It’s raining!

July 23, 2015

How is that possible? I want to see a doctor. My brain hurts. I am confused. I don’t understand what’s happening.

When I was a salary man in Singapore. I used to go and see the company doctor whenever my brain hurt. One day this lady who was very fond of me, told me, there is no such known disorder and she got very angry and even cried as she told me to stop fibbing. On one occasion she even demanded to know where exactly does it hurt and when I told her all over, she got so frustrated, she started to hit me all over the head with a stress ball.

Finally when I managed to convince her my pain was genuine, she calmed down and shared with me in a tone of grave concern….if you keep coming here to ask for MC on the grounds that your brain hurts, men with white coats are going to take you to block 7 of IMH and I will never see you again.

So she gave me a MC for a fever instead. But since I was quite insistent my brain really hurts and that I cannot admit that I have a fever when I didn’t have one. This kind lady suggested that we visit parks and go Kai Kai and sometimes we would even catch a movie and dinner together.

She was so kind to me….that is why I have such lovely memories of singapore.

I miss those days awfully.

As these days since I run my own enterprise. When my brain hurts. I am very conscious of cost so I just take two Panadols….it’s not the same as before.

But it really hurts!

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