Integrating your darkside into daily life

November 19, 2018

We have traditionally been told to cast away our darkside as it is considered an undesirable aspect of our character….but that logic cannot possibly hold true. As nature is not stupid, if our darkside was really such a mill stone the development of our character…. nature would not have polished and honed it razor sharp like a samurai sword for mellinia.

Based on my personal experience in the wild….our darkside many aspects that can not only make us a better person, but it may well be by integrating our darkside into our daily life it may actually be more necessary to living a purposeful life than we actually think.


‘You can literally make out those people who have a five bar connection with their darkside. For one they look super alert. They all dont have that what’s happening here? victim expression. They’re alert because they’re scanning for weakness and sensing X,Y and Z power structures – this is a very primal instinct.

So in other words they’re connecting with some dark pre-Edenic ancient force.

Let me just share with you how I developed this theory. I live with eleven guard dogs in my compound. Look these are not cute furry golden retrievers. They’re man eating Dobermans. Now this is what I observe – what the pack will do every morning is pick on ONLY one dog. If you’ve never seen this before, it’s vicious because the dog being picked on is surrounded and he or she is most certainly shit scared, but he or she still has some fight despite being really petrified and the rest will maul away….but the strange thing is it is never allowed to go so far as to disable the dog. How they actually begin and stop is still not clear to me. There seems to be no cue. Not the type I can detect and I know dogs well.

The pack seems to know instinctively when to break off and when to switch their collective anger at another dog.

And I watch this phenomenon every day and one day I began to ask – what the hell is happening here? Is this a dominance thingy that is some how relatable to power and dog pecking order politics?

I dont know. But what I do know is animals unlike human never deny their primal instincts that’s to say they dont ever differentiate between their darkside from their normal mode. To me its one monolithic entity thats highly integrated.

That I think is how they tune themselves mentally, physically and possibly even spiritually. Always remember this – they never go so far as to seriously injure the dog they’re all picking on. Now some people reading this will say…so what! Big deal! Hello! it is a very big deal possibly even big enough to be a Nobel prize observation because when you consider how much firepower one doberman has and here you have nine dogs picking on one and at the end of it, its like they all suddenly stop and say to you whose looking at this with a horrified expression because you are simply powerless to stop it! – sorry, we’re just playing around!

No! No! I sit down every morning in my yard and I see this.

Something very significant is happening here! These dogs arent engaged it some rough and tumble ritual. They’re making a meaningful connection that is arguably vital and even jugular in so far as it adds value to their role as guard dogs. They’re connecting with their dark side. Fellowshipping with it even. And it is darkness that keeps them sane in the wild.

So I know it sounds perverse, but when I say – you should connect with your darkside…I am not advising you to be a bad person. Or even condoning violence. On the contrary by making that connection – we complete the loop of what it means to be gainfully human thereby giving us all tremendous insight that allows us to be gentler and better humans.’

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