Many, many, many…angry and red faced people

May 26, 2016

Sure…I can well understand if every single person in the cartel that was set up specifically to stop me from buying more land is red hot mad with me.

After all, for the last year and a bit. I have been telling every one and anyone who cares to listen, I intend to sell my land holdings and I have no further plans for expansion. To complete the deception, I have even cut myself off from all social life in the village. These days I much prefer to socialize in the city.

Wonder no more when a beautiful parcel of land came to the market….no one expected me, the dark horse to race forward and gobble it up.

Fact: I stole it right under their noses.

Now they’re all complaining that I am using underhanded tactics to win in business. Now they are all blaming each other for sleeping on the job. And it’s conceivable after this, they will all make an extra effort to get their act together, redouble their efforts to make sure the fox doesn’t raid the chicken house a second time….now I am singing the tune, I intend to buy more land when all I really want to do is cool my heels.

Now I must run deep and silent.


‘In business keep your rivals second guessing your every move…where possible deploy misinformation and loads of misdirection. If you’re going North, leave enough breadcrumbs for everyone to believe that you’re planning to head South and vice versa. It doesn’t pay to be truthful not when they’re so many snakes on the plane.’

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