Why are state actors stealing digital info?

July 24, 2018

Sometimes….it is not WHAT is stolen that really matters. Rather it’s HOW its stolen that is really the guts of life and death.

If you dont understand. Trust me its not me or my writing….you simply have to read the above at least ten times….and most importantly let it just rest somewhere quiet in your mind like a door stopper…..dont force it or your brain will over heat and you will end up making a right mess.

It will all come together.


‘Think of it like a game of cat and mouse with bits of monopoly thrown in. The goal is to set off alarm bells ringing in your enemies camp and engineer a near panic situation to create an opportunity.

How that opportunity translates into a decisive win depends entirely on what happens thereafter.

Let me give you an illustration.

Recently I ordered some big rocks and had them placed at regular intervals along the North South axis of my land. When people asked why were there rocks along the side of the road. There simply assumed. I plan to build a road to the south to enable me to sell my oil palm to a mill that would pay me a better price than what I am currently getting from the nearby mill. I went on further to add in quite a public manner that despite the cost of having to build a road, it would still be worth it. As I am getting a crummy price, those crooks (the millers) are milking me. I even pretended to leave decoy plans in the village kopitiam that consisted of fake road plans. When the millers heard this rumor in the grapevine. They got worried…my continued assurances that they have my word of honor that I will continue to sell my fruit to them worried them even more…so worried infact were they. Eventually they offered me a revised special price PROVIDING i abandoned my plans to build a road leading the mills to the South….of course I pretended that I didnt know what was happening by responding with a look of utter curiousity and surprise.

The case study: In the eighties, the seventh fleet suddenly found out much to their suprise soviet submarines could literally shadow them undetected. Previously, US naval intelligence was under the assumption, at the assumed level of soviet technology, they simply couldnt develop ultra silent zero bubble propellers. Only the West and Japan had this super technology. Westinghouse and toshiba. It was subsequently discovered toshiba sold the Russians milling and C&C machinery. This caused an uproar between the US and Japan. It was known as the Toshiba-Kongsberg scandal and violated concom agreements that regulated the sale of sensitive tech to the USSR. The scandal eventually even led to a congressional petition to boycott Japanese made audio and visual entertainment equipment..TV’s and Stereos. Nothing came of it, but maybe that was the goal, maybe not, to force the enemy into another super expensive arms race where they would have to upgrade thereby cleverly engineering a state of attrition.’

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