Using Rubbish to solve the Orchard Floods?

August 18, 2011

Eva: You know what Darkness. You’re a highly misunderstood chap I reckon. There is a soft side to you after all – you’re a softie when it comes to saving the planet.

Darkness: Eva, you Germans are all full of shit – there is absolutely nothing altruistic about this whole idea of using blow out tires as one way of improving the irrigation in my plantation – trust me Eva, if I could use dead bodies it would do just a well. But if you’re talking about the whole idea of selling the concept.

Eva: Concept???

Darkness: Yes Eva, there is money to be made here – so you can’t run away from the whole idea of having a concept.

Eva: And what would that be?

Darkness: Well first of all Eva. You have to buy into the remote possibility, the whole idea can’t be so different from a spitfire novel – you know the type that keeps you turning the pages beneath the sheets even when you know it’s going to knacker you the next day.

Eva: Yes, go on Darkness.

Darkness: Well first of all you need serenpidity. You can’t get anywhere without that. That’s closely followed by epiphany. And to top it all off, you make full use of the power of cute – that’s to say, a kid needs to feature beside the main protagonist.

Eva: What a bastard you are Darkness.

Darkness: Oh of course. You need the villian as well.

The Suriman Tales – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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