Conflict Management

June 23, 2012

It is very difficult to defeat an adversary that has made peace with himself and the world. I never fight such a man. Never. Put him in a cell and he will perfectly comfortable as his home is wherever he goes. Take away his right to travel freely and he can do the same with his mind. Threaten him and you are really only sending out the signal, that you are really at your wits end and you don’t know how to deal with him any longer. Try to embarrass him and he will just cultivate his own metrics to measure himself.

Under those circumstances, it may just be a very good idea to just talk to that person. It is only when we have mentally prepared to sit down with our enemy that we can really see him for what he is and not what we think he MUST be to give our life meaning.

Darkness 2012

“The highest level of Warcraft is to disarm your adversary with the power of the mind. But to accomplish this feat – a man must be highly disciplined. Nothing can be accomplished without discipline – nothing.”

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