Even a brick aspires to be part of something Great

December 2, 2019

I think when you approach the subject of architecture as architecture…then you invariably do a great disservice to yourself. As you have set yourself to look upon a thing as an outlier or intruder. But when you approach architecture as merely a means of expression. And nothing more…then it is suddenly very familiar and even sits with one very well.

It is possible to attain niceness without too much fuss…I reckon. But when a thing is done right….so right that it sits harmoniously with the secret laws of nature. Then it becomes mystical….and even prophetic.

Some places, buildings and people have this power.

It is not a direct power that comes from….rather it is a sort of power that is activated within one, like a seed having the power to germinate and set forth life when sun and water is present.

A latent power within…..

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