Should Tuition Centers be phased out in Singapore like China?

December 28, 2021

The Chinese may at first come across as draconian and even a tad overeactive by putting an end to after school tuition. But when one reviews the rationale behind this wide sweeping decision. It makes alot of sense. As it can only add to the quality of life of most Chinese families. The reasons why after school tuition is a bane to most families are numerous, firstly many Chinese families are literally morally blackmailed to send their kids for tuition because they feel if they dont, their kids will not get good grades and as a consequence lose out in the great rat race of life. As a result a big chunk of the household income is allocated to tuition. To further warp matters, teachers in China these days no longer educate as much as outsource the entire education process to tuition centers. In fact tuition centers in China regularly recruit teachers from the best schools and they have in fact gazumped the role of schools! You have to ask yourself whether the same thing has happened in the Singapore education system. I have no comment because I don’t want that shorty Ah Tong to ask me twenty questions of what I meant by taking education to the grave in Singapore? Besides I am allergic to short men. Its nothing personal. Its my autism. Pritam and Silvia can handle all that because they have ESP to read Miss Khan’s inner thoughts, but not me. If I am subjected to that sort of public grilling I will bang my head on the table again and again and make a right spectacle of myself. Dowan lah! (I don’t want to go down that road!) But I digress. Back again! In one stroke, the social planners in China have destroyed the education paradigm by surgically removing the profit motive from schooling and by doing so they may have even brilliantly averted a demographic atomic bomb. Because by reducing the cost of child rearing by demotinizing education. This can only encourage more Chinese couples to have babies. Unlike Singapore where the government of the day remains terminally clueless on how to bump up the fledging TFR (Total Fertility Rate) and has more or less adopted a Laissez Faire bochap (criminally indifferent) policy to this intractable social problem and have instead resorted to zero imagination migration to replace the diminishing population. The Chinese planners have instead gone where no mind dares to go! By identifying one of the primary stressors that discourages new couples from having more babies and in doing so they have not only democratized the whole idea of education by keeping it cheap and affordable just like how good and responsible governments are supposed to regulate price of necessaries such as rice and basic necessities, but most importantly this policy will hopefully allow kids to be simply kids and reclaim back the valedictorian idea that parenting should be an edifying instead of a hellish experience. There are many things that Singapore planners can learn from China. LKY used to say China learnt alot from Singapore. Maybe in the era of Mini Lee, Singapore should learn from China.

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