I believe…..

May 28, 2016

Bad things happen to good people for a very good reason…People treat you badly so that you can learn to winnow good from bad friends, plans are ruled by accidents so that you appreciate them when they pan out just the way you imagine them doing so in your head, you once trusted those who lied and betrayed your trust, so you eventually you learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes nothing ever goes right, only to remind you, you’re just human and there is always something or someone bigger that lords over you to keep you humble.


‘Bad things will always happen. They occur to even the best of us – you don’t have to do anything wrong. You may not even deserve what came your way….but what’s important is not what happened to you or what you even have to go thru. To me it’s really simple, KEEP IT ALL IN THE RIGHT SCALE AND PERSPECTIVE…I mean if you’re Kong Hee and you’re looking at straight eight years behind bars and even with good behavior, you have to do at least five….then I say you’re in deep shit and maybe it may be a good idea considering plastic surgery and bolting to a country where there is no extradition treaty with Singapore…but anything short of that is really sweating the small stuff….don’t sweat the small stuff…never sweat the small stuff…as all it does is rob you of the present and future. If you need to worry, worry about stuff that will do you in! Like a murder rap, cancer or something really big and nasty…anything less is manageable.’


I am never in a good mood whenever I have to wear black shoes.

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