus said

    What many of you fail to comprehend is this development up’s the ante on at least a few fronts.

    They may be for the moment only conceptual but always bear in mind they have far reaching implications when we consider how they bear out in the context of proposing change.

    Why is there suddenly a preoccupation to link blogging with history? If the focus is really the fidelity of the historical account, then why should there even be the need to filter out certain blogs. Shouldn’t history also include the good, bad and ugly?

    Would the history of the USSR be complete without mentioning the gulags? How about gas chambers in Nazi Germany?

    Remove any of these and one may well even question whether the holocaust ever occured. So what we have here gentlemen is selective historical accounting. A form of revisionism and this leads to why?

    So from this brief analysis, we can more or less throw out history as their main motivation. They are not interested in capturing form as much as they are attempting to put function into a test tube.

    There must be another reason. We must find out. Then and only then will we be able to demolish it.

    As it is, we do not have enough information to even plan.

    Guilds should conduct a multi-prong simulation and proceed to full scale 1:1 war games on this matter.

  12. Cerebus said

    What we have here gentlemen is not so different from the dichotomy that used to characterize mainstream music and what we call today, jazz.

    Now Jazz till the late 20’s wasn’t strictly considered music. Yes, I know it was played in the Cotton Club and sold millions of vinyl records, but in the strict definitional sense, it was considered anything but music and in every practical sense which traditional imposed upon classification, it was considered noise.

    Why is that so? Because here we have a classical case of historical revisionism where form, function and symmetry determines very much the final product – mainstream music was scripted, it possessed coherency in so far as two orchestra’s can play the same sheet music and still more or less reproduce the same series of notes with comparable fidelity to suggest they are one of the same score. In the case of Jazz, since there was infinite room for improvisation it was largely a process of creation rather than regurgitation.

    Now gentlemen, I do not want to sound long winded without running the risk of blurring the lines here. However, we need to seriously ask, why is there suddenly a need to impose form, structure and symmetry? What we may be witnessing here is the first attempts at defining the outlines of the Singaporean prototypal blog, this is important as the elements which constitute this definition will color what subsequently emerges from it. This incidentally is regrettably also the first protocol of sovietization when an attempt is made to define the something from anarchy to hierarchical by either delineating it or imposing structure on its form which ultimately determines it function and underscores its ambit – the fact that they have rendered it a narrow definition is disturbing. On this let me be very clear. I agree with Darkness and share very much his concerns on this matter. We need to ask why? Something just doesn’t happen without a reason. My feel is that they are preparing the foundation, the ground work and perhaps cutting the first profile of their justification plan to effect whatever changes that they have in the pipeline. The question of course is whether this is a case of finding the facts to profile a plan or is it just a matter of selecting the convenient facts to flesh out a plan that has already been hatched.

    From the looks of it, it is the latter. You see under this narrow historical definition of a blog what comes out is not as important as what must be only allow to emerge. We need to give this matter further analysis.

  13. memphisto said

    First of all how robust are their assumptions? Not very is the answer. Even their best position can be overun and set adrift within a matter of minutes.

    For all we know, what they are doing may not even have the slightest bearing on anything, archiving doesn’t make history any more than collecting sea shells makes up the history of evolution.

    We need to see it for what it is instead of turning it on its head. This is what darkness doesnt seem to appreciate.

    My take is it’s a non-event. For political reasons they have to mention a few players who typically make up blogosphere, but who even reads them? Not many is the answer. They all have very low reach and penetration.

    What can possibly change? I say nothing at best and very little in the worst case, as the whole economics of producing and consumption remains largely unaffected by all this.

    A blog that produces X will attract a cap of Y consumers, no more, no less. Unless you tell me ppl log in to read the same article 30 times a day.

    I see no reason to worry abt this development. We should just focus on sharpening our machine writing skills. So far the productivity is good. Most of the boys have settled into happy routine. Along with that we are getting some readers to write as well.

    All these preoccupation is just a distraction. No value there. None whatsoever.

    If they want to claim the world is flat, that is their business.

    As the case with Singapore Angle has clearly shown, there is plent of space to accomodate differences and if it get sticky, even considerably more scope to agree to disagree i.e you go your way, we go ours – we stay here and you stay there – you write A, we write B.

    Makes absolutely no difference, only 5% of our readers comes from links – the rest log on direct from home source, so what is the issue?

    It will have no bearing in altering either the conditions or the relationship that exist with our regular readers.

    How can it?


  14. Chronicler said


    Allow me to speak freely. Pls remember I speak on behalf of the guilds as well. Let us agree on a few assumptions, if not a single one of the blogs in the 11 are anon bloggers, then we must seriously re-consider staging the broadcast of the Olympics in this domain.

    I recommend that Team A,B,C and D [the game and broadcast technologist] along with all the developers relocate ASAP to a more politically stable domain. One that is able to give us a higher degree of comfort that things will remain stable, so that they can con’t their development of the necessary technology.

