The season of love…

May 20, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen,

i am pleased to announced the continuation of the long awaited love series of Miss D and Mr Koreana.

Only pleaze note, if evil people pump me full of holes like Emental cheese….I can no longer write in this dimension.

‘I happen to fall into the category of thinkers who believe love is very powerful. By that I recognize first hand, the idea love as a concept, school of thought or even ideologue has to be probably the most intimidating concept to the man.

That if you must know is why most men and some women dont feel comfortable with the subject of love….dont get me wrong, they dont mind rimming you or even giving you a one hour epic blow job. But when it comes to discussing the guts and internals of what constitutes love….you will find few takers.

That’s because most people are not truly comfortable with the idea of love….I think to be at one with the concept and school of thought of love, one must first be destroyed, that’s to say the self, the ego must first go thru a sort decay where its completely destroyed and only then can something significant emerge from that wasteland of the empire of the bones…..this is why love is so powerful.

As true love first demands the complete destruction of the self…specifically the ego. I dont know of any other human emotion or impulse that demands that sort of sacrifice!’

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