Beef & Liver Spaghetti – 6 servings

January 23, 2018

If you are a woman who no man wants to marry. All you have to do is cook this for him and his parents and either he will marry asap. Or the parents will force him to marry you asap.

If you are a man and you are always complaining about the cost of living in Singapore….the first question I will ask is do you know how to cook 666 spaghetti. If the answer is no. You do not have a right to complain…I am so sorry.

Once you know how to cook ONLY then do you have the right to complain.


The reason why it is called 666 spaghetti is because there are only six cooking stages. Serves six and can sustain you for six hours of rigorous physical activity.

First always use liver with beef. Never cook just beef or liver alone…you will just end up with cardboard tasteless sauce. By combining the two – you are creating complexity and layers of flavor. This is a professional kitchen trick. I get about 300 grams beef and 250 grams liver. If you are cooking for your future husband and in laws never tell them you’re putting in liver, as it is considered in Singapore poor people Budget food. Instead use the term ‘foise de voilles,’ for la effect.

I have in the palm of my hand aromatics. You got to understand some basics about pasta. In Italian cooking, the oil is always the carrier of the Flavours – that is the means of transmitting the X factor – that is why olive oil is such a dominant feature in meditarennean cuisine. Not the meat or even the sauce. They are just there for the ride…the oil is what actually imparts flavor!

What I have in my hand is star anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, dried chillies. Fry all this in light olive oil. Use a lot of oil.

Add three chopped white onions and one bulb of garlic chopped. Fry with aromatics to infuse oil with flavor for fifteen minutes Low flame.

Add liver and beef. Make sure you break up the liver. Providing you break it up till it’s all disintegrated. No one will ever be able to taste the liver…they wouldn’t even realise it is there – they all think you are a Holland V high class girl who only shops in Marketplace and bought premium chuck! Actually all bought on buy one get another free discount day at Sengshiong. Add one big spoon of meat curry powder.

Chop cheese. Any cheese will do. But use the whole block like so.

Cover and let the cheese melt.

Simmer….Low flame…stir from time to time. Then add one jar of spaghetti sauce…any flavor will do. But if you’re cooking for your future Husband or in laws just hide it in a Tupperware under your skirt…don’t let them see this. As this is the short cut. Remember the flavor is in the oil – all this is just for show.

Once the oil comes out it is ready to serve with spaghetti. Add one tablespoon of sugar. Three tablespoon of fish sauce. Another secret professional kitchen trick as this will give a tangy flavour.

Summer some more…usually I simmer for at least 60 minutes…Low.

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