The strategy of keeping absolutely silent

June 16, 2018

This morning. During breakfast. One of the village elders asked me a very sensitive question. I did not give him an answer. Sensing that the rest were uneasy with my silence…he asked again and again I did not give him an answer.


‘In a world where we are constantly in the echo chamber of ceaseless chatter and sound. It is conceivable that being noisy is the default human condition. Often we can conduct at test on ourselves to determine whether we are suffering from silence phobia…..suddenly silence is frigthening.

Very very frigthening.

Only people who are completely comfortable in silence can transform this void into a negotiating weapon. As they all understand only too well how the vast majority of humans live in fear of silence….and since the sound of silence is oftening deafening. Most people would do anything just to make noise…they would talk when there is a dead space in the conversation…they will feel the discomfort of having to say something even if it is meaningless and of no value.

When one is a keen observer of how the vast majority of humans are afraid of silence…suddenly everything becomes very clear.’

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