Can the judiciary please grow up and stop harassing Alex?

December 1, 2013

To the best of my knowledge, there exist only one reliable way to fight lies.

And that is by forwarding the truth.

If the custodians of power resort to arm twisting methods instead of common sense to win – then I do not see how it is possible for them to preserve either their prestige or legitimacy in the eyes of thinking folk – that medieval method of reasoning may have worked in the age of sail, candles and ivory dentures. But I do not for one believe it is in synch with current times – as even farmers like me who would squat and look on from afar at this great diffusion of energy would wonder to themselves,

‘What kinda insecure pariah dog court is this? If it cannot even rebut a crumbly allegation from a blogger in a civilised and congenial way without resorting to the mad cap idea of using an atomic bomb to control pest – why do they even need to muzzle people from expressing what is in their minds? Why are they so fearful of public scrutiny? Above all how does this entire exercise measure up to the aphorism, justice need not only be done, it must be seen to be done….this is what the wise will always ask.”

Only very stupid people I reckon will stop others from speculating, postulating and drawing all sort of conclusions concerning their objects of interest. Such people do not deserve any respect at all, they deserve a pair of supersonic flying shoes.


“Recently a group of businessmen tried to cheat me by trying to peddle off land that was good for nothing as prime farming land.

Now of course I am very angry. I am sure if you were me, you too would be very angry as well – consider the effrontery, temerity and lack of respect.

It will not be an exaggeration if I told you all – I feel like slapping each and everyone of them.

But what am I supposed to do? Do I behave like a Hong Kong gangster and threaten to kill everyone just because I believe they disrespected me. In this case even if I want to do that, it is not possible. As many of these businessmen are much bigger than me.

So all I can really do to show my displeasure is my refraining to fellowship with these businessmen for tea – that is all it takes for my displeasure to sink right in – trust me, eventually the message will percolate and spread in the grapevine – eventually everyone would all realise the devil is not happy. Eventually they would all come to realise that I am a man who is prepared to forgive (although that is an outright lie lah, I never forgive!) the indiscretion of others.

Above all when I do this, no one ever can say, I am a ruthless man who likes to pick fights, destroy my enemies and raid their lands – when I first started farming, I had to be cruel and even heartless to crush my enemies. That is the politics of farming. But now I cannot do this any longer – I need to be mindful of managing public perception – as public opinion may turn against me if I am too cavalier.

This way is best – as others will say, the devil just wanted to turn the wheel of life amongst us. Besides it’s not his fault, that he is stuck here. It’s not as if he disturbs anyone. But these fools wanted to cheat him. Even then he is so forgiving that he does not curse their lands or their generations – all he does is to keep to himself…he must be so saddened.

I think sometimes, it may not be such a good thing to take yourself too seriously. Or to be so drunk on the idea of self importance to even believe for one moment the whole world revolves around you. It’s best to come down to earth and just remember that no one gives two shits about how much land you have! All they really care about is whether you treat them well and fairly – that’s all there is to it.

Only mentally unstable and delusional people who have no idea how to manage conflict in the terrain of the hearts and minds will jump up and down whenever others transgress them. They must really believe the sun shines through their asshole!”

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