Making Good on your word

July 18, 2022

Three months ago. I made a bid for an agarwood concession in the Shan state in Myanmar. I told the broker my offer was final and if it was not accepted. I would not be interested in making a second bid. The broker for reasons known only to himself assumed, I was bluffing and went elsewhere prospecting like a bumble bee. He probably assumed, he could ALWAYS return back to my offer. After a while to (presumably when he realised there were no takers….why should there be. As after the coup. The whole country is triple fucked up from head to toe) the broker came back to me….I didnt even take his call.

Next time. When I make a bid. I am sure the other side will take it seriously.

If you don’t make good on your word. No one will take you seriously. It’s like pointing a revolver without the courage to use it…you might as well not start what youre not man enough to finish off. At least that way, you don’t make a complete fool of yourself.

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