    We have to think abt our channel partners along with their economic interest.

    The Guilds forsee complications in the light of this development. Many are nervous, too nervous to even consider investing a single imperium. Their concerns are valid. I agree with them. Darkness does not see it this way – ?

    Gentlemen, if no objections are raised, we will proceed with the migration @0930 GMT TMR to find another home to con’t on our work to stage the Olympics in the internet.

  15. Vollariane said

    Chronicler proceed with the migration. If our channel partners are nervous we may not have a choice in the matter.

    Stand by on “SARAL.” We may need it after all.

  16. [guild] said

    We have just discovered out of the 11 sites mentioned, not a single one of them is anon.

    KOHO proceed with the migration / do it quietly / no bubble / no trace.

  17. KOHO said

    By your command.

  18. Warzone said

    It’s an excellent article about the OLPC. Once again, the Brotherhood is taking cue from the mainstream bloggers so that they can decide who they can write to.

    But guess what, the NLB archive don’t recognize this bunch of pseudointellectual monkeys.

  19. KOHO said

    Personally, there is no point talking to these ppl, they are obviously stupid.

    It’s a pity that we will have to pull out the Olympics bc of this matter.

    If you don’t mind me saying so, it would break Darkness heart – he so wanted this to be our moment.

    Our new domain will be in Hong Kong, we have broadcast a general alert that this domain is politically unstable.

  20. dotseng said

    It matters little to them – they have just cancelled the Olympics broadcast. It would have showed cased maybe the best in home grown tech – its all gone, but I am sure Cherian George will fill in the blanks with his one article per month blog.

    I think we more or less know what to do with the the NLB review. If memory serves it will go the same way as the BL and Kevin Lim blogosphere review.

    There is a price to everything. And if you do not know it by now, God help you.

  21. dotseng said

    Is it really so hard to say – I see you? That is all those boys have really asked for.

    I started thinking they were wrong. I don’t any more.

    Screw the NLB, they asked me to write in, you know what, I decided not too.

    You go and guess why. Bambi is right, we have our own history, they have theirs.

  22. dotseng said

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. This time, I saw it all, the beginning, the during and the end.

    Lets see what Cherian George and his one article per month wonder will do.

    The NLB has a high opinion of him and guess what, they just ALL left my site 2 hours ago.

    We are back to Mr Brown, thanks.

  23. Montburan said

    With a publication rate of one article per month, who the hell are you fooling…I am very sorry but you must think the regular visitors to blogosphere are either blind, stupid or as dumb as you….good. I am for one happy they pulled the plug on the Olympics, many ppl up there will be talking and they will also be thinking now….what is the cost? From where I am standing, its clear, you cannot ignore an org with a productivity as high as a bp, you have to be either blind or stupid.

    Welcome to the age of Mr Brown

  24. Dr Lee Tat Boon said

    You know I am older than all of you. So I have a right to speak.

    Even Darkness acknowledges this. He allows me to speak because of my age.

    I have seen him during his Kendo bouts. I have never seen someone move like lightning before. I have also never see how a man can take so much punishment, it is brutal, I tell you. Kendo is not for the faint hearted.

    When I ask him how he is able to endure so many blows without flinching even once, he says to me, that he has learnt to die a thousand times spiritually, so pain no longer affects him, he has learnt to switch it off. When me and wife heard this, we felt sad for this fine young man. As we wondered, why should he even contemplate such an enterprise. I can only wonder.

    I realized when I spoke to him although he was a young man, he was in many sense worldier than I. You can tell by the way he looks at you when he talks, there is intensity to him an honesty that you seldom find in people these days. You just know he is not trying to impress you, he believes in what he is doing.

    Stay and fight, the good fight. Listen to me. I am older than all of you. Many of you are young and stupid.

    You have good leaders. Men like darkness.

    These people who glorify themselves with wreathes, they are so meaningless to the rest of us.

    If you do not believe me, just go and ask anyone and they will tell you the same.

    Do you not think everyone in blogosphere sees right through them like glass?

  25. Dr Lee Tat Boon said

    If you don’t believe what I say. You can ask anyone. I may not know many things, but I know this. A blog that produces at the rate of the brotherhood press cannot be ignored.

    It’s not possible. It is in every sense an impossibility. If you do not believe me, you can even ask the person who runs the Singapore Daily, he will be the first to tell you, it is impossible, because of the quantity produced!

    Darkness was right when he said, quantity is a form of quality.

    The people in NLB are stupid. Am I challenging them, yes! they can sue me, if they wish, my IP is here for all to see and pls feel free to forward it to them, but I tell you they will not do it, because there enough statistics and facts to prove them wrong 10 or 20 times over! They know this and if they don’t, it just reconfirms my suspicion, they are indeed stupid. So they will never risk it, unless they happen to be an idiot like Durai.

