The art of manliness – leadership & neutrality

February 25, 2016

If you are neutral in the face of injustice. That doesn’t mean you have adopted a wait and see attitude or that you are somehow wise or discipline to hold your tongue – it just means, you have willfully chosen to seek refuge in silence and by doing so, you have sided with the oppressor.

Do not think for one moment your silence is soundless….it’s speaks volumes concerning you and what you stand for!

There is no way to describe this attitude politely other than to refer to it as a very serious character flaw that has no place in leadership!

Do this once. And most serious men will probably conclude, you have your reasons to remain neutral. Do this all the time…and you will find the serious men of this world will at some point dismiss you as a cheap merchant of convenience….that is to say, they have formed the conclusion quite rightly, you are not only likely to stand for absolutely nothing. But it’s even conceivable you less willing to stick your neck out to do the right thing….in which case. You cannot blame them if they consider you both a very dangerous and inferior man.

That is how it is when you seek refuge in neutrality without wisdom.

Now you the know the facts of life….it is so very clear.


‘Some time back ago, the village elders asked me to reason with a someone who they labelled a recalcitrant who does not seem to respect according to them, ‘their way of life.’

I turned to one of the elders and asked pointedly, HOW did this man become like this.

No one offered an explanation. They looked at each other pensively and one of them slammed the table and exclaimed ‘that is hardly the issue at hand! He doesn’t respect our way of doing things here!’ I held two chopsticks erect before all of these men and one by one they lowered their heads in shame – then I asked of these old men – do I need to remind each and everyone of you the laws of the old country? Do I need to even explain that the law cannot be negotiated around, not even by your stupid understanding of ‘our way of life!’ I went on to rebuke these old men.

It appears we have a serious miscommunication problem here. As I was under the impression, you have all come here to seek my assistance in the capacity of a prefect who is duty bound by the laws of heaven and earth to conduct a full investigation before forming an opinion on what best to do! If that is the case, then I am duty bound by the laws of heaven and earth to conduct ask how a man who was once reasonable and well behaved is now the world’s greatest troublemaker!

Thereafter I rebuked these old men – shame on all of you! To even harbor belief for one instance that I can be your hammer…your tool….your lackey to further your crooked designs without paying dues to law and equity….how you insult me!

The meeting ended abruptly and before I walked out of the door. I told them all. It’s best if seek the help some cheap gangsters to reason with this fellow….As since no one wants to share with me what once actually transpired…there is no way in which I can act in the capacity of a prefect.’

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