Land & War

February 5, 2019

The otherside desperately needs to sell their land at a favorable price. I have no intentions to buy that parcel of land. Its not personal, its strictly business as its a lousy parcel.

Given that I am the adjacent lot owner. Its only a matter of time before they will resort to threats to cut off either my water or electricity to get me to buy the land….if this does not work. Then they will blockade me by denying me right of access and water and electricity.

They may not want to do it. But they’re desperate and when people are pushed to a corner, they will do anything and everything.

War is inevitable.

I must prepare for war…..maybe I have six months to prepare.


‘When I advise people to grow teeth that are razor sharp. Some people will say that I am being aggresive and militantly defensive. But what my critics do not seem to understand is just because something has the agency of power doesnt mean its going to be used. For example if you learn martial arts. Does that mean you’re going to give everyone you come across a round house kick?

My argument goes like this – by learning martial arts, you know how to transform your body into a weapon. That makes you much more secure than someone who doesnt know how to defend themselves. It also gives you confidence to negotiate your way out of trouble.

So now you understand why you need to grow razor sharp teeth and more importantly learn how to use it.’

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