Is it possible to win in a recession?

October 22, 2022

I don’t think it’s possible to score a strong win during a recession. Its more likely that you will lose even if you happen to belong to the ranks of the best. That’s because in a recession not only does everything slow down to a crawl like a traffic jam, but the aperture for opportunities narrow drastically as well as the economic pond dries up….so the best that I can hope for is to lose small instead of big. But even then since so many things are out of my control and influence its very difficult to know what will actually happen…..its difficult to beacon out the murk when it comes to this looming recession BC so many drivers, metrics and indicators are in conflict. For example consumer spending is low, inflation is soaring to record highs, but employment figures are still very strong and robust…so what we have here is a situation where all the instruments in the cockpit have gone haywire and visibility out of the window is down to zero. No one at this point wants to admit it. Especially the s called experts. But we are literally flying blind. BC no one actually knows for certain how this recession is going to play out. Whether it will be mild, moderate, severe or five chili scary serious.

Having said all that. I think when things are so uncertain. One needs to go back to fundamental values. What is important is this. Even should I lose everything this coming recession. I will just pick up the broken pieces and start all over again. I have had a hard life. And one good thing about suffering is that you build up muscle memory to go thru the tough. That’s what they don’t teach you in Harvard Business school. The good thing about starting off with nothing is this. When you go back right back to zero, it doesn’t scare you. Because you have been there before.

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