The Story of the Mother & Child, Citizen & State and The End

February 29, 2012

From ancient times the symbol of the mother has always occupied a centre piece of man’s consciousness – the giver of life; the nourisher; the teacher and so many other things that man finds calming – so man has always worshipped her. And so it is not unusual for most of us to transpose this metaphor of the Madonna to the idea of country. We refer to her as the motherland. 

For the motherland it is not unusual for a man to do anything – many have died to defend her honor. Even more have sacrificed in a multitude of ways to glorify her.

But what happens when the mother does not behave like the mother? What happens when all she seems to do is to take, take and take from her children? What happens when her indifference even pains the child?

When this happens there can only be disharmony and discord in the household –  child will be distant from the mother. As he passes from childhood through puberty and into manhood he sees more instances of his mothers causal indifference along with inequities and he can only wonder how unworthy and cruel she is to have brought him, the child, man, father, grandfather and citizen into this hell on earth.

The End

Darkness 2012


Farmer: Where am I? Where is this place? Have I died and gone to hell? 

Tree: Shsssss farmer, you are safe and sound in a place where I love you. It was just a dream. A bad dream. You are now awake.

This excerpt has been extracted from the Chapter: The Way of the Farmer, Page 21 – The Brotherhood Press 2012 / This messaged has been intercepted and relayed by the Tiberian Class Deep space battlecruisers –  KDD Excelsior and KDD Nanking.  

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