The life lessons of John Delorean

January 24, 2021

Kompf, I will start of this way. I have always admired John Delorean for his panache, originality and sheer balls of steel….I deeply admire the man that’s why this is such a hard interview and you can probably make out that I am struggling deep down inside. Because if any of my regular readers want to be genuinely and seriously successful people in whatever they have dedicated themselves too…they have to learn NOT to do some things that Delorean did. Now Kompf do you understand why this interview is so bloody difficult for me – I have to judge the man that I not only like, but admire…OK let’s dive in. The main problem with Delorean was he wasn’t committed to be a real and genuine person. He married a high maintenance model who was young enough to be his daughter. He did it to slake his ego. He pursued trivia like a kid even in his fifties, plastic surgery, cultivating fake friends who really didn’t give a shit about him and worst of all he made business decisions largely on emotion and not with his mind..that’s to say Kompf, he didn’t have a hard core in his character that he could count on when things started to fall apart. Being a superficial and fake person is OK, when life seems like a free flow never ending party, but when the shit hit the fan and the his shiny stainless steel car hit a big pothole and his dream of building his own car came to an abrupt end when the British shafted his factory in Northern Ireland…..his glamorous wife left him overnight, his fake friends didn’t pick up his calls and worst of all he was left a broken man when dream turned into a nightmare.

Kompf, you know why talking about Delorean is so sad. Because he should rightfully be the Elon Musk of his age. But like I said, he filled his life with too many fake things…that’s why if you want to be seriously successful, learn to walk away from fake anything…fake people, fake relationship, fake deals…..just go for the real stuff – real food, real people, real relationships, real conversations and if you just do that and that alone, I don’t think you can go very wrong even if the car in life you’re driving dies on you and it just happens to be to DMC12.

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