    So why even bother with the affairs of stupid people? Are they not insignificant? Why allow stupid people to determine your sense of worth? Is that even wise?

    The man called Darkness will know what I am saying, he is the man who is accustommed to seeing things from the eye of the storm.


    My hope is that reason will prevail.

  26. Harvardian said

    Look guys. Doc is right. No one gives two shits abt the NLB, the BP has been archiving as far back as 4 years ago. So what is the big deal?

    What we have here is bunch of useless people living in the stone age who have decided to get serious abt nothing.

    No one even takes them seriously. If you don’t believe me ask the readership.

    As for those one month a article blogs who were mentioned pity them lah, they need to make a living, it is a matter of cari makan, so I think, we should let them be.

    However, on a serious note. As for as officialdom is concerned, their selection process is a joke. The way I see it they put a gun to their head and made a mess of it and now the NLB is an international laughing stock – I mean if you are really serious about history, then why is there even a need to filter it? They cannot say it is a bandwidth issue as 11 blogs roughly occupies the footprint of nothing these days! So what is the basis of narrowing the criteria to such an extent that it skewers the whole outlook? That’s just such a big hole that I suspect no one in NLB will even step up to the podium to address that simple question.

    This was a real chance for the NLB to connect and not make the same mistake BL & gang made, what did they do? They fucked it up! Now they will go down in internet history as the main reason why the first olympics broadcast using homegrown garage tech is cancelled! And instead it has gone to the bloody Hongkies.

    Can you imagine someone reading abt that in 100 years?

    I am glad the BP has decided to go 500%!

  27. dotseng said

    This has been sent by Darkness to all of us. Reg Dotty.

    “Dear All,

    We must remain calm. What have we done so far? We have cancelled the staging of the Olympics in Blogosphere. This was an event that would have been a great opportunity to show the world how we can organize very small ppl to do big things using home grown technology. This project is now being relocated whole sale to Hong Kong.

    Why have we done this? Because our channel partners feel very strongly about it. This is why I keep emphasizing to policy makers and leaders, the decision you make have far reaching implications. I do not even feature in the decision making process, I am not God – it’s an economic decision. I believe many of the ppl working hard on this project believe they have a right to insist this is significant enough to be entered into the history books. You have to decide whether they have such a right? For obvious reasons which I dont wish to go into, we are not in a position give them that level of assurance and comfort that it will even be treated as such. We can certainly assure them Mr Brown and his story of disappearing stools in the void deck is important enough to make it into our digital history books. We can also assure them Mr Wang’s reiki power crystals will also be important enough to make it, but we cannot guarantee what they will do to broadcast the Olympics can be treated in the same manner. I believe it is important to be honest with our channel partners from the onset. We have always been very forthright and honest with the ppl who have worked with us.

    So please there is no emotion here. This is a very cold decision, certainly not a I cut my nose to spite you tactic. It has to be an economic and business decision and it has been forced on us by prevailing conditions which we have absolutely no control over.

    As for the future, let us proceed as we have always done. Let me also say we should not get unduly worked up abt this NBL thing. My feel is like this, if you go around jumping up and down abt this being unfair etc, then it says alot about how small and insignificant you really are. It also speaks volumes abt the level of your maturity. If you behave like a beggar then dont be surprise if someone treats you like one and expects you to be happy when they throw you a few trinkets.

    My friends there is much to be said abt the discomfort zone. I felt it most acutely in the IS when more or less the same thing happened. However, since then, I had an opportunity to reflect and if I were to do it all over again, it would be very different.

    So let us not be unduly troubled by all this and settle down, everything will just be fine.


    Darkness 2008”


    This theater. Darkness has not as much conceded as he has seethed his rapier and walked away. However entertaining it is, the importance of its iconography cannot be overstated. If you want to understand what happened and why, it’s like asking why a revolution happen, it is better to keep your eye on fluctuating bread prices, rather than fluctuating hemlines. In this case, he’s gone for what Shipping attorneys refer to a the “Kansas one card game.” To understand how this card game vertu may work, its like asking you to remove only one card that makes possible the fall of the house of cards. In this, he has gone straight for the kill, the right to be consulted and the failure on the part of the 15 bloggers to do so. Once this has been established and you gave it to him on a silver tray, here –
    he has already won by default on a mere technicality. That’s how the “Kansas one card game works,” – its base on the adage of “one shot, one kill” – “one stop to bring down the giant.”

    This is obvious to me and probably most of the other readers following this. Why is it lost on you? Perhaps your private impulses were at odds with the general will to help the 15 bloggers, it could be said your caprices were at odds even when he slipped his hands in.

    As much as I like to credit Darkness for this. I cannot, he’s a scaddy cat, the unseen hand of the ASDF is here, only they have the brains to do this.

    Good day

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