The integrity of faith

June 14, 2015

Recently I told a group of Christians to leave me alone. When one of them asked of me – did you know he died for you? I told her, why would he do something as a stupid as that!

Thereafter I walked away as they all cursed me.


‘A superior culture will always conquer an inferior mode of thinking. It’s factual…axiomatic even – the same I imagine holds true of religion. Often it can be the clearest testament of the unalloyed truth or a well crafted lie, depending on how one chooses to weave it into one’s life to manage oneself and others.

After all, if a man is a bringer of joy, purveyor of the truth and can always be counted to nourish the human spirit – why would any man not follow him to the ends of this earth and ask of this man, ‘tell me more about your God.’ Why should I care whether his God can walk on water or is just as comfortable meditating on a lotus blossom or the carburetor of my tractor. What does it matter to me whether he is a Christian, Moslem, Buddhist or someone who worships a discarded coke bottle. That imposition can never occur in my mind – as I’ve witnessed first hand the miracles of how his faith can touch lives.

But if all a man can do is past judgement, sow the seeds of enmity, harbor resentment, bully others, nit pick and look for trouble all the time – then why would any sane thinking human being follow and emulate him? As all this man can do is demonstrate to all very clearly – how one should NEVER aspire to live. Worst still his life is the very indictment of the religion he worships….as it could be said he neither knows how to manage himself and others wisely to inspire trust, love and brotherhood.

Do you imagine for one moment, a thinking man would be seduced into belief by mere empty words that don’t even have the power to jump out of the pages of some holy book to transform lives. What rubbish do these people hope to accomplish when they go around cloaked in their patina of righteousness, sanctimony and insularity in the hope of spreading their faith. Even farmers are judged by either the bitter or sweet succulent fruit they produce. So why shouldn’t men of faith be judged by how much joy, hope and relief they can bring to their fellow men. What makes them so special that they stand immune from judgement by their fellow men?

Do these brain damaged people really presume to believe that an inferior culture can overcome a superior way of life? Do they not realize how they think, behave and conduct themselves is the clearest testament of whether their faith really works or crashes and burns.

Or do they actually believe – it’s possible for water to run uphill and that an inferior culture can overcome a superior way of life… childish….how stupid…how naive and this naturally begs the question – if there is really a God, why does he not eradicate these conceited people who invoke his name only to bring out the very worst in his fellow men….why does he not set forth an epic plague to wipe them all out. That in my humble opinion is the least he can do…..if God really exist…that is.’

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