The Power to say ‘thanks, but not interested’ to forbidden fruit

January 17, 2023

Sometime ago. During a high stakes negotiation. I had the distinct impression that my rival was trying to lure me into a lousy agreement by using sex. Through out the entire meeting I led this seductress to believe that I was under her spell. Just before the evening ran out when she pitched the idea that I should go back to her place. I told her she was not my type. I went on to share with her I have a thing abt girls will short hair. Her hair was just too long. When she pressed on. I blunted her advances dead in her tracks this time by asking her to get out of my car. After that I just drove right off…….driving back. I realised my rivals had to be either running out of ideas or mucho desperate or both to resort to such a strategy. I tore up the agreement the following day and tripled my price. This time I realised they were not in a position to say no.

Learning Outcome:

If you peruse thru the ignominious history of man’s fall from grace. You will find that sex plays a preponderant role in facilitating his downfall. This is because pound for pound sex is not only a very expedient crowbar, but it also has one of highest success rates. Even higher than covert means such as espionage, psyops or subterfuge….and this is simply because man does not know the wisdom associated with saying No! But the day after you learn how to say no to forbidden fruit. Suddenly there is no more mystery to tit and ass. Suddenly you will begin to realise that it’s an age old con job that usually comes with an overpriced anti climax. By wisdom I refer to the ability to see thru and beyond the object of desire into the strategem and finally the deception. Once you develop this skill, you will find that you will suddenly become very confident around women. Neither will you continue doing really stupid things like keep picking up the tab when you go out with women. Or survive just on pot noddle just to impress…. You will no longer feel the need to do all these demeaning things because you are now empowered with the truth – there’s nothing there! It is maybe 99% imagination and the rest is not even worth mentioning. I want to stress what I have said here under the strongest possible terms. I am not teaching you to be a misogynist, nor am I advocating disrespectfulness to womanhood. What I am simply forwarding here is the discipline to seriously respect your manhood. And part of that education requires you to have the ability to say No….. even if its served up right before you fast and furious. Even if its prime cut. Because when you develop the mental muscle to say No to that sort of temptation that means you can delay satisfaction and that discipline is what will allow you to set your eyes on great endeavors. All serious men know this arcanum. This is why they never mix business with pleasure. At the heart of this is a spiritual war to cleanse yourself from lowly and base desires. When you develop the discipline to say no like a soldier suddenly your mission and goals in life can only become clearer and more defined. Suddenly you can distinguish the salient from the vapid, the succinct from the waffling and most importantly the real from the chimeric. Many men do not know of this discipline that is why they are still wandering and very lost in the black forest.

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