Painting themselves in a one corner in Oxley road

June 29, 2017

Recently a very forgettable Minister that I can’t seem to recount her name has been most enthuistic to pin down Lee Hsien Yang & Co by taking the battle for the ‘truth’ to Facebook. All sorts of vile motivations have been insinuated from LKY being so old and senile that he can’t even read and comprehend his own will despite being a top drawer lawyer himself to Hsien Yang being solely motivated to demolish Oxley road because he wants to profit from property development.

But despite this foolish woman’s most vigorous efforts in demonstrating her ESP skills to the general public along with trying her to prove that she’s related to Nostradamus. She is actually committing a great disservice to both Singapore and her boss who she’s obviously trying to defend at all cost.

As on the 3 July 2017 when many of the serious allegations made by both LSY and LWL are raised in Parliament where MPs are supposed to interrogate the PM….many people cannot but sense something is very wrong with this picture.

For instance. How is it possible that the same group of people who once defended the PM so passionately are also expected to do an exhaustive job of asking him pointed inconvenient question to get at the truth? Can they even be reasonably expected to ask hard nosed no nonsense questions – if the PM is actually the person who signs off on their annual performance appraisal?

Please don’t expect anything from WP. That is very optimistic to be unrealistic. In my assessment, they have consistently demonstrated that they are truly the Bohsiah (no noise) party (their motto is silence is golden) when it comes to a much needed voice….so what is the point of even raising these serious allegations in Parliament?

Who is going to put the PM in the hot seat? Is anyone even representating LSY and LWL version of the story? Or is it like the descendants of the sun…we have to get it from the next instalment of Facebook? If not, why not? And how might this absence of representation go about to creating the right conditions for the truth to emerge?

I really don’t understand….I genuinely want to understand…but I don’t!


‘From day one when people ask me what is the best way to settle this matter. I have mentioned time and again that someone of authority and persuasion should step in and advise the Lee’s to settled it privately behind closed doors.

This is very clearly first and foremost a family dispute. I am reminded these people who made these allegations are not pot heads. They have all held important positions of seniority and have all demonstrated a consistent record of sound judgement and by all reasonable accounts, they must be acutely conscious of the gravity of what they accused their older Brother and his wife of committing.

It would appear that everything hinges on the question of to be or not to be i.e the binary decision of whether to demolish or keep the house. But that simplistic account misleads. As in my understanding that is not how family disputes turn nasty – Tolstoy once wrote – ‘Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’ By that, he meant to say – there is a certain level of complexity to why some families get along while others are grabbing at each other’s throats – it has to succeed in several key aspects…..but like the story Anna Karenina…it’s terribly complicated and filled with endless dead ends and lucanaes.

My point is what these key aspects of success or failure is will never be apparent to those who are outside the inner circle of the Lee family. Hence all these smarty pants who are quibbling no end about this and that are no different from delusional people who are searching for the truth under the narrow cast of a street lamp. What if that truth is in darkness?

As every family without a single exception irrespective of class, prestige and history has skeletons under the floor boards, secret pains, grudges, gripes, rivalry, betrayal, scandals, shame etc etc that they will never ever share with outsiders…and that is very normal and nothing to be ashamed of. There is nothing sinister about hiding certain things from the world just as I am under no obligation to tell you or anyone else how many cock hair I have or whether the diameter of my left gulis are smaller or larger than the one on my right…. whether I sleep in pyjamas or naked or under the moonlight covered from head to toe in Vaseline….it’s none of your business!

But once the family conversation leaches out into the public domain…..then everyone and his dog will have a field day and since they don’t know the nuanced aspects of what precisely succeeded or failed to make that family unit happy or sad….it can at best all turn into only a circus show.

Don’t tell me this great diffusion of effort and energy just comes right down to the will of LKY…it’s much more layered….much more complex and multi dimensional….and only the family members are privy to this sort of information.

Watching all this is so painful and so very sad, as LKY was a truly great man in his own right despite his misgivings. He deserves better. The only mistake he ever made was not to have called me to help him make that old plantation house disappear. Had he called. I would have gladly asked Ramu IV and his elephant troupe to swim across the causeway on a moonless night and all I have to do is go to Bedok hawker centre buy a stack of sugarcane from Ah Keong and put a few in each room and within five minutes Ramu and his demolition team would have torn the place apart! I can almost guarantee the grand old man not even a splinter of wood would be standing.

No house. No dispute. No drama. End of matter.’

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