The sad sad story of the green frog – The Way of the Farmer

September 17, 2012

When a man goes into business. Whether he likes it or not. He is already a leader in his community. As the fortunes and well being of many who decide to work for him will depend on the outlook of this one man.

If this man does not understand or is confused about the role that he is supposed to play in a community. Then many will suffer unnecessarily as a result of his greed, foolishness and shortsightedness.

Such a man in my opinion cannot be allowed to grow too big. As he has the wrong values and his head is probably stuck deep in his ass. Coming to think of it, such a bengkok businessman should be taught a serious lesson by the community. And the best way to teach this man the error of his ways is to simply say, No! In this way the foolish businessman will hopefully understand that without the community – he can be nothing.

Darkness 2012

Whenever possible I always try to support Singaporean enterprises. One reason why I do this is because I know from a first hand basis only too well – how difficult it is to establish a foot hold in a foreign country to materialize a profit. This is not an easy act to pull off.

This is one reason why whenever possible – I try my level best to deal with Singaporean firms – although the price may be slightly higher – I am prepared to pay the extra. As I always believe, we all have a shared destiny and it’s important to nourish that idea so that we all stick together whenever we are turning the wheel of life in a foreign land. This is why I prefer to dine in the Green frog. As I believe very strongly, we should always support Singaporean enterprises whenever they branch out abroad. After all, if we don’t support them, then who will take the lead to do the same? 

Only understand this! I draw the line when it becomes patently clear to me that half truths have been used to deliberately pull the eyes over an unassuming public. This I have also done with the nation destroying press as well – I don’t buy it. I don’t read it. And I do not give any interviews –  it doesn’t even matter what Bertha Harian has to say about a great write up she came across – as far as I am concerned, she can take her propagandist rag and shove it up her skirt. Am I clear now? Good. As this is what it means to have the discipline to draw a broad and clear line in the sand. This is discipline. IF you dont have it, my advise to you is please don’t venture into business. Be happy turning the wheel of life as a salaried man – as even if you succeed as a businessman; you will probably cause misery to others on an industrial scale. So that simply tells me – you have lost sight of the goal!

Come over to the window. Do you see that oil mill in between those hills. Look carefully. The chimney stack is not spewing black smoke. That means their refineries have stopped. WHY? Because no one is selling their palm bunches to them. The community has turned against them! As the owners have been greedy and harsh in their terms. They have also been distant and aloof, preferring to hide in their air conditioned bunkers or while their time in golf clubs, oblivious to the sufferings of those who are turning the wheel of life all around them. In two months the owners of this enterprise will be beating a path here and they will beg me to supply them oil bunches – I will see them of course in my bush jacket and pipe. I find these days, it pays to project an older image. But I will never commit. Never. I will just listen. As I have to take stock of the local sentiments. I cannot go against the grain of the community here. Not even if it makes good business sense. In another six months, when they go under. I will buy it up for a song. Business is ruthless. I want you always to keep this at the back of your mind apprentice. You either go into it with the right attitude or you find yourself getting runned out of town! 

Many people say, the farmer who lives on the hill is a heartless and ruthless man. But I did not do any of these things to them. They did it to themselves through their greed, foolishness and addiction to power. And now all I have to do is wait for it all to keel over.

Now coming back to the subject of the green frog. I really do not know what the motivation for this may be. Neither do I understand why either. All I know is what is represented and what is offered bears absolutely no relation to each other. And this is unacceptable! I have zero tolerance for these nefarious methods. You can even say, when a business enterprise does this – then it is very clear that they haven’t really sat down and reflected on the broader question of morality and why it is so important these days for enterprises to have a coherent code of ethic.

I have a feeling. I shall not be seeing the green frog for a very long time. You could even say, I have lost my appetite.”

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