How to develop self – awareness

March 24, 2019

I dont think it goes any where meaningful if we just talk about self awareness and getting ahead in life casually without spending double or maybe triple the time to talk about HOW should one go about developing a keen sense of self awareness.

Yes. We definitely need to have a session on this subject. I know its a Sunday. I know you all have your fav tees and comfy rubber slippers on back home in Singapore. But please understand, its another working day for me here in the plantation.

Let me finish my work here. Maybe at around tea time I will write something.

(Cont) I will be really frank on this subject of self awareness. Its not an easy thing to develop. Not if you happen to be living in a concrete jungle like Singapore. But over where I am. No one will ever walk in a plantation with ear buds, because its dangerous. You really need all of your senses and acuity. Because a 100 kg wildboar could just be startled and charge right at your kneecaps at sixty miles per hour.

So self awareness in short is not only a survival tool. But you could even say tribal man is hardwired only to go thru life with that sort of outlook. But somewhere in the whole riggmoral of modernisation and the invention of plastic that life skill just dropped off like the tails we all used to have.

But the good news is developing self awareness comes naturally to every man and woman. Neither do you need to buy a yoga mat or sign up for a new age course on mindfulness just to get intune with the whole idea of your personal space.

I think all those things might be helpful but they are optional.

All you have to do to awaken your primal sense of awareness is to make an effort be fully conscious. This is not theory. You can test it out yourself. Now! You can pick up something. Anything. A bowl…ball…sweater anything and just feel it. Only do it this time in such a way where your brain isnt thinking about something you said or did yesterday or the week before. Do it with an attitude where you’re just acutely aware of this object and how it interacts with your finger tips.

Like I said its not theoretical.

I think what you will discover is not something I need to write about.

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