Coming full circle

November 19, 2015

Everyone once told me, don’t hire him…he’s a troublemaker…he has a criminal record… will regret it. But nonetheless, I went along with my gut feel and hired him as a harvester.

In the beginning, he proved difficult and no one really wanted to work alongside him…so I created a special role for him, one where Harun could work all by himself. I rarely ever spoke to him.

I kept my word to him always. I was always firm, but fair. Paid him on time. I treated him no different from my other workers, except maybe I made allowances for the fact that everyone was convinced he was a good for nothing troublemaker by always giving him the benefit of the doubt.

This morning, after paying Harun and informing him that I had decided to give him an opportunity to earn extra income by harvesting all the fruit from my durian orchard this season. This is a rare privilege I only give to workers I consider exceptional. Harun said to me, thank you farmer for respecting and treating me like a human being all these years.

I did not say anything…I simply smiled….small steps…always small steps Harun.

It is strange but for the four years that Harun has worked for me…this is the only time we had ever talked.

Later on I discovered a durian outside my gate….it was a gift, the first fruit of the season.


‘We can only learn to be kind by receiving kindness. We can only learn to give unconditional love by being totally loved warts and all. We can only learn the wisdom of seeking to understand, if were once marooned in our skulls only for someone to take the trouble to understand why we are so angry and sad. We can only be fair and just, if we were once availed from injustice by fairness.

In the same way, if we hate, it is only because we are victims of hatred ourselves. Man is like a mirrored lake….be very careful what you put into the heart of a man… As it always has a way of coming back.’

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