June 29, 2017

I like Dobermans. I like them very much. I suspect much of my bias has to do with familiarity rather than function. But after living with them in a plantation for five years. I have reached the conclusion that pure breeds are highly unsuitable for the harsh environment. The perennial damp is a big problem that plays havoc on their well being during the rainy season. During the dry season they’re susceptible to rashes and a multitude of skin related diseases requiring constant treatment.

Crossing a Spitz and a Rotweiller hopefully will produce a more resilient and suitable dog for a plantation setting. By nature the Spitz is a very undiscipline and unruly free spirit that doesn’t take orders at all. The Rotweiller on the otherhand is very similar to a Doberman – it’s a soldier dog.

The Spitz is a selective barker. Unlike the Doberman that barks at anything and everything especially during the night. As it is very sensitive. The Spitz will only bark when it spots an intruder. As for the Rotweiller it doesn’t bark at all. It’s a natural born killer. Barking reveals its location so it tends to veer on the side of caution and stealth.

The Spitz is a very active dog. The Rotweiller is inclined to be sedentary.

The Rotweiller is not afraid to engage an enemy in combat even when it is numerically outnumbered. It will kill! The Spitz has no appetite for war. It’s a natural born coward.

By combining both the good aspects of the Spitz and Rotweiller I am probably going to end up with a very short legged, compact, muscular bodied dog that’s likely to resemble a mini sized bull dog. I don’t know exactly what type of temperament I will end up with. But my goal is to instill the quiet confidence and intelligence of the Rotweiller to erase the capricious temperament of the Spitz that I have always considered undesirable.

As for Doberman’s I will experiment with a rotweiller combination as well – they will be breed for hardiness, speed, obedience and guard duty. As when it comes to combat very few dogs can match the firepower of the Doberman. It’s a pity that they don’t seem to adapt too well to this environment.

Let’s see how they turn out.

Cross breeding is more of an art than science….let’s see how it turns out.

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