Singapore Flooding – a suggested solution

July 22, 2010

(To increase the font in this essay – hold down the Ctrl key and keep pressing +) Have things gone out of control? I tried hinting politely here: Orchard Flooding? The solution may be in Sims. But it seems, you people didn’t get it. So let me spell it out now in oversized fonts for your benefit.

Begin with one assumption: all your assumptions may be wrong possibly even worthless. That is the start point. This leads to the theoretical question: What is the best way to nail this sucker? Sun Tzu, Art of War – know your enemy and yourself; and you will be victorious in a thousand battles.

The most cost effective way to deal with this problem is to leverage on simulation software – this will allow you to generate what if scenario under X, Y or Z conditions. Here you can see how we use it to make games more realistic:

But what we do is we do not use gaming software – such as Maya or X-Tric – we use flood simulation software – there is a reason why we do this – water it seems mimics human behavior i.e it takes the course of least resistance. So if you want to create a realistic battle scene, it makes perfect sense to model it according to how water flows.

You can get the know how from these guys. If you have trouble, we can make the necessary introductions FOC.

The way I see it. If this goes on, it’s going to be very bad for businesses. Given time, insurance premiums on cars and houses will go up (trust me, that will have to happen believe it or not! I ain’t kidding here); the cost of doing business will go up as well and all this will be passed down to the poor consumer who is already hurting (as his pay rise for the next 3 years will probably be in permafrost) – worse still you people may start an expensive building spree and instead of plugging up the problem; all you would have done is to dig yourself and us a deeper hole.

So go back to basics – the technology is already there; it is good to go. Don’t waste time, use your mentality – like I said, all this can only be bad for business.

Darkness 2010

“The men you talked about came from the stars last night father!”

“How do you know it is them?”

“They are eating all our food.”

“Yes, that’s them all right, go child give the man with the funny hat this bag, refuel their spaceship and bring the man with the funny hat to me.”

“Why father?”

“That is the way of the world my child. They come every year and we give them these worthless stones and in exchange they will warn us if pestilence, famine and war comes our way; it has been that way for 1,000 years. Go now.”

Tales of the Strangelands – The Book of Ages – the age of the awakening of man – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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