My Struggle with Measured Response

September 15, 2010

As some of you may already know. The Singapore Police Force thought it was very clever, so during the Youth Olympic Games, they arrested a blogger for using a four letter word online. Now they are well known internationally. And we have been brought into this melee.

I found out further about what “measured response” meant – it means if any government official from the Singapore govt engages the brotherhood – the first subject on the agenda is this four letter word saga – it does not matter even if it is LKY himself – the liaison will have to ask about this matter till he is completely satisfied, by that time LKY is already burnt already just as probably you or I will be burnt out if we ran a marathon. I am certain this can all be very straining.

For me this “measured response,” mumbo jumbo is just a big inconvenience. As it means I cannot blog as I would usually like too in dotseng – I cannot for example write about a whole list of subjects. And the reason given is because we are officially on “measured response” mode. And what precisely is “measured response,” mode – measured response mode is measured response mode! Thank you very much lah!

I could as some of you have suggest write under my own name under a my own blog I suppose – but once again ‘measured response,’ has made this impossible – as that would be considered a security breach. And if I do so, I would be going directly against the grain.

So I write and post wherever I can and lets see how it goes. I believe it will be a long wait.

Darkness 2010

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