On fighting

January 30, 2019

What makes other landowners wary of me is not my size, wealth or shpere of influence….if anything it is my relentlessness in fighting…my incredible stamina and the sheer concerntration of effort.

I think that must be very scary. Because if you have a person like me chasing your tail….it will be very hard to keep still and be at rest.


‘In the life of every person. You will definitely come to a point where you will have to fight. This is not about winning, ego or even who is right or wrong. You will have to fight. You will have too even when you realize, you will probably get pulverized and the very best you can really hope for is the meat grinder is kind to you and maybe it spits you out half way. Maybe you can roll as best as you can with the punches. But there will be one reality that will not be negotiable…you will have to fight.

That thing that will beat you up could be your creditors, health issues or even life itself.

Some people will say, well you are stupid to fight on. But to me even if the other side creams you. At least the effort of resistance you once put up endures and hopefully the otherside will grimace with pain when they think about you…that is all you can ever hope to do…..your very best.’

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