Please dont listen to world’s most famous mummy’s boy lah!

April 17, 2019

Sim Wong Hoo, has in my humble opinion some poisonous advice for budding entrepreneurs.

“Don’t get married”.

According to this legend in his own mind….

“Once you have family and commitment, you can’t afford to take the risks. I can take risks because I have no family.”

Please dont listen to this useless fellow and go and get married!

(i have to look for my dog. As the bitch has run off. Its not easy to look for a dog in the wild, but once I get back. I will shower, cook me a spaghetti and write more about this idiot and his lousy philosophy. Btw I am not afraid lah. i have so much land. i dont even know what to do with all my money. So lets go to court lah! Cant give two shits about the cheebai fake news law either! See you all latter….I promise I will write. By the time I finish this fellow will be toast!’

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