The Covid Calculus

August 30, 2021

Mathematical models cant really predict how the Covid story will unravel, As the spread of a disease is much more complicated and abstract affair and there are many factors that we can’t pin down in practice, such as exactly how infectious the disease is and how much people will continue social distancing and wearing masks, which are important ways to further reduce the effective rate of infection. Math however is an important tool, but it is just one of many that holds out the prospect of giving us valuable insigbts into the future……… But in the final analysis, the Chapter that ends with live happilybever after. We would all do well to come to terms that daily deaths from Covid that run into the hundreds will simply be a feature of life as mankind heads towards normalcy.

.For me. This reality or calculus is simply the cost of living a normal life. It is a good decision and shoukd some die, it will still be worth it. Besides. Lately, I have begun to wonder whats on the otherside? I am curious.

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