Quadruple whammy!

August 12, 2015

There is no sense in watering it down. Or trying to call a spade anything other than a spade….the facts of life that is
…Malaysia is in deep shit….there you go…the truth and nothing but the truth.

The facts are compelling as they are disturbing. The clever money is heading right out of the door. Commodities are shot and are likely to rediscover new and epic lows. As for the currency, it’s going to the dogs and to top it all off…the weather is set to throw out more than it’s fair share of jokers in the coming months.

These are very testing times for planters. Usually we are accustomed to shrugging off the occasional harbinger and still keep on batting for sixes. But this time, it’s different, too many things are piled up, one on top of the other….it looks precarious….dangerous…and a right mess.

Malaysia I am reminded is not nearly as socially, economically or politically resilient as America. No amount of feel good rhetoric is going to alter reality. The latter can take a licking and still bounce back to keep on ticking. Sure the Malaysian system can take knocks, but not at this fast and furious rate, things that hold other things together can and will give way and when they do, it’s likely the whole house of cards will come crashing down.

Many in the business community are nervous….jittery….and walking around in a daze. Too many things are happening all at once and it’s just adding to the nervous energy that seems to be heightening with each passing day.

My fear is things will get much worse before there is any basis to consider things ever getting better.

If the shit ever hits the fan and I can’t gainfully turn the wheel of life in Malaysia….I may have to seriously consider going back to Singapore.

I can’t just cross my fingers and hope the everything is going to turn out rosy. I don’t nearly have the profit margin to allow me to do that. I need to be very cool and set my mind on crafting a plan B.

If there is any consolation. It’s not as if this is the first time, I’ve had to pack my teddy bear into a suitcase and run as fast as I can for the last train. You could even say that’s the story of my life. Things just don’t seem to ever last – something always comes along and mucks it all up.

I hope to see you all soon in Singapore. Btw if you see anyone who looks like me begging for five bucks somewhere in Bedok bus interchange to buy a cuppacino….do spare some loose change….it’s definitely for a good cause. Do that! And I may even throw in a dinky cactus to brighten up your day.


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