Experience ALL of life

April 27, 2016

If a man only eats what he desires and avoids that which he is either unfamiliar with or believes to be distasteful…then he will NOT grow well.

Similarly, if a man yearns only be happy all the time, but avoids suffering, hardship, loneliness, despair and all things that push him to the very limits of his sanity, strength and patience….then he will NOT grow well either.


‘One should where possible experience ALL aspects of life – the good, bad, ugly, painful, dark, light, lonely, shameful etc etc. Experience it all….the whole range…up and down and everything in between…never be choosy, nor afraid or even harbor any preconceived notions as to how it may all begin and end. Never!

Don’t be afraid of experiencing pain, remorse, disappointment and hardship.

The most important thing is never allow others to stop you from experiencing all this for yourself first hand….you will find in life, there will be many frogs in the well who will tell you to stay where you are and be contented with your lot.

Only understand this – if you listen to these frogs, you will go nowhere and experience nothing in life and none the wiser for it. Life will past you by like a meteorite that lights the night skies momentarily only to disappear forever into darkness.

In truth, there is only one reality – the more one experiences all that the discomfort zone can throw out, the more one can only mature, grow wise and worldly…that is reality. The rest is just happy nonsense.

You can be the most intelligent person in the world, but if you don’t have experience or practical knowledge that comes from experiential exposure in the discomfort zone – then you are just a very brilliant theoretician….that is no bloody good! No one is going to listen to you….no one who is a man of substance at least….all you will have is kids looking up to you. As so many things in this world can only be revealed from actual experience.

So do not fear the discomfort zone! Embrace it!’

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