No pls don’t confuse us with The Online Citizen…we don’t support the Workers Party automatically!!

January 3, 2022

Why should we? If you are new to the internet. You should do some research on us…as a rule of thumb. We align ourselves with NO political party in Singapore. We simply call it as we see it, under our own terms. Besides it is a five chili dumb proposition to support WP. As historically they have Never ever shown any allegiance or even inclination to support those who may support them in blogosphere (don’t believe me, print for verbatim what I just wrote and phrase it as a written question to Pritam Singh), so why should we be so dumb as to support them automatically? The way I see it, the benchmark should ALWAYS be only the quality and rationale of the decision making process, if it produces good for people and country, irrespective of political stripe, we will support it, if not. We will demolish it! We don’t give a shit about your political lineage! That is a matter of profound indifference to us.

I hope this clarifies everything! I don’t want to be asked stupid questions again. Thank You!

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