They’re not talking about work-life balance; they are hungry, anxious, about to steal your lunch.

September 30, 2013

Then let them scramble and fall over themselves to take that crummy lunch lah. After all what are they really taking away? If all that, that lunch seems to hold out is the exorbitant cost of deteriorating health, broken relationships and perpetual grief. Coming to think of it, I’ll even help them load their truck with as much toxic lunches they want can providing their drive as far as they can from me – that is what intelligent folk will do.

Life can’t be so simple where to make a man run faster all that needs to be done is set his pants on fire. I don’t disagree that may have once worked. But these days people will just say dowan lah. We will go somewhere else for our lunches. Keep your fucked up lunch lah.

After all I only live once – and I don’t ask for very much except maybe a quiet life where I can be left alone to do my own thing – so why should I let people dig their spurs into me on the account of some fuzzy goal that I don’t really care to be part of?

I want you to understand this. My life is the living expression that I can do without your toxic lunch. I. We. Choose to go the other way and do that other thing – to live life under our own terms.


“When work becomes so pervasive that it dominates one’s life completely squeezing out all other aspects of what life has to offer – then a grim dystopian future scape can only emerge – one where people will have no time for other diversions except maybe work, work and more work. In short life is reduced to a black hole where work becomes the beginning and end. And when this happens – something wonderful and beautiful must surely die.

As when the sum of life becomes nothing more than an endless litany – then surely one would have to ask the philosophical question: what is the purpose of life?

That is why I don’t really believe leaders really understand what they are really committing themselves too when they begin to tear down the whole idea of work life balance or choose to denigrate that idea to a point where anyone who chooses to go the other way is someone who suffers from some character flaw.

To me work is simply a means to an end. Nothing more or less. As I want to live life under my own terms. That I imagine is why I started my own enterprise. As I got really sick and tired of people trying to fit me into a mould. I so wanted a life where I could live my life without the usual distractions that I usually encountered in the work place – freedom from deadlines, freedom from politics, freedom from fear of losing one’s job, the freedom from judgement, freedom to experiment etc etc.

These days when I decide to sit in my rattan chair and do absolutely nothing in my plantation – no one ever dares to call me lazy, they just say, the boss is planning his next move. I work when I want to work and some days I just sit around in my underwear before a computer planning how to conquer virtual worlds to mine minerals to earn more e-money that people are only too eager to spend real money to exchange for to play a game. At times I am dead serious. At other times, I am just plain frivolous to the point of being petulant.

My point is my desire to live my life under my own terms is bigger than what I can hope to aspire to be in this lifetime – if anything it’s an indestructible idea that is and will be increasingly shared by many. Especially those who have seen how the rest of the world live, work and play. I hate to say this, but the genie is out of the bottle – so there is really no going back – so how far do you think you’re going to go with this pariah dog idea of putting spurs into into the hide of others just so they can stretch themselves the extra mile on the account of some bull shit goal that no one cares to even understand – look around you. Look carefully. Not through your crappy snoop lens, but really look with that all seeing eyes – how many people are like me? What drives them to do the things they do?

You don’t know do you? All you really have is numbers and a couple of sites that don’t seem to gel together. Beyond that it’s just a black hole.

That’s good.

Understand this! If anyone is dumb enough to dig their rusty spurs into me. All I’ll do is throw them off and sit on them.

Take your crummy lunch and go fuck off – we will go the other way, do that other thing. There is no going back. Above all we will all live life according to our terms.”

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