The great distraction of 377A

September 30, 2018

Whenever hot potato issues such as the controversial anti fake news laws surface. Something completely frivolous and tangential like 377A is surreptiously and mysteriously brought up by people who I rather not mention by name to hijack the mainstream narrative…….all dialogue including monologues are streamed into covert zoo keeping blogs such as and singaporedaily and soon the important is white washed and forgotten…that will be all right, if we can all gainfully make head way on the trite subject of 377A. The problem is this capper has been staged managed on at least six separate occasions and on every count the outcome is the same…it ends in a stalemate, everyone sighs at not being able to find resolution and they pick their bags and go home…. nothing ever gets resolved. Meanwhile the cogent that everyone should rightly focus on as a matter of clear and present danger gets lost in the engineered noise of perception management.

The problem with the idiots behind this covert cyber operation is that they keep using the same modus operandi all the time….moscow rules would rightly advise them to at least change tack. But even they don’t seem to care very much…..maybe no one notices.


‘Never ever allow anyone to pull your by the nose and lead you wherever they want you to go….never! Because if they do this. It is really only to accomplish one goal – to short circuit your ability to focus on what’s really jugular and important.

I say this. Because in the advent of the digital epoch the real danger is not so much the predition factor fake news. Rather it is the endless methodologies in which desires, yearnings, interest and even mere puffs of points of views can be harvested by alogrithms and streamed into superhighways of consciousness. It is conceivable we may no longer live in a world where even our most private thoughts can be called our own. As since we rely implicit on a network, we are in effect part of larger system that drives this insidious machine that can shape thoughts and even eliminate or demote other thoughts.

In summary no one can be trusted in this digital age, not corporations. Certainly not governments and above all not even yourself!’

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