Selling yourself cheapy cheap

April 5, 2012

Most people just don’t know the wisdom or aren’t conscious of how they so often sell themselves cheapy cheap. They do it hundred of times a week without really being conscious of how they are systematically devaluing themselves. And how do they do this? By not being MINDFUL of how valuable and expensive their thoughts really are – let me put it this way, if you have bothered yourself with something and taken the trouble to think it through from A to Z and even experimented with it, the chances are, what you have may well be something extraordinary – that’s to say the experiences you have derived along with the information you have managed to glean about a particular situation, person or challenge really has an INTRINSIC value.

So why are you giving your time, effort and intellect for free – because the people who usually run our country are getting paid millions to do so – they aren’t volunteering or for that matter doing anything for free, so why should you?

The same applies if you happen to be a woman prospecting for a husband. Why do you sell yourself cheap? Only you can answer that question – perhaps you have simply NOT taken the time or effort to figure out what you can possibly offer the other side. Or even bothered yourself with the whole business of ascribing a value to the many skills you have developed through the years – even something as mundane as being neat, organized and punctual has an INTRINSIC value, what more of other attributes that you may happen to have?

Like I said, most of us aren’t conscious of how we so often sell ourselves cheapy cheap – it is ONLY when we make a conscious effort to recognize our own self worth that we are able to command a fair value for what we have to offer.

But to first know what we really worth, we must all learn to be sparing with our words, to even bite our lips and hold back and even feel totally at ease should others consider us unexceptional as we don’t seem to come across as a person who has anything valuable to offer – the first discipline of selling yourself for a right price is to be SPARING with your words and advise.

Darkness 2012


“Let me be crystal clear abt certain things – in an age where public servants are paid millions and enjoy creamy salaries – there can be no such thing as FREE any longer, very recently, I met an ex civil servant who wanted me to share with him my experience of doing business in Burma – I jokingly told him over a few drinks that it would cost him $5,000 an hour – he was shocked of course, but he shouldn’t have been – as in a world where everything has been reduced to dollar and cents, then there can be no such thing as volunteerism, ONLY the law of money applies – this may seem very crude to you. But you should at least take the trouble to figure it out yourself – I can say more, but I don’t really believe it is my right to tell you how much you are worth – all I can really say is if you haven’t taken the trouble to think abt this subject, then you are very likely to offer everything you have to offer for free. Only understand this, in an age when even public servants are getting paid millions, what possible value does FREE actually command? Nothing is the answer. Nothing is the only answer. Now the question now is HOW long are you going to give yourself for FREE like a ball camphor? Or shall I say, how might you want to further devalue yourself?

Hence it always pays to be sparing with what you have between your head, if you have ten things, then offer it as only 5 and keep the remaining 5 somewhere in some secret part of your mind – even cooks do this all the time, if they write a cook book, they always leave out the secret ingredient, they are prepared to give you 99% of the recipe, but because they have the wisdom to hold back that 1% that makes the 99% – 100%, their skills will always be in demand – as a man and woman you should research and study this. Learn how to hold back, learn how to shut your mouth, learn how to be sparing and learn above all how to walk away when the price is not right. Do it enough times, and you will find that someday, someone will just pay you what you are really worth.”

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