Birds are trying to warn me about something

June 19, 2017

Woke up this morning only to find all the birds going berserk and flying around wildly…..that is usually not a good sign.

I know birds very well….they don’t just decide to wake up one morning and behave like crazies….some people who I rather prefer not to mention do that, but not birds…something has definitely spooked them. My friends, the birds are not stupid. They’ve been around in this planet for a very long time predating even mankind. All birds were once two legged dinosaurs like the fearsome T. Rex…they didn’t go extinct as much become smaller till finally they assumed the final shape and form of what we call in our age birds.

Birds all have a keen sense of primal instincts. They can sense rain days before it comes and nothing ever escapes them…they can even pick up microscopic barometric alterations that modern instruments can never register. I once raised a baby eagle who could fit into my breast pocket and took around wherever I went. Her name is Boonyi. Eventually Boonyi grew up to be so large that she scared all the chickens in the Kampung. One day I blindfolded Boonyi and drove her five hundred miles up to the Thai border to release her in the wild….two days later Boonyi was perching at my gate with a smug look that said – you can’t get rid of me that easily stupid!

That’s how smart birds are. They have prehistoric senses that we humans can never even imagine.

Something is definitely headed this way….maybe the secret committee has issued an executive order to quietly dispose of the house….maybe another secret secret committee in the Singapore airforce has unanimously decided to airdrop LKY’s stripped down house in my plantation….as every time when the birds behave in this perculiar manner where they fly around in tight figure eights and cry out in two stanzas…something bad always happens. They know. They always know days before the shit hits the fan…they know it so well only they can see what will happen and they can even sense it all deep down in the narrow of their bones….something evil is headed this way.

I must make preparations to store water and charge my emergency batteries.

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