He is always alone….

March 19, 2019

Being alone teaches you how to love yourself and others. This truth may at first come across as counter intuitive to you….but it is only because you are and end product of mental conditioning by the plastic world.

Please understand I am not here to put you down…I am here to just speak the truth!

The plastic world is always afraid of depth….because once you begin to drill deeper…you will discover a big nothing behind the facade. It is like a paper mache Hollywood set…..everything is not real…everything is only at one dimension.

So understand this…if one part of your brain balks at what I have written here….it is not the real you who thinks all these things concerning me and my philosophies.

This is the first lie that you have to deconstruct even BEFORE you can understand anything in this blog….yourself!

Only those who have studied aloneness are capable of true and unconditional love.

Only they can love another without the need to possess or to dominate, without becoming dependent on the other like a crutch, without reducing the other into an experience or object of desire to please and titilate the vapid soul, and most importantly love without being addicted to the other.

Because these souls understand the core of the mental state known as aloneness. They do not need to cannibalize others to make themselves whole and complete. Neither do they demand anything…they are the true givers.


‘When you go thru a resume of a man and you find that there’s a long period where this person has to be alone due to demands of work. My advise to you is take a closer look at this soul. The first thing that you will notice about this person is an unusual clarity about him. It is as if when you talk…there’s only two of you in this world. There are no distractions. Nothing to interfere with the moment. Above all you will notice, this person will want nothing from you….he’s not there to sell you a diet package, insurance or even interest you in a new range of Tupperware….that’s because you can give a complete man nothing…absolutely nothing.

Most people are uncomfortable with this idea, the moment you tell them – you can give me nothing….they take it personally. Some will even get angry and regard it as an insult or an attempt to demean them.

But why?

Do you notice when you tell this same people sweet nothings like – ‘I cannot live without you!’ Suddenly they feel important and loved. Isnt that strange?..this should prompt any sane person to ask – if you are so emotionally fragile that you even need me to complete yourself…then how is it possible for you to truly love me?’

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