Preparing for the big one – La Niña & Trump

July 30, 2016

I don’t care very much for Mr Trump’s variety of politics…I care even less for Hilary Clinton’s.

I am only interested in so far as both presidential candidates have publicly announced they are against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – an evil plan hatched by US big businesses to consolidate their global reach under the guise of promoting free trade.

If you scroll thru my blog circa 2015. I told you all that I will do everything possible to scuttle this evil pact – since I am a member in virtually every farming forum in the world…I spend at least fifteen minutes everyday writing propaganda against the TPP…fortunately most farmers are kind enough to make allowances for my mangled grammar, atrocious spelling and poor sentence construction.

I wrote to Obama, Trump, Mr & Mrs Clinton, Sanders and at least thirty politicians in Congress stating the reasons why I and the 20,000 farmers worldwide was opposed to the TPP.

I oppose TPP not for the same reasons as Trump and Clinton – but because I consider it the mother of all mistakes to seek to boost peace and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region by strategically excluding China….to me boxing up China is the most ludicrous idea I have ever heard.

I also happen to believe doing that would be geo politically dangerous for reasons that I will hope to elaborate further in a future blog entry.

Another reason why I oppose the TPP under the strongest possible terms is because it has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘free’ trade and everything to do with preserving the primacy and hegemony of corporations on the cheap without them having to create any new value….extending the life of patents, copyrights and trade marks is just one of many examples not to mention increasing the price of medication arbitrarily by constructing a regional architecture of supranational laws that effective bind member states to the proposed TPP terms and conditions – this confers US corporations absolute and unmitigated powers to do whatever they like at the expense of the common man.

Now that the TPP is dead….I can at last put down my writing instrument and rest.

Yes…it is finally dead.


‘If the TPP is really about promoting peace and free trade. Then I am all for it!

But from what little I have been able to beacon out from the murk (most of the negotiations are conducted in secret) it’s just a cheap back door caper to keep fat cat corporations rich and powerful without having to add anything new into the pot…now I am not a communist. I am not against rich people per se – what I am against is the idea of a free ride….and that is exactly what the TPP proposes to do!

It will not be wrong to say – the TPP is just a lazy man’s con job based on the corrosive something out of nothing culture that is so prevalent these days.

You get no free rides from me! Not even when it seems you’re getting it.

First time I deal with anyone…it’s like signing a pact with the devil…I rarely ever haggle about price not even when it’s up there in the stratosphere…it’s all for the taking…for the FIRST time ONLY!

But if I don’t get what I paid for.

My advise to that person is please close shop. Because I am going to make sure you never ever get a repeat order from me or my circle of friends ever again. And that’s really the pithy summary of ALL ‘free’ trade agreements it seems, it’s the same story with the WTO, Nafta etc etc.

The politicians say it’s all about increasing the aperture of opportunities and increasing wealth at the base – but in reality, it’s the direct opposite….if what they said was true, then why did so many people in the UK vote in favor of Brexit?

So to me the politicians and power brokers have no one to blame but themselves whenever they moot the idea of anything that comes with the prefix of ‘free’, especially when it’s coupled with trade no sane person believes them….as 30 years of historical precedents proves conclusively usually it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with free trade and everything to do with the preserving the hegemony of the elites.

Like I said, if you want to enjoy the fruits of wealth…you should work for it like most hard working folk – start by putting in a honest day’s work – instead of just sitting down on your fat ass and creaming off the top!

Get lost!’

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