Visiting Lily in Tanah Merah Estate

March 29, 2013

This morning – I decided to pay Lily a visit in Tanah Merah Estate.

It is not unusual for me to tell all my women from time to time – if you want me to stay and love you, then you must cultivate yourself to be nothing less than a perfect woman.

This I always tell them is the secret recipe to bring out the perfect man.

It is only when both men and women know their respective roles and why they have to play their part in the way nature has ordained for them – only then can there be perfect harmony and peace. Otherwise there will be complications – and other distractions that may lead a man astray – distractions involving, nutty women who have to ” pitifully beg” fat and ugly men to fuck them. Along with perhaps spending alot of time trying to figure out the philosophy of what it means to give a confused woman a sympathy fuck. To me all this is nonsense that I can never understand!

Such complications should always be avoided in life.

Darkness 2013


“I like my women to be correct with me – whether they are tall, educated, polished, beautiful or sexy is not an issue, but they have to know how to regard me correctly – that to me is very important – they simply need to know their place. And if they are confused then I will just tell them the facts of life – and that will be the end of the sum of all their fantasies.

I think that is one reason why I miss Dotty so much – as she was the most correct woman I have ever had the privilege to know – it was not only pleasurable to be with her, but it would not be wrong to say that such a woman can really bring out the best in a man. I cannot tell you how edifying that is to a man – to be reminded constantly of his role and how the classical chinese gentlemen should always treat a woman who is younger than him. Words cannot explain how much I miss Dotty.

My feel is every woman should set aside some quiet time everyday and reflect deeply on the art of shaping the type of man that she desires (instead of wasting their time listening to con men like Kong eye or Joe Prince Singh)- too often, I feel the general outlook of women is flawed – as they will often say, I have to LOOK for Mr Right. But from my experience, Mr Right needs to shaped like wet clay by the female hand – in certain cases even dragged out forcefully by a strong willed woman. As to be perfectly honest there are really so many men in a man. You have no possible idea how confused we all are….that is why it is not unusual from time to time to hear of cases of older men fucking kids – that to me is wrong in so many ways.

As I have always harbored the deep conviction – that a whole and complete man can only be created through the hand of a woman – left to his own, it is impossible for a man, no matter how capable or intelligent he is to strive for completeness, wholeness and oneness – this narrative I feel has been hijacked by the militant feminist of our age. As what I am sharing with you boys today is secret knowledge that only real men know and keep close to their hearts.

As men we all have to understand one thing about ourselves – we are first and foremost hunters. That is why if left to our own without a whole and complete woman to remind us constantly of whence we came from – we men will all probably be running around in shit in our pants as we are all so engrossed in our new found business game that we don’t even realized – poof! We have turned into feral animals – animals with teeth – animals that don’t even have any qualms about eating their own kind.

But if you’re a man who suddenly hits his head one day and forgets how to be a man any longer and you’re lucky enough to met a whole and complete woman – then you will not only recover your essence, but you will also be shaped by her to be a whole and complete man – that is why gentlemen, I can almost guarantee without a shadow of doubt – there is no such thing as a self made man. As that state of complete perfection in manhood lacks the vital touch of a woman.

No accident gentlemen that history is redolent with accounts of great men. But look closer. The whole and complete woman stands near this great man. You could even say, this natural symmetry like the tapering of a banyan leaf – curl of a sea shell occurs so often that surely it must be some wonder weapon to make boys into men.

I think women in general do not really know how much power they have to shape the goals, aspirations, world view and even the way he comes before the world – they don’t realize how much equity they have in the whole schema of creating a new man.

Such women I think have to be dangerous – you see they all know how to be correct. That’s to say they know what brings out the best and worst in all their men.”


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