The power of insight – the philosophy of unlearning

March 23, 2016

For so many years mankind has been socially conditioned to believe in the nonsensical idea for his life to improve…he must constantly pry open his brain and pour in new information all the time.

That is why if you look around in bookstores and libraries…there is enough self improvement books to stack up all the way to the moon and back again…..but tell me – is mankind closer to discovering the truth that will set him free?

The answer to that question has to be a resolute no.

In my years of seclusion in the jungle all by myself – I have spent many years reflecting deeply on this ONE question and my conclusion is as follows – the salvation of mankind does reside in learning more new things that he previously did not know.

Rather it may very well be found in the simple act of UNLEARNING so much of the nonsense that we have already accumulated in our heads like a junkyard.

It is all this nonsense of a mother of all messes that is already in man’s head – that is really holding back mankind and preventing him from reaching his full potential!


‘Have you all noticed in this crazy world that we live in. Everyone is ALWAYS telling you – you need this to go further…or that to go faster….they are always trying to pry your brain open to pour in something new, improved and better.

No one it seems is very interested in unlearning many of the nonsense that has managed to encrust themselves like barnacles to one’s thinking.

You want to know why?

Because unlearning means they cannot sell you something that you do not already have in between your ears. To put it bluntly, the philosophy of unlearning is a pretty lousy business proposition. As since it cannot possibly make money at all….no one ever bothers with it…except perhaps only me.

As since I am against the idea of associating any of my philosophy concerning life with the very idea of money….the subject of unlearning makes perfect sense to me.

Many people have in the past have approached me with the idea of writing a book….but since they do so with only money in mind. I have told them quite plainly this runs counter to my beliefs and I will not do it!

Others have even suggested that I start a foundation – but again since only money seems to be their primary motivation.

Again I have told this misguided people….I will not do that either!

So what is the purpose ultimately? What is the point of all this?

To me the goal is to come, share and disappear completely from the face of this planet…it is to leave absolutely nothing of the man behind…no legacy….no great stories….no image even…..absolutely nothing.

As when I reflect deeply on this subject….I believe if it is all done right, then whatever that is of value will ONLY live on in minds of others and even that is not something that I will ever dare say belongs to me…never…so there is just nothingness ultimately and that is the way it should rightly be.

I think when one understands the philosophy of unlearning better – all this will make perfect sense….as it supplies a life changing insight. For the time being…it can really only confound and confuse.’

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