The curious case of Ngiam Tong Dow Clarification and the even more curious case of Mini Lee welcoming it

October 13, 2013

Consider this. Do you see both the CIA and FBI taking an interest in two barfly’s debating whether President Obama has entered into a secret pact with Martians to give citizenship to little green men to end the government shut down in Washington?

When was the last time you heard the French President Nicolas Sarkozy issuing a public communique clarifying that Mrs Jesus is not buried beneath the glass pyramid in the Louvre? Or that Dan Brown is not a reincarnation of Nostradamus. Or that the Mayan Calendar deviates from the Julian Calendar by one percentile point over a period of one century to render it unreliable for farmers to use it as an almanac in French Guneia to grow red shorgum.

Have any of you heard or read any where that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyah has recently convened the Knesset to pass an executive order to sanction the state execution arm, Kidon to find, capture and interrogate the clowns who came out with the joke how many Mossad agents does it take to change a light bulb?

Coming to think of it, do you see both the Mafia and Yakuza losing sleep over a documentary claiming that the Scillian Mafiaso and Japanese right wing militants share a common violent gene in their DNA make up? And that Hello Kitty is actually a Ninja assasin teacher who has mastered the seven deadly books of the way of Machevilli on how to kill with just a blink?

So can anyone please explain this to me like a baby –  why would Mini Lee even welcome a clarification from a pensioner who used to work in the civil service? I don’t understand…my brain hurts…someone please help me…tolong!

Aha…unless of course…it’s the (you fill up the blanks yourself).


“When your skin is wafer thin. Then you will feel everything and that is likely to irritate you no end. That is why BEFORE I go into the jungle for an expedition – I always tell my men. Please make an effort be comfortable in your own skin, that way, you will be kind to yourself and thoughtful of others in this expedition. You will be a happier person and you get alot out of it.

I don’t believe many people I tell this too really know how crucial this is to the whole idea of leading a successful expedition.

Coming to think of it, I even suspect, they may all even believe, I am trying to be flippant whenever I say this to them.

But I am dead serious. As I know the jungle very well – as I have led over 31 expeditions – and field experience informs me time and again nothing is as dangerous as a thin skinned man in a serious endeavor such as trying to make his way through a jungle… he can ruin the party for everyone else and even jeopardize the entire expedition with his self centerness.”